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Add On Corner: DiscRecount

First, apologies for the lack in posting lately. I have had a busy work week and then couple in some personal stuff that queued up.

That being said, it is time for another Add On Corner! This time I want to highlight a fantastic Discipline Priest AddOn, DiscRecount. This mod is developed by Para11ax, who essentially modified Recount to be able to add Aegis mitigation and Power Word: Shield to effective healing. This mod replaces your existing Recount, and provides a fairly accurate way to see how much mitigation a Disc Priest can actually provide.

While I do know many healers typically do not like meters, it is important to have a general understanding of how you are doing with your shields and it gives you an interesting perspective on your overall contribution to the raid healing. Feel free to read my post over at Matticus on the subject, “Evaluating Healer Performance“.

Now there are a few things that the addon assumes. which I have taken from the AddOn Page:

  • Assumes that you use Glyph of Power Word: Shield.
    The healing done by this glyph is the most accurate method of determining the mitigation value of a shield. PW:S will only show up with the use of this glyph.
  • Assumes that you are speced 3/3 Divine Aegis.
    The code automatically adds in DA mitigation for ciritcal heals. If you are not (fully) speced for DA, your healing will be skewed upwards.
  • Assumes all Shields are fully consumed.
    Because of how the combat log reports damage absorption, there is no good way of isolating a specific effect’s absorbed damage. Therefore all Shields and DAs are considered fully consumed; implying no “overhealing”.

While, yes, this does allocate some latitude to Disc priests who want to “pad meters” by spamming 6k PW:S on random members of the raid– but what does that really do? If you are to improve as a Disc Priest, artificially padding your numbers doesn’t help at all.

Again, I want to make this 100% clear: this addon shouldn’t be taken completely at face value. it provides a much clearer view into the world of the Discipline Priest and the power of their shields.

Let’s take a look at my screenshots from a difficult night with a Sarth 3D Kill. (we ran a little healer heavy this night to compensate for some lag and server issues)

As you can see, the Mod accounts for my Shields and Aegis and illustrates that a Disc Priest can effectively ‘compete’ with a WG Druid, COH Priest and Riptide Shaman. Looking at the breakdown of my spells, the Mod does struggle a little with rounding on PW: Shield, but it does illustrate the Shield’s contribution to the MT’s mitigation.

I highly reccommend healing leaders giving this Mod a shot, as well as being able to more accurately “guestimate” what their Discipline priests are contributing to a raid.

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Written By: on February 3, 2009
  1. That’s very interesting – I didn’t know that this existed. I’ll be sure to pass this article along.

  2. Huh, sweet addon. I’d been numbercrunching for the disc priest in our guild recently by using WoWstats info. I’ll have to tell him about this.

    Speaking of addons and UIs, any chance you’ll be updating the download link for your 3.0.8 UI soon? My computer finally gave up on me after years of chugging away – and of course, I didn’t back up my UI. I’d love to be able to use yours as a base to get things set up after I get a new game-able rig sometime this week.

  3. That is a very nice add on and on e i didnt now exist either.

    Must admit i gave up on having loads of add ons ages ago as every time a new patch came out i had to bloody re arrange my UI again so only use the basics and nessessary now.

  4. If you navigate to the last page of the comments in that page, you will find that Elsia, the guy maintaining Recount, has taken some time to actually release his own version, taking into consideration all the previous posts and comments and improving it quite a bit. All in all, it’s pretty accurate, I’ve been testing it for the past 2 weeks in 25-man Naxx


    Elsia, has done a very good job at keeping this updated and I’ve found it very good at what it does.

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