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On Recruitment and Raiders

I am the Recruitment Officer of my guild. Recruitment is a bear… well, not a bear b/c we’re Full on Feral Druids. It seems that every raiding guild out there is “recruiting serious raiders for Ulduar!”.

My server as of today, as 17 guilds who have completed Sarth3D. 26 who have done 2D. Dalaran Trade/General Chat is overflowing with Guild Recruitment spam, the WOW Forums are bogged down with Posts. (If you have a post on the Guild Recruitment Page, you literally have to bump it every 30 minutes to stay on the front page.)

It also seems that there are new guilds popping up left and right nowadays, some of this I attribute to stale content. People are tired of doing the same stuff over and over again, or wiping on Immortal/Undying runs; I’ve seen some people leave some guilds and start new ones. Which, in turn, leads to more competition for quality raiders.

A lot of the recruitment problems I do attribute to the way Blizzard handled Naxx. It is hard for aspiring raiders to know what guilds they really want to be in, as so many people are all “tied” in progression. Which, in turn, makes it that much harder for guilds to market to the raiders they need.

So what do you do to get the raiders you want and need for Ulduar?

  1. Differentiate Your Guild
    If you have completed Immortal/Undying be sure that is known! Your Forum Posts should proudly show that. If you have completed Glory of the Raider, be sure that information is known. What makes your guild “better” than other guilds? What makes your guild “your guild”?

  2. Be HONEST
    If you have interested applicants who don’t fit your ideal raider profile, be honest. Don’t waste your time or theirs. If you are looking for a raider 5 days a week, and they can only raid 1-2, it might not be a good fit. If you have qualifiers and people don’t meet those, you likely have them for a reason. If you decide to bend those rules, be careful it can be a slippery slope.
  3. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise
    Use the WOW Realm Forum and create a SINGLE post, that you will maintain. It is easier for people to know that Guild X’s thread is updated with current raider needs instead of having 5 different posts up there, which could contain stale or bad information.

    Don’t just advertise for the sake of putting some message out there. Be sure that the message is accurate, concise and meaningful. Stating that you are looking for raiders who know how to play their class means very little– no kidding? You mean you don’t want players who just eBayed an account and didn’t know that Hunters can misdirect? Be sure to have your contact info/website out there, a brief summary of your recruitment needs, your raid times, progression, and what makes your guild special.

    Recruitment websites like can be very handy in cross-realm recruitment. Just be sure you have a system in place to appropriately screen and evaluate Realm Xfers.

  4. Don’t Be Afraid of Confrontation
    If you are doing a PUG group with a Pro Shadow Priest, even if they are tagged, don’t be afraid to let them know that if they are ever looking for a new home that you’d love to support an application. Flattery can go far. If they have no intent of swapping guilds, at the worst you only complimented them on their skills.
  5. Organize Your Application Forum
    Make sure that your application is easy to read/understand, your “FAQ” or “Before You Apply” post is updated and clear.

That all being said:

Mental Atrophy is recruiting as we continue to gear up and prep for a big push in 3.1 for Ulduar content.

We clear Naxx-25, Malygos, and 3 Drake Sartharion weekly. We have Heroic: Glory of the Raider.

Being immediately geared to assist us in our goals is a requirement. Raiders should be driven and capable to meet Achievement Goals both in 3.0 and in Ulduar.

- RANGED DPS classes but with specific focus to Hunters, Shadow Priests, and Boomkin

- One DPS Death Knight.

- Healers, Priest, Druids, and Pally.

We are on the US PVE Bloodhoof server. (EST Server). We typically raid Sun-Thursday 8:30-Midnight.

Our application and guild details are available at:

When applying please provide WWS or similar.

You know I HAD to do a plug in there!

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Written By: on March 31, 2009
  1. Blogger feed seems to be working again, woot.

  2. One thing that also helps is specifying what realm and timezone you’re on. I find that a lot of raiders are simply looking for a guild who raids when they’re available to raid, and often want to check out the server as well. Your plug, as it stands gives me little info on where you are or what times you raid!

  3. Athryn, perhaps, however it is simply a copy past from my Realm Forum post. That being said, you are right and I guess I assumed that my readers knew more about me. Oh well! Ill add that info.

  4. Thanks for the little guide ;)

    I just have to convince Blizzard to allow transfering characters from EU to US-Servers ;)

  5. Feel free to send spare bears our way… we’ve been looking for a good feral tank for months. :)

  6. Hey I am currently playing on Onyxia server my characters name is Masakazu he is a priest. I have full cleared 25 naxx at least 5 times. I live in EST timezone and maybe looking for a good guild to server transfer. I usually arena alot as disp but always go Holy for raid healing and this will be much more helpful as duel spec comes out. I was just wondering if there are any good players on the PVE server that arena much and if you might be interested in me as a Holy priest for raid healing. Thanks

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