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Naxx Immortal

After weeks of ‘foolish’ mistakes, my guild finally attained immortality and many of us got Heroic: Glory of the Raider. This was a major achievement for us pre 3.1. Here are a couple of screenshots followed by a couple of tips for Immortal.

In KT’s Room

310% Black Proto-Drakes!

Me Outside Dalaran

A couple of tips, some that were also discussed at Matticus.

  1. Do Razuvious First – if you wipe doing MC’s don’t kill him, everyone zone out, and reform the raid with a new raid leader. You haven’t been ID’d yet.

  2. Have your priests be ready with Guardian Spirit. I had been Disc up until our last few weeks really pushing for Immortal, having a GS ready for a DC on Sapph for a deep breath (watch the DBM timer for the breath, and put it up on the DC’d so your GS buff doesnt wear off— that happened to me 2 weeks ago).
  3. DISABLE MODS – No one cares about damage or healing meters on an Immortal Run. It is all about control and being clean. Epeening about your DPS doesnt help the raid.
  4. Use Sapph’s room to plan out your KT positioning, the worst thing you can do is chain Frost Blasts and suddenly you have 3 people with Frost Blast and your healers have to pick up your mistake.
  5. Go into each fight with a plan, stop before each boss and go over what you need to do. Naxx at this point for you, if you are doing immortal, should be Easy Mode, so stopping to recap what you need to do may seem annoying, but can be helpful. For example, reminding people to stay spread out on Zeliek as to not chain Holy Bolt.
  6. Discussion, discussion, discussion. If you fail an Immortal run, continue on as if it still is Immortal (for practice), and the next day have a Forums discussion about what you need to do to fix problem X.

Also… any high DPS Hunters and Ranged interested in joining us for a major push in 3.1, please visit our guild’s website. We are also seeking a couple more healers (no shaman please) to fill out our healing ranks.

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Written By: on March 26, 2009
  1. Gratz! The people in my guild just cba to do their best (not coming prepared, expecting to get carried by the healers,…) =(

  2. Yay, congratulations! :)

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