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Circle of Healing and Cooldowns Part 2


Since my last post on COH and Cooldowns, it is now even further expanded upon.

AoE Healing Nerf
I feel the need to post here in the hopes of alleviating player confusion. The first FAQ was a link to my quotes attempting to explain our concerns about Circle of Healing and Wild Growth. This FAQ by contrast is written from a player POV that this is a shaman issue. It isn’t in our minds.

We looked at the three main AE heals and found that CoH and WG were being used too much in too many different situations and making AE healing too easy. CH is supposed to be used in more situations, because the shaman arsenal is smaller. It isn’t as easy to use as CoH and WG. Shamans are still casting other spells.

Of course we realize not every Holy priest is spamming CoH. That’s good — you all will notice less of a difference after the change.

Some encounters will likely be more difficult with this nerf. Malygos phase 1 comes to mind. We are prepared to make encounter changes if necessary.

We explored several options to nerf CoH and WG and eventually settled on a cooldown. You can use those AEs when needed and then switch to single-target heals to top everyone off.

I’m not going to keep responding to this thread, because we have plenty on the topic already, but I wanted to offer a clarification.

Before everyone screams. GC has a point – COH shouldn’t be 70% of your healing done for a given encounter. That being said, we have a lot more heals in our arsenal that are available to us to use.

Prayer of Healing, well timed for Loatheb following by blowing your COH cooldown can be just as good as a few quick COH snaps.

Prayer of Mending, during Malygos’s Vortex is quite nice. Especially if you can couple it with a T7 bonus. Be sure you have it up on yourself prior to Vortex being cast, so your CD is up. Watch a Prayer of Mending tracker, and recast it after all 5 (or 6) charges are used. (which should only be 6 seconds). While you wait for the CD, you can PW:Shield and use 2 COH’s during Vortex – One at the start and a second at the end.

To expand on Vortex, Blizzard has already stated that they would be watching and possibly nerf Vortex.

With the cooldown on COH and WG we will probably nerf the Vortex. I say probably because players are farming the encounter already so I’m not 100% that things will go from farm to impossible with this change, but we’ll be sure to test it out a lot and watch for your feedback.

Yes, a 6 second cooldown is a long time— especially considering we’ve been used to having it spammable. It will require some additional thinking- which from some of the priests I’ve seen could be an uphill battle. When to cast it? Do I spec Holy Reach? Etc… I think after they introduce the cooldown, it won’t be the end to this story.

Written By: on December 9, 2008
  1. I have a couple of mixed feelings about the impending Circle of Healing cooldown:

    1) I’m already much more involved in my healing than pre-WotLK (well, pre-3.0 patch). If a CoH proccs Surge of Light or Holy Concentration, I’m automatically looking for someone to get the free heal. Or I’m hitting Inner Focus if it’s up (for some extra OOFSR mana regen), then looking for a target for the free heal. I’m actually tracking my PoMs a lot tighter now, to make sure I’m getting the T7 bonus extra jump. I’m trying to find 8 seconds of down time to get maximum use of Hymn of Hope. I’m timing Divine Hymn for maximum effectiveness. Toss in some lucky PoM crits proccing and things get even more fun.

    Any more “involvement” and I’m going to start “standing in the fire and dying” again.

    2) Because I think Blizzard missed on our mana regen adjustment (With BeastMaster doing so much damage and the new exciting pets, when was the last time you saw a Survival Hunter in a 10-man? And is it just me or did DeathKnights step into the role previously filled by Ret Pallies? Where did the Replenishment go now that we need it most?), I’m finding myself using CoH to proc a SoL/HC so I can Inner Focus, cast the free heal at the last second, and maximize OOFSR time for, again, mana regen. This no doubt artificially inflates CoH numbers across the board. In this situation, the CoH is almost incidental; I’m looking for the Free Heal as a gateway into some mana regen. And the greater the Crit chance (which they’ve pushed us towards), the greater the allure of the Free Heal.

    3) They say they’re going to adjust the Vortex, but there’s several other fights where CoH is borderline necessary: topping off bad dancers on Heigan. Hitting the “other” group if you’re single AoE healing Loatheb or Sapphiron to even out bad PoM distribution. On the run Meteor recovery during Four Horsemen. Heck, anytime things go just south of “bad” and digging the raid back out of trouble is required. My thoughts are that they’re not going to adjust *all* of those fights or they would have mentioned it in the post.

    I don’t know. I would think they could do something else besides a 6-second cooldown: Increase the mana cost so it’s effectively unspammable (although two weeks into 80, iLvl 200+ across the board, more or less, and I’m still in mana trouble on the longer fights without Replenishment of some sort). A diminishing returns debuff. Or start with a 3-second cooldown and work up if needed.

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