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Character Re-Customization

Well, I think I may have broken the hearts of some of the dwarf priests out there…

I paid for a Character Re-Customization.

Derevka is now male. I originally rolled Derevka back in the day when Dwarves were wanted because of fear ward to help make Ony, MC, and BWL fears more management. I chose female mainly because I didn’t like the way the male dwarves looked. However, after nearly 4 years of staring at the same backside and the same animation I sadly, grew tired of Derevka’s look.

Many guildies and friends server wide have PM’d me or emoted me /gasp when they see my new look. Perhaps to them I will always be the short little female dwarf with freckles, not the bushy bearded, bald-dwarf man.

Written By: on December 15, 2008
  1. More power to you, my newly bearded friend! I told Jov this weekend that we should totally re-customize our toons for a very special WoS pictorial but in the end we decided WoW Model Viewer (if it is ever working again) would be cheaper. ;)

  2. Ha ha… true. WoW Model Viewer is quite nice, just needs someone to tackle an update. And, no, I’m not volunteering!
    Cheers to everyone at WoS!

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