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3.1 Pre-PTR Preview

We’ve been given some interesting glimpses into 3.1. Let’s talk about those a little bit…

First and foremost, Divine Spirit is baseline. I have to admit, I gave up on this spell as becoming a baseline spell for all priests ages ago. Currently I am Discipline spec’d and the only reason why I have regular DS is because it cost only one point, even though Spirit is fairly useless to a Disc Priest. If they somehow find a way to make Improved DS worth putting 2 points into it, then we can talk.

The allusion to this new Discipline spell: Power Word: Barrier should be interesting to see. Blue likened it to a AOE/Party Wide Power Word: Shield. It seems interesting, however I am curious of the overall practicality when compared to Prayer of Healing- it needs to be different in SOME way. It would need to absorb more damage than ProH restores, especially considering it is a talented spell, not baseline.

Penance is now self castable… meh. More of a PVP attraction in my book. Most of the time, if I need a heal, I use binding heal. Though, likely this spell should have been self castable already.

Onto the mana regen changes; while it does seem like it’s this huge and incredible nerf, I have to admit mana isn’t an issue for me at all at the moment. I pretty much chain cast an entire fight to keep Grace up on my tanks, crit Aegises on them quite often (raidbuffed I’m around 35-38% crit rating), and my guild typically has at least 2 if not 3 or 4 Replenishment providers in any given raid. I can’t even tell you the last time I had to pop a Runic Mana Potion. I’ve mainly be using Wild Magic potions during those “GO GO HEAL!” moments.

Divine Providence now allows for a faster Gheal when you cast Flash Heal. Eerily similar to the T4 Set bonus. I have to admit, very lackluster. However, perhaps it will return Gheal back into the arsenal of more priests. With a Glyphed Flash Heal being so bloody efficient and coupling in the insane overhealing amounts, it isn’t cast nearly as much as it used to. I think a lot of this is due to the fact that so many priests are used to downranking, and flash heal is so similar to a downranked Gheal. I am curious to see how this talent plays out on the PTRs.

There should be a number of other changes coming once Blizzard gives us a bit more than what they have. I am looking forward to some PTR time and Ulduar, as I am getting tired of farming the same content over and over. I’ve copied over Derevka to the PTR already, and now just await a PTR build to be pushed out to the masses. I will keep everyone updated with what I experience on the PTRs—stay tuned!

I would expect some major healing changes in the near future. Blizzard keeps commenting that healing seems to be too easy, alluded to threat changes, and a number of other insinuations. We’ll see what happens, but I forsee some changes soon.

We also saw a preview of the T8 sets. (You can see them in person if you go to the Argent Crusade just outside of Dalaran – there is a NPC out there that is in Priest T8). It’s nice, but it seems a little too futuristic to me. Then again, I think most priests will compare all Tier sets to T6…. Man, I miss my smokey faces.

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Written By: on February 19, 2009
  1. Over all some good changes i think.

    As i will be mainly pvping as discipline when it is released the AOE bubble will be amazing in arena.

    Spirit baseline buff is about time in my eyes.

  2. Also in my eyes T5 > T6.

    Suppose its a personal desicion as both looked amazing but T5 is best set ever in game in my eyes.

  3. If the party-wide PW:S was instant wouldn’t that make it different enough from prayer of healing? Assuming some short CD, wouldn’t it essentially become the disc version of CoH?

    I think it will be more situational than CoH, but being able to use it on the move from one bubble to another in maly would be good, right? Doesn’t seem like Prayer of Healing is a good choice there, since it has a (imo) long cast time.

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