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Add On Corner: RatingBuster

I know we all have had this conversation with ourselves at some point on a run:

“Are these gloves better than the gloves I have now? Hrm…the gloves I’m wearing now have MP5, however these new ones have a lot of spirit. Which, in turn, provides me additional spellpower. But wait, this item has a Red Socket, but the gloves I have on now have a Blue Socket. No, wait… the item I’m looking at now isn’t enchanted yet, but the ones I have on already have a Spellpower Enchant on them, so I need to subtract that out. Oh crap… I forgot to consider that these new gloves have more Int on them, which provides both Crit and an increase to my Mana Regen via Replenishment and since the Spirit Regen Calc factors in total Intellect, and the…”

While you’ve been driving yourself batty, the Loot Master in your raid is about to rip your head off for taking too long to decide if you are interested in the item.

RatingBuster is a fantastic little mod that helps you, quickly evaluate gear and decide if the item is an upgrade or not by breaking down the stats in summary form. Best of all, it breaks down certain stats into their talented and non-talented bonuses. (i.e. Intellect to Crit or MP5.)

This screen shows an example of evaluating Serene Echoes on a Holy Priest. In the top section of the tooltip you can see that the 57 Int provides 0.34% Crit, +7.4 Mp5, and +24.7 MP5 (not casting) when compared to what I currently had equipped. (which was Boots of Forlorn Wishes). Further, there is the Stat Summary section (which is fully customizable). The stat summary shows you what the current item adds to your existing Stats and the net increase/decrease to that stat. For example, these boots give a total of 27.4 MP5 (while casting) which is an increase of 1.7MP5 to what I currently have equipped and provide a total of 88 Spell Power, which is a loss of 17.4.

One my favorite parts of this mod, is that it is fully customizable. The mod has some default profiles based on your class installed, so if you install the mod without pre-determined settings, it will have default settings that could be ideal for your spec and class. I highly suggest taking a minute to go through the menu to be certain you have it configured how you want it.

The configuration menu is available through the default Interface menu in the AddOn’s tab, however can also be accessed through slash commands. In the Ratings menu you can customize if you want detailed breakdowns, and change colors.

The Stat Breakdown menu allows you to see those oft neglected stats and their affect on other stats. For example, Intellect’s affect on MP5 or Strength’s affect on Parry.

The Stat Summary Menu is where you can customize the summary info at the bottom of a tooltip. This summary is really where the rubber meets the road on this addon. Here, you can manage how you want to handle enchants (ignore them or include them), gems, and what data is summarized in the summary.

Here is another area where you can decide what, if applicable, summary information will be displayed.

This section of Stat Summary, if you elect to include gems in your analysis, allows you to set default gems in sockets. This means if an item has a socket, RatingBuster will assume a certain gem will be in that socket. You can either link the item into the field, or you can type in the Item ID# and click OK. (for example, Runed Scarlet Ruby is located at and has an item ID# of 39998).

RatingBuster really makes evaluating upgrades a lot simpler. It can be used in other ways than in determining if an item is an upgrade or not. You can also use it to help swap gear in and out. Have you become too Crit Heavy and you need to squeeze in more haste? Are you struggling with Mana and need more regen when casting? Do you need to up your stam, but keep your Attack Power high? This AddOn can help figure out your best combination of gear, be it a new item or an item you already have in your bags.

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Written By: on April 2, 2009
  1. RatingBuster is awesome. I’ve been using this since TBC and I can’t live without it, it’s so useful to see how good the dropped item is compared to the ones you have on you. A time and loot saver!

  2. Why did I not know about this?? Does this mean I can retire my little yellow notepad and calculator from raids!?

    Who am I kidding? I’ll still take it if someone wants it, just to be an ass.


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