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About Tales of a Priest

Tales of a Priest – A perspective on the healing priest, is a World of Warcraft blog that I am putting together to provide some insight into end-game PVE raiding through the eyes of a healing priest. Discussion will be had about specs, addons, talents, spells, patches, nerfs, buffs, encounters, and all the things that drive the priest community a little batty! It is important to understand that we are intentionally using the phrase “healing priest” not “holy priest” or “disc priest” since we intend cover both Discipline and Holy Healing perspectives. Tales of a Priest was solo written and administered by Derevka and founded in 2008. In November of 2009, we added a 2nd writer to the site, Avalonna, who has been providing fantastic insight and postings since that …

Written By: on September 7, 2008