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PTR Trinkets, Trinkets, and More Trinkets!!

Yes, I know I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. I have had a LOT of crazy stuff going on at work, so I apologize for not writing up some stuff. Hopefully I didn’t lose many readers, but I guess my Google Analytics, comments feed, and Feedburner stats will show me that happened. :( But today I want to take a look at the PTR Trinkets that are out there.

Spark of Hope

Even with the Spirit nerfs, this is a nice little trinket for the Holy Priests and Druids out there. Then, add in Blessing of Kings, and its even better. The on equip is quite nice too, a flat reduction in your spell costs… even though it doesn’t scale. Definitely a trinket sought after by many holy priests and resto druids, especially considering the fact that Meditation is now 50% of mana while casting. The MP5 is a bit tough to gauge since the mana cost reduction and your Int/Spi levels affect that – but a great mana restore trinket.

Energy Siphon

A Flat MP5 trinket, about the same MP5 as Living Ice Crystals from Malygos. More for Disc priests than their Holy counterparts, however, the on use is quite potent. If you use it every Cooldown its about 68 Spellpower. On use SP trinkets are always tough for healers because the quesiton always is: WHEN do you use it? If you know the boss has a soft enrage or has predictable spike damage, the answer is easy. But in a fairly static fight on use SP is trickey, while on use mana regen is a bit easier to understand. Personaly, there are other trinkets that are better out there. Jet’ze’s Bell, for example, is a notably less MP5 (varying based on RNG procs) but provides a lot more static SP.

Eye of the Broodmother

Crit, everyone’s friend. Crit is now extremely important for both Holy and Disc specs. Holy needs it for Surge of Light procs, and now withthe Holy Concentration changes, you get 50% more effective spirit in your mana regen for the next 15 seconds. Casting a heal every 10 seconds is something most healers do, so getting 250 spellpower out of the deal is pretty much the gravy on this. So gaining nearly 2% crit and 250 SP makes this trinket likely the best one out there. That all being said, like the Illustration off Sartharion, this trinket is likely best in the hands of a DPS class NOT a healer. While, yes, most healers would love this trinket, the impact to your raid group is likely better with a DPS class.

Pandora’s Plea

While Holy Pallies everywhere are salivating, they might forget that Int is king now for all healer classes. Many raidwide mana restores are “total mana ” based, so the bigger your mana pool, the more mana you get back from Mana Tide, Shadowfiend, Replenishment, Hymn of Hope, etc… Then, with Blessing of Kings… om nom nom! Should land inthe 50MP5+ range. Then we look at the proc chance: 850 SP for 10 seconds. That is huge – nerfworthy huge. Stats aren’t out there yet on the proc rate, but I would assume a 10% proc with a standard 45 second cooldown. This trinket is gonna be a hard one to come by, so IMO if you can get it… get it.

Scale of Fates

Nice base spellpower increase. The haste on use effect is essentially a mini heroism/bloodlust. Good for a healer to pop in a clutch situation, however this is another trinket that is better in the hands of a DPS class. I see our Shadow brethren vying for this trinket to get uber-fast mind flays. Pass to DPS, you have much better healing trinkets out there.

My personal picks:
Holy – Pandora’s Plea & Spark of Hope
Getting both of these beauties could be rough, but quite tasty if you can.

Disc – Pandora’s Plea & Wildcard
Disc is tough, it depends if you think you have enough Crit. If you don’t, I would suggest coupling it with Soul of the Dead, for the mana restore and crit bonus. With Aegises not returning mana, super crit heavy Disc priests may need more MP5, so Jet’ze’s Bell or even the Siphon. When I’m Disc I wind up swapping trinkets like mad, usually keeping the Soul of the Dead in there, and putting in either my Bell or Forethough Talisman depending on the fight and who I’m healing.

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Written By: on March 25, 2009
  1. Made a few edits based on a great post at MMO Champion.

  2. Nice post! With all the excitement over T8 gear I forgot there will be other nice toys.

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