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Ding! 80!

Last night I hit 80! Woot! Let’s discuss how pissed I was though.

There I am, questing in Icecrown; ExperienceFu tells me I have 1800XP needed to level and I have 3 quests to turn in, with the closest being at Icecrown Citadel. “OK, off to the Citadel it is!”

Mount up on my trusty Gryphon, I hit Num Lock and turn around to talk to my better half and say I’m about to hit 80 (and thus can return to “real life” after a weekend of grinding). Then, there it is…


I flew over a patch of land I didn’t discovered yet – AND I WASN’T LOOKING! /sigh

Well, now that the grind is over. Its time to prioritize gear, professions, and reputation with the right factions to make Raiding easier. Tomorrow’s post will be on Factions.

Written By: on November 18, 2008
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