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Why Do You Heal?

It is always interesting when I ask healers:

Why do you heal?

It is, after all, a very loaded question- and timely now that WotLK has launched. Wrath really introduced the the changes to Spellpower/Healing Power. It is now, for the most part, only a matter of +hit to transition to a Caster DPS player.

Many healers can/have/are planning to make the leap from Healer to Pew-pew! Which makes asking the question even more interesting, since many of the healers are actively choosing to stay in a healing role. Further many former healers who have migrated to DPS occasionally will say “Man, I never thought I would say it… I actually miss healing.” There must be something that is driving that statement home; but what is it?

The answer can be something as basic as “I enjoy being the one keeping my friends alive!”, or “Well, my guild needs healers… so, here I am.”. Perhaps you are very altruistic and you are all about doing it for the greater good of your Raid. Perhaps, you simply don’t like the DPS race, and you enjoy being the silent helper. Or simply perhaps, you like torturing yourself on healing intensive assignments like Kel’thuzad’s Frost Blast.

For me, it really is having a sense of “saving the day”! Being the one to land that critical heal in a clutch situation, keeping that DPSer alive who (foolishly) pulled aggro from a tank by hitting them with Pain Suppression or Guardian Spirit, or quickly adjusting to a fellow healer dying and having to keep up the tank on your first boss kill. Yeah, that’s me… wanting to be the hero, standing in the back, cursing you under my breath when you pull aggro, but loving it at the same time! You DPSers pew pew, I’ll just keep everyone alive!

I asked Matticus (of World of Matticus) and Phaelia (of Resto4Life) the same question, and I love each of their replies!

Matticus Said:

My entire gaming history has revolved around healing. Played a Monk in Guild Wars. Medic in BF1942. The list goes on. I rather play a supportive role as opposed to a front line role because I excel under those sorts of situations.

That and I can’t tank or DPS for crap so my career choices were quite limited.

I really like this, heal and play to the best of your abilities. If you excel at healing, and you enjoy it! Great!

Phaelia said:

Like many healers, I thrive on the feeling of supporting others. I enable a big, burly tank to stand toe-to-toe with a monster four times his size. I help protect over-zealous or unfortunate DPSers. It’s a tremendous rush to rescue someone from certain death, knowing that only my skill and reflexes saved them from visiting a whole different kind of healer (the Spirit Healer). When we succeed, I know with quiet surety that I was directly responsible for our success.

Of course, the pretty dresses don’t hurt, either.

Phae, we share similar rationale, and for me too… fashion before function! :-)

I end this post with a question to every healer out there…

So, why do YOU heal?
Written By: on January 9, 2009
  1. I suppose my real gaming started when I played Natural Selection on a more competitive level and our team needed a gorge (support, healing, building, background work, never front lines – hopefully).

    When I made the switch to WoW, just seemed the right place to go, everyone needs support, every team is only as good as their backup/support. Everyone can only do their job if they’re alive to get it done which needs the bracing support of a healing team.

    Then as most healers know, once you pigeonhole yourself as a good healer, you’re pretty damned in getting any other position on a team of raiders, as it seems good healers are always in short supply.

    I liked the constant pressure and the be on your toes at all times feeling that healing provided, there was rarely a dull moment, even though I don’t think that I have seen more than 10% of actual content in a raid environment due to only seeing frames and playing Whack a mole! It was fun… Nowadays, there seems to be even less need for GOOD healers, and even healers are falling back to a meters race for some reason. Makes me want to go shadow just so I feel justified about epeening over meters heh.

    A strong, cohesive healing team makes healing fun, you get to know your fellow healers healing groove/priorities and can sync up with them and make any raiding team a formidable opponent to any encounter. Still can’t heal through stupid though :-P

  2. I fell in love with healing back in EQ but it took me a while to really get into it in WoW. At the height of my enjoyment, I found that raid healing was a lot like a complex game of whack-a-mole and embraced it with childlike glee.

    Healing for me is just.. fun, when I’m not getting stressed out about it. Stress drove me away from doing it full time for now, but I’ve found that I still really enjoy it as an on-the-side kind of thing.

  3. I’ve been in the latter category of healers who made the transition to DPS but realize they do miss it. I had a slight idea I might miss it before I made the switch to Balance partly because I had been Resto my entire WoW career up until that point but also partly because of some of the reasons already posted here.

    When you have a good solid healing core, you learn to work together really well and there can be a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for keeping the raid alive during tough encounters. New boss kills are usually exciting for this reason; I still remember some of our SSC kills after wiping and working out the healing kinks a few times. Bad trash pulls are always interesting too when you can save the raid through a few extra mobs that shouldn’t be around normally.

    I miss the friendly competition in the small group really, and the joking around in the healer channel that was common in our guild. I also miss the sense of accomplishment and knowing that if I had missed that “oh $%#^” button our tank would have died and we wouldn’t have killed the boss. Even if no one else will ever realize it. Mostly, it was being good at it and constantly learning, as well as doing the small things well constantly.

    I liked being able to anticipate incoming damage and compensate for it. It all became second nature and was easy even if I couldn’t tell you what any of the bosses looked like, I could tell you where everyone sat in my raid frames nightly.

  4. I created my healer specifically to experience that type of play, so I’m not going to respec her to DPS. That’s what my mage is for. I’m not entirely sure WHY I heal though, it’s a rather thankless task. Still, I’ve enjoyed it enough to get my wee little priest up to 70 so I must be doing something right.

  5. I’m a hunter. I love the class : the pet management, the range pewpew, the aggro control I have. I’m usually in the top 3 of the dpsers in my raid, depending on buffs available.

