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New Format Complete!

I have to admit, this was a hard transition for me. One, it was a pain for me to find a Template I liked. Two, making sure I added allt he stuff I wanted to have added on the site: WoWHead Links, Google Analytics, Blog Roll, etc… Well it’s here, and I think much cleaner to view, and easier to read. Enjoy! I welcome the feedback!

Written By: on December 30, 2008

Raid Composition: Less Healers and More DPS?

Let’s discuss raid composition. Up until a week or so ago my guild ran with the following composition:8 healers6 Melee DPS8 Ranged DPS3 Tanks The healers, frankly, were allowed to slack off a bit. Assignments could be done with little care as there was often enough healing to allow people to shift focus and still be covered. Generally, not a good thing. So we changed it up and moved to:7 Healers6 Melee DPS9 Ranged DPS3 Tanks This seems to be much better, DPS is notably higher, the healers are much more accountable for their actions. We’ve always attacked bosses with a “control the fight” not a “burn them down fast”mentality. I read the Fusion Guild website a really fantastic quote, “Higher DPS is the best MP5 there is.” Quite true. …

Written By: on December 30, 2008

New Format Incoming

I have been working on a new blogger template to replace this one over the last few days. I think its much cleaner and will be easier to read than this one– which I honestly, am not a huge fan of. Apologies for the lack of posts over the last week, but with the Holidays that can be expected. Expect a new post tomorrow, and a new template this week!

Written By: on December 29, 2008

Add On Corner: Power Auras

EDIT: December 2009 – In Addition to the Information in this post, there is a Video Post Here Add On Corner will be a reoccuring entry where I hope to focus on really good mods that I’ve found to be very helpful. This should go in tandem with my earlier post about Add Ons. The first entry will be focusing on Power Auras. This is a fantastic Mod that will help every class manage their Proc’d abilities, but specifically I love this for Holy Priests. Mainly because it helps me know when I get Surge of Light and Holy Concentration. What Power Auras does is provide a graphical cue (and optional sound effect) when you proc an abilility, buff, talent, etc… For Holy Priests this is a huge help when …

Written By: on December 18, 2008

Hymn of Hope- practical uses?

When all priests were given Hymn of Hope, all the Draenei of the world died a little on the inside. The 8 second cast for 8% of base mana is, yes, lackluster. However there are uses in fights when this can be used, safely. Yes, there are the situations when your party members need mana (or you do) and using it is tempting. If that is the case, communicate with the other healers… however think before you assume doing it is ok. If you are low on mana, it usually means the other healers are too… are they able to pick up your slack for the next 8 seconds? Or consider using your Guardian Spirit as well. Lets discuss fights/phases that you can typically safely use Divine Hymn: 1. Malygos …

Written By: on December 15, 2008

Character Re-Customization

Well, I think I may have broken the hearts of some of the dwarf priests out there… I paid for a Character Re-Customization. Derevka is now male. I originally rolled Derevka back in the day when Dwarves were wanted because of fear ward to help make Ony, MC, and BWL fears more management. I chose female mainly because I didn’t like the way the male dwarves looked. However, after nearly 4 years of staring at the same backside and the same animation I sadly, grew tired of Derevka’s look. Many guildies and friends server wide have PM’d me or emoted me /gasp when they see my new look. Perhaps to them I will always be the short little female dwarf with freckles, not the bushy bearded, bald-dwarf man.

Written By: on December 15, 2008

More on Circle of Healing, Cooldowns, and Regen

An in-game friend of mine commented on my last post, and had a lot to say. I’ve got his permission to post this and make some commentary. /love Bhoz It brings some quality insight to COH that I might have missed mentioning in my previous post. “1) I’m already much more involved in my healing than pre-WotLK (well, pre-3.0 patch). If a CoH proccs Surge of Light or Holy Concentration, I’m automatically looking for someone to get the free heal. Or I’m hitting Inner Focus if it’s up (for some extra OOFSR mana regen), then looking for a target for the free heal. I’m actually tracking my PoMs a lot tighter now, to make sure I’m getting the T7 bonus extra jump. I’m trying to find 8 seconds of down …

Written By: on December 12, 2008

Circle of Healing and Cooldowns Part 2

Incoming! Since my last post on COH and Cooldowns, it is now even further expanded upon. AoE Healing NerfI feel the need to post here in the hopes of alleviating player confusion. The first FAQ was a link to my quotes attempting to explain our concerns about Circle of Healing and Wild Growth. This FAQ by contrast is written from a player POV that this is a shaman issue. It isn’t in our minds. We looked at the three main AE heals and found that CoH and WG were being used too much in too many different situations and making AE healing too easy. CH is supposed to be used in more situations, because the shaman arsenal is smaller. It isn’t as easy to use as CoH and WG. Shamans …

Written By: on December 9, 2008

Synergies: Priest and otherwise

First, apologies for going near 2 weeks without a post! With the Thanksgiving Holiday immediately followed by being on a cruise for 8 days, I’ve been swamped! Tales is back! Priest Spec SynergiesSpeccing your priest to have fun should be your main focus for the most part – after all this is a game! However, speccing to have synergies with the other priests in your raid group is key. The key thing that a lot of Pre-Wrath Holy Priests are doing is forgetting about the Discipline Priests, both in raid activity and spec. If you are in a raid with a Discipline priest there are many things Holy priests need to keep in mind. Discipline and Holy Synergies Power Word: ShieldHoly Priests really shouldn’t be casting this very much, if …

Written By: on December 9, 2008