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My Musings on Val’Anyr

Matticus wrote up a post about his thoughts on Val’Anyr here. While concise and generally accurate, I tend to have a different opinion.

First it is important to know that both the Fragments of Val’anyr AND the Shattered Fragmenets of Val’anyr (30 combined shards) are BOP. The combined version is a quest item, which leads to to start of the actual quest.

Step 1 – Ancient History
This quest is clearly only Druid, Pally, Priest, Shaman, which requires you to bring the quest item to the Archivum Console in Ulduar. From there you get the final quest

This is the quest that requires you to “throw” the item into Yogg’s mouth, on heroic mode, while he’s casting Deafening Roar, defeat Yogg-Saron… to recover the Reforged Hammer of Ancient Kings.

Notice that the quest has 2 (while, yes, datamined items)

Item #45897

Item #45896

These 2 items will (based on my thoughts) be the item you “use/throw” and then “recover” the Reforged Hammer of Ancient Kings. Bringing back the item, to likely, the Archivum Console

Once you complete the quest, the Compete Quest action gives the Reward Item (Item #46017) and 22g… that will in all likelihood be the mace. Not a lootmaster item.

Further, I would be very surprised if the item is a “one throw”… or damn I hope not!

I think assuming that anyone can have the item, and the item can be assigned by the lootmaster is not correct and guilds should plan accordingly. We all know (and I know me and the other officers are talking about it) that discussions on this mace are happening now. To err on the side of conservatism (and past history), we should assume that the shards will operate just like the Splinters of Aitesh, and need to be looted by the recipient of the legendary.

Though we wont know until we know more on Item 45896, 46017, and 45897 but I’m guessing my assumptions and conclusions are close if not correct.

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Written By: on April 9, 2009
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