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Synergies: Priest and otherwise

First, apologies for going near 2 weeks without a post! With the Thanksgiving Holiday immediately followed by being on a cruise for 8 days, I’ve been swamped! Tales is back!

Priest Spec Synergies
Speccing your priest to have fun should be your main focus for the most part – after all this is a game! However, speccing to have synergies with the other priests in your raid group is key.

The key thing that a lot of Pre-Wrath Holy Priests are doing is forgetting about the Discipline Priests, both in raid activity and spec. If you are in a raid with a Discipline priest there are many things Holy priests need to keep in mind.

Discipline and Holy Synergies
Power Word: Shield
Holy Priests really shouldn’t be casting this very much, if at all. Putting up a PW:S on the Main Tank actually HURTS the situation. Discipline shields are far stronger than a Holy priest’s thanks to Borrowed Time and Improved Power Word: Shield. Further it is good to know that a Holy priest really shouldn’t waste points in Imp Shield, and can either put more points into Holy and easily fill Meditation. If you put a shield on a target that should/could be shielded by the Disc priest in the raid, you now prevented them from doing so thanks to Weakened Soul. While yes, your Weakened Soul will work for Renewed Hope, the cons outweigh that. Further PW:S when it takes damage, returns mana to a Discipline priest from Rapture.

Divine Spirit
Putting the argument about IDS vs DS, and other spellpower buffs aside, Divine Spirit from a Holy Priest is likely a waste of points. You could have easily put those points into Holy Talents that would benefit your healing more than Mental Agility would. (the main PVE prereq for DS). Let the Discipline priest get DS (and possibly IDS if they really want to since Shammy Totems being better, there is no need), since they area only needing 1 point to get it while a Holy Priest would use 6. (5/5 for Mental Agility, and 1 for DS).

Holy Priest Synergies
Guardian Spirit
It is important to create a macro for Guardian Spirit. GS can be overwritten by another GS, thus blowing BOTH of your cooldowns. Talk on vent, create a macro that lets your teammates know you’ve used it. Create rotations for certain fights that are tough. Maexxna’s frenzy for example: using up 2 of them before the first one is used/over pretty much wastes a free kill, since having 2 GS’s back to back makes the Frenzy completely trivialized.

Prayer of Mending
Prepull ProMs. Sigh… I love seeing everyone write over eachother’s ProMs. Just because yours heals for 75 hp more than the other guys, why waste the CD and Mana.

Healer Synergies
Hymn of Hope
While it’s debatable that it provides much benefit, be sure to communicate with your healers that you are using it! While I do often get chuckles for saying “Blowing Hymn… keep him up!” (ROFL), you need to let your healers know that you will be out for 8 seconds. (Perhaps even tossing GS to give mana to your party). Debatable useage, but on those fights where mana can be rough, certainly helpful.

Circle of Healing
Know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em. Just because your COH is instant and faster than Chain Heal, doesn’t mean you should use that spell exclusively. Great example, 25-Man Malygos. Let the Shaman handle Arcane Storm, the priest’s are better equipped to handle direct heals on the Main Tank. If you are spamming COH for both Arcane Storm and Vortex, you’ll be OOM far before you even get one of the Hoverboards on the ground.

Written By: on December 9, 2008
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