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Raid Dedication – True Dedication, Award Worthy

Picture this:

Sartharion 3 Drakes. Great DPS. Fantastic progression. Consistent steps forward. We get to 1 drake remaining.

Then, I hear over vent from one of our top DPS… “My graphics card is overheating and the fan is dead, I am locking up.”

What do you do? What do you do?

Well this is the solution my guild-mate came up with: He lives in the Midwest, so he is enjoying -14°F weather — open the door and take the cover off the computer!

Oh no… still overheating. Problem solved with frozen foods:

Now that is dedication to getting the job done. Didn’t eat any void zones, or walls of fire. Award winning. Epic.

Written By: on January 16, 2009
  1. Love it! Sacrificing a cold beer for Sarth+3 is true dedication.

    We’ve had people raiding from hotel rooms and laundry mats, and I’ve personally ignored fire alarms mid-fight (“We better kill this boss, because otherwise I’ll have died for nothing.”), but no foodstuffs have been involved as of yet!

  2. I used to raid on my Macbook. Back in tthe day when Illidan was endgame, the cooling fan inside of it died, but we were pushing progression on on him and I couldn’t sacrifice the downtime of my computer being in the shop for a week, so I raided with an icepack on my lap for two weeks. I’d have to stop every few bosses and rotate in for a new one.

  3. What happens when the food melts and there is water in the computer? :O

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