    I fell in love with healing while trying to find the right classe for me in Warhammer Online. I had never had so much fun. I stoped WAR after 2 weeks but I created a druid on Wow.

    My boyfriend rolled a warrior. We are levelling together : him aggroing half of the map and me keeping him alive with a full resto spec.

    I like the feeling of infinite power (or at least depending on your mana pool) a healer have, holding the lives of these toons in his hands. And the stress coming with it : OMG ! I got these toons lives in my hands ! *Buff HoT Heal HoT* *praying “don’t die, don’t die!”*

    I like the job of keeping those HoTs on my warrior, checking if he’s taking enough damage to get another one or if I can save the mana… Mana management is very interesting. I never bothered about that with my hunter. Actually I do have mana issues with the hunter but I won’t die when I’m oom with it.
    So the intellectual game of managing mana is fun with the healer.

    But the main reason why I rolled a healer is self-satisfaction. DPS job is : pew pew more and don’t get into the fire. (and where the h*** is my pet gone… oh s***!) Not that funny actually.
    I’m happy when I top the dpsmeter, I’m fine. But I realise I was much more satisfied with myself on a fight if I had managed to keep all these mobs from attacking my healer or the other squishies. Who cares about dpsmeters when youre dead and the boss (or even whorse, the trash) is laughing at your corpses.

    Saving the life of my friends is great as a DPSer. I can’t wait till I will be able to save their butts with heals…

    And i love buffing everyone I see. I’m often oom in towns, having buffed every single toon visiting the inn… I can’t tell you why I do that…

    Enough rambling…

    /back to levelling the druid

  6. Two reasons.

    1) It can be very intense game play. No other role can leave me sweating and shaking after a very tight fight like healing can. WoW healing isn’t quite as intense as say Prot Monking in GuildWars GvG (think spike damage catching with 0.25s cast spells), but there is still a buzz.

    2) Its great (and human) to be needed. None of the roles seem to be as popularly received and needed as healers.

    Gobble gobble.

  7. I heal because I am damn good at it and I enjoy having an important role that make people depend on me. Also, you know that feeling you get when there is massive raid damage going out and you know that unless you do your job right then and there you’re whole raid will wipe, thats what makes healing fun.

  8. 1) It’s an open license to invite yourself to anyone else’s fight.

    2) We have a more socially acceptable unspoken mandate. “I am Bhoz; I will help,” is more well balanced than “I am PwnzDaMobs; let’s commence to killin’!”

    3) It’s easier for a healer to find value in a raid. At the end of the night, if the run has been good but all of the loot has been for melee DPS or Tank classes, you can still look back at it and think, “yea, I did some good work back there.” I suspect that if all Healer loot dropped on a Naxx run, the melee DPS would be apoplectic.

    4) We enable people to try things they wouldn’t try otherwise. Way back in the day myself and an undergeared guildie-alt-Druid two-manned the Ruul fight in SMV. It took us over 15 minutes (I got two Innervates, at least), but we did it. If it had been two DPS trying that, it probably wouldn’t have happened.

    4a) Our first Naxx-10 Heigan kill took over 20 minutes, because after the second dance phase there were only four people standing: MT, Rogue, Boomkin, and me (all Naxx-40 vets). We could have called a wipe, and maybe should have called a wipe, but we decided to stick with it. Now it’s a part of guild lore. “The man who dpsed Heigan for 20 minutes” gets looks of derision; “The healer who healed Heigan for 20 minutes” gets looks of awe.

  9. To be 100% honest. I do not like wow players. Having played every mmo there is. I mean every, I stress the word "every". In my experience the healer is the most important roll. Naturally alongside the tank. And after years of dps classes. And the bore they braught me. I decided to try out a priest. I initially fell in love with the fact that I meta gamed hardcore. What was common builds I negated. I madde my own, and in every group got the responses: "Wow insane heals" or "Awesome heals" And I enjoyed hearing that. I had found my calling. It was first founded in ffxi as a white mage. A game which players tended to understand what threat or aggro was. Im not switching to dps. My healer is still my healer. But im at a stand still in my gear and as much as Id like to press forward, which I've had several invites to popular raiding guilds. I understand what the word guild means. Having played numerous games over my mmo career and always playign with the same group of people. I could never leave my guild. So Ive since made a paldain to tank on. Knowing from experience I prefer to heal a pally over any other class. I figured I should make the pally. testing the waters has been great. Shes currently lvl 71 with 511 defense. I found though that I have still somehow been critted. (Still looking into this) But all and all I started healing because most of the people I've played with over years in pugs have been bad at their classes. And since I feel it is the most important class. I put myself into the position. Now Lately I have not wanted to play my priest. Its attributed to the fact that blizzard as much as they say priest is perfect, dosent see what I see. There isnt a reason why other classes who are "Hybrids" are just as effective. Im no longer saught after. Its now LF heals. Not looking for "The" heals. that being said, Im also frustrated with the player base on worl of warcraft. In every game Ive ever played its always been about succeeding. Yet in wow. 90% of your dps dosent understand what "Let the tank get the aggro before you start your shitstorm means". I was always in guilds and even pugs in other games that understood. Just because you have (for instance) 4k dps. Dosent mean you should use that 4k at every moment. Its called threat management and the wow player base dosent seem to understand it. So that all being said. I suppose I started healing because I simply tried it and enjoyed it. Still do when im with guildies. and still dont when people just dont listen… =) "I'm the guy keeping you alive…. Respect it or I may """click the wrong button" …. sorry about that! Let me res you now =)

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