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Derevka’s Survival Guide to 3.1 Release Day

First, a BIG Thank you to WoW Insider for the two links to my blog. One for Auctioneer and the other on my Val’anyr posts! Seeing my traffic jump and my RSS subscription numbers rise is a bit stressful… it means I really need to write better for you guys!

With 3.1 officially released, tonight will be a big night for many End-Game Raiding Guilds who are aching for new content.

Download it!
Find a mirror if you haven’t already pre-downloaded it using the Blizzard downloader.
Wowwiki has a great list of mirrors located here.

Update Your Essential Mods
Notice how I said essential… your non-essential mods you likely can live without on release day, and you can configure the updated (if applicable) versions later in the week. (That is, of course, assuming your guild is on a fast push into Ulduar).

  • Not a TON of mods were broken, but if you use the Curse Updater be sure to update your mods to get the most recent version.
  • Note that WoWMatrix will no longer be supported, so get the WoWInterface or Curse Updater!! Details on news is available here.
  • DBM may need to be installed separately if they don’t release a 3.1 version. (I have the Beta/PTR version installed)
  • No Stock UI has a great post about Mods for 3.1

Specs, Glyphs, and Gems
Your Talent Points are going to be refunded and Dual Spec’s will be available. Be ready to

  • Research your specs and be ready with a RAID VIABLE spec.
  • Priests I highly reccommend reading my post about 3.1 specs here.
  • Certain specs will need to change glphys. I know I am stacking a bit more Int than I did in the past to harness mana restoration, and try to offset the Spirit Regen nerf.
  • New Glyphs will be available, befriend your guild Scribes! (WTB – Glyph of Penance pst!)

Read Strats
Many guilds will be pushing hard in 3.1, I highly recommend reading www. (Stratfu’s site)

Raid leaders and guilds should read the bosses after Flame Leviathan as you will need to choose who you want to go after next!

- Create your iTunes playlist
- Bring focus
- Consumables
- Sign up for the weeks raids
- Bring patience to raids, learning new encounters can be frustrating.

GOOD LUCK! And enjoy Ulduar!

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Written By: on April 14, 2009
  1. Well that was fun. Facerolled thru FLV, gave samgee the fragment (who got yours?), worked on Ignis most of the night, confirmed he was bugged, moved to Razorscale 20 mins before 12, almost killed him and the server dies! WHEEEEEEEE

    I think our Ele Shammy Samimean has that glyph you want, I think she told me that.

    PoH, very nice. Took some getting used to, especially keeping it ‘dipitied prepped on Ignis. Look forward to killing him tonight easy since now we know the damn stacks we had to juggle were bugged.


  2. Ava, sounds eerily similar to our night, except we didnt get a Fragment.

    Step 1 – PWN Leviathan
    Step 2 – Be surprised that trash can’t always be AOE’d like Naxx trash
    Step 3 – Bang your head against the wall trying to convince yourself that Ignis isn’t bugged
    Step 4 – Progress on Razorscale then have the server die.

    Tell Samimean I’ll tip good gold for that Glyph! If she wants she can COD it, whatever cost! I NEEDS!

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