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Add On Corner: Power Auras

EDIT: December 2009 – In Addition to the Information in this post, there is a Video Post Here

Add On Corner will be a reoccuring entry where I hope to focus on really good mods that I’ve found to be very helpful. This should go in tandem with my earlier post about Add Ons.

The first entry will be focusing on Power Auras. This is a fantastic Mod that will help every class manage their Proc’d abilities, but specifically I love this for Holy Priests. Mainly because it helps me know when I get Surge of Light and Holy Concentration.

What Power Auras does is provide a graphical cue (and optional sound effect) when you proc an abilility, buff, talent, etc… For Holy Priests this is a huge help when you can chain Surge of Light (SoL), Holy Concentration, and Inner Focus for three spells in a row that are mana free for some high quality mana regeneration out of the Five Second Rule.

Here is a screenshot of my set up for this.

The blue runic circle pulses and reminds me I have a Holy Concentration charge to use up and the smaller yellow pulsing circle reminds me I have a SoL proc to use. Remember since both HC and SoL can proc independantly from eachother you won’t always have both up. It is VERY handy and I really encourage every priest to get this (and any caster with a proc).

Let me show you how I set this up:

This is the main widow accesable from the “/powa” command.
Click “New” to make a new event.
Start at the top of the screen, and select the “look” of the buff. You can use different textures and colors available, different sizes, opacity, and position on the screen. Then in the “Activation Tab” set if what you are looking for is a buff, and the name of the buff. (Additional customization is available here as well). Then move onto the Animation Tab.

Here select if you want animation to your proc graphic. I personally like having the Runic Circles pulse around me… it gives a more “magical” feel too it, IMO. This step is completely optional.

I also added sound to the Surge of Light proc. Since Holy Concentration has a normal proc sound, I also gave the SoL proc to make the “Level Up” sound to help remind me to use SoL. Again, optional feature.

You’ve now set up your Power Aura for a proc. You can repeat this process as many times as you’d like for as many different features.

Another priest in my guild(Hi, Middea!) pointed out to me that you can also have Power Auras remind you when you DON’T have a buff/proc. We’ve both set up Power Auras to provide a notice/graphic when we are in combat, and do not have Inner Fire. Those rules can be set up on the activation tab. Here is a screenshot of my reminder.

Plain and simple, I love Power Auras if anything for the visual “prettiness”– but the practical use for teasing the Five Second Rule is quite powerful.

Written By: on December 18, 2008
  1. Great add on. I picked it up last night after reading this post. It dramatically increased my healing and made me alot more mana efficient.


  2. Great to hear! I love this addon and am happy to share it.

  3. i know i need this and already got the mod. now i just need to set it up tonight and will be ready to roll for my holy priest.

  4. It really is a fantastic addon! Once you get it tuned to how you play, you should notice your ability to play in and out of the 5 Second Rule will improve.

  5. I have Power Auras Classic and it comes with the 50 Textures, but it does not seem to have the ones you are using. I am a big fan of them and was wondering if you might know where I could get them. I have tried google but am I coming up with notta. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

  6. Nice guide. I have started refering people to this page when questions arise about Power Auras.

    I like it is short and to the point and don’t spend pages explaining every tiny option in the addon (which there are many of!)

  7. @Devon – well those textures are WoW Textures. If you still struggle, download my UI from the “Derevka’s UI” section of the blog, and just use the version PowerAuras I have. (Just the AddOn folder – NOT WTF; otherwise you’ll lose your current set up

    @Thomas – thanks! I love seeing traffic come here, and hopefully they will read the rest of the blog!

  8. How timely! I’ve been using Power Auras for a week or so, and I have it set for Inner Fire and SoL as well. But I am definitely going to reread this post in the morning and see if I can make my setup even better. Holy Concentration is one I should add, I know.

    Now if I could JUST find something to remind me to use Inner Focus, and I’ll be golden! ;)

  9. I’m trying to get it working on my characters, On my rogue I had it work the first few times. But now it would activate correctly on buffs that I get from talents : /any idea?

  10. This might be a bit late, but I saw a video on youtube where a shaman had his power aura set up to where his riptide CD had a icon and a timer, and I cant begin for the life of me to figure out how he set it up, any ideas? BTW – setting the auras up for my procs now! Thank you for showing step by step!

  11. Is there a way to use this with my shadowfiend? I really need to remember to use him as much as possible now that mana may b an issue.

  12. @Kestrel I'm a Disc Priest so Inner Focus is more of a 'Use it when its up' kind of ability since 5SR isn't really a concern for me. I made a macro that reads:

    /cast Inner Focus
    /cast Penance

    Thats just me though, and I'm Disc so my usage of the ability is a bit different.

  13. I''ve had this addon for quite a while, and I love it.
    I wanted to add:
    You can also set it to tell you [using the Hodir fight for an example] when you have the Storm buff, when you're in the moonbeam [if you're like me and tend to stand on the very edge of it], when you're standing in a Cozy Fire buff, and when Hodir has more than 20 [or exactly 25, or any number] stacks of the Singed debuff. You can set it to use any of the wow-standard visuals, ones that power auras comes with, or the icon of the buff/debuff you are tracking. I personally believe everyone should use it.

  14. Thank you for the article. Can you tell me exactly how to setup Inner Focus?

    I wanted the aura to appear when Inner Focus is ready and for it to be gone when Inner Focus is on Cooldown.

    Thank you!

  15. i want to have it, but it’s not working with power auras 3.0.0E god dam i lost my patience there, any clue?

  16. Great addon, ill really hope it works! :D

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