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XT-002 Deconstructor Healing Tips

Well, with server instabilities and instance servers being full, I spent a good deal fighting with My Brute. (FYI rather amusing 1v1 flash game- challenge me!). However, once servers stabilized the fight into Ulduar continued!

Today, I want to focus on XT-002 Deconstructor. Deconstructor is a very fun fight. Aside from the rather funny voice the boss has, it can be quite the challenging fight. You are up against an enrage, as well as massive AOE damage. I want to discuss the strat that seemed to work best for my guild.

To start, you need to understand his abilities, and the phases of the fight. He essentially has two phases a tank and spank phase, and an add phase.

Phase 1- Tank and Spank
This phase is mainly tank and spank with some important abilities.

Light Bomb – If you get this debuff you will start to glow (very obviously) white and will do damage to anyone within ~10 yards of you as well as yourself. Turn your /range monitor on, and you’ll be fine, but healers need to keep an eye on the targets of this debuff and nearby raid members. Melee should run out of the melee group if you run too many melee and they can’t be spread out. (he has a HUGE hit box).

Gravity Bomb – Looks like the shadowbolt that Illidan casts, and when you have the debuff, it kind of looks like Vampiric Embrace. If you get this debuff, GTFO! “You are the bomb!”. You’ll eventually explode and pull people into you if you are too close. The range seems close to 20 yards, not “nearby” like the tooltip suggests.

Tympanic Tantrum – The real biatch of the fight. 120% of your HP as damage over 12 seconds. Keep your Prayer of Mending on cooldown, and if your groups are set up use COH/ProH. I found that Divine Hymn worked wonders here. Remember, it has a 10 min cooldown, so Hymn it up if you can. DPS should be ready to use Healthstones and Potions. He’ll do this about every 60 seconds and shout, “No no no no NO!”.

Phase 2 – Adds
This phase will occur every 25%. He will emote “Oh, so tired. I’ll rest for just a moment. ” and at that point his heart will expose itself. Everyone, including healers, should DPS the heart (don’t kill it unless you want Hard Mode). Damage done to the heart will convert multiplicatively as damage done to Deconstructor when you head back to Phase 1. Additionally, during this phase the Scrap Heaps will spawn a series of adds: XM-024 Pummellers, XS-013 Scrapbots, and XE-321 Boombots. The Pummellers should be tanked towards the rear by a Misdirected-tank and an assigned healer should keep up this tank. We didn’t kill the Pummellers and just had the tank control them.

After Deconstructor’s brief rest, he will return to Phase 1, and the heart will become untargetable. Once this happens, we had the DPS shift from doing Heart Damage, and then move to taking out the Bomb and Scrapbot Adds. You do not want them reaching him as they will do damage to the MT (Bombs) and heal the boss (Scrapbots). The bombs will blow up, and do damage to both Player and NPC alike, so if you can, you can use these to help with adds. Healers during this part need to be ready to keep up the MT as well as heal the Light Bomb and Gravity Bomb damage.

Shortly after the adds are taken out, be ready for another AOE Tantrum.

Rinse an repeat.

I highly recommend setting up your healers around the room, as illustrated and tank the boss near the stairs. An example is shown below.

This will allow for adequate coverage during Tantrum as well as healing the Light and Gravity Bombs, and healer range on the Pummeller Tank. The Deconstructor’s damage is slow, but pretty heavy hitting. Be ready for bigger heals if your tank gets debuffed by Light or Gravity Bomb.

General Notes -

  1. Set up an arc around the room to adequately cover the people running away with the debuffs and to heal the tantrum damage.
  2. Healers should also be DPSing the heart during the heart phase.
  3. Holy Priests should be able to chain a COH at the start, ProHx2, OR if they have it off the 10 min CD, use Divine Hymn (which ROCKS) as Disc I was getting 11k crits. (heals 3 people every 2 seconds, for 8 seconds and is a SMART heal every tick – to heal up to 12 people/ticks within 40 yards)
  4. If you DPS the 25% marks fast enough you can avoid Tantrum. Tantrum is supposed to be every 60 seconds. However too quickly, and you’ll have multiple waves of robot adds at once.
  5. On tantrum DPS needs to be ready to use a HS or a pot.
  6. Groups should be spread out accordingly, to maximize group heals. (Tranquility, ProH)

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Written By: on April 16, 2009
  1. Did you run out for the Light Bomb, or just the Gravity Bomb? We tried this guy a couple of times, but after having multiple “instance-not-found” errors throughout the night, leaving 1/3 of our raid (and sadly, many healers) unable to zone in, we didn’t make much progress.

    Very useful stuff. TY!

  2. For the most part if you were spread out well enough Gravity bomb was the only “ZOMG RUN!” debuff. If you are too close to someone and you get it… run. It wasn’t a definitive “always run” or “always stand” for Light Bomb.

  3. We just spread out, use the /range function in DBM. Only melee move out if they get light bomb or gravity well. Rest just stand still. Sometimes you get pulled in, no big deal, just run out. We also usually just offtank the Pummelers and don’t kill them at all.

  4. We did something a little different and worked well. We set our DPS into 5 tight groups around the boss. So when Light Bomb or Gravity Bomb hit, they could easily move away from their group. It was great for a priest healer, as I would also cast PoH on that group also when Light Bomb hit.. because they always took a tick or two.

  5. Although our positioning last night was semi-substandard (we tanked him in the middle of the room), an alternative would be to treat this like a modified Naj’entus and position self-sufficient groups squared or diamonded around the boss. This should leave avenues for melee to safely transit when they need to get out.

    I like the base of the stairs from a “half the spawns have a long run to get to the boss” standpoint, though.

  6. We found having people move AWAY from the gravity bomb worked better than having the gravity bomb person move from them. Since you get decreased movement speed often people were getting clipped (especially melee) not so much the explosion but the pull (pulling melee away from the boss on a 6min enrage fight = BAD)

  7. @Noelle I could be mistaken, however I am fairly confident that you don’t get reduced movement speed. That may have just been slow reaction from the melee.

  8. We found it really hard to fit in the 6 min enrage… though everyone have at least all 213 items.
    Healing the whole thing was not a serious problem (though there were some difficulties with unlucky debuffs at one time), it looks like our guild is stuck with poor dps.
    Thanks a lot for the advices on how to distribute heal, it was a great help for me ;)
    PS How exactly did you distribute the heals and how many of them were present? I’d love to do it with 8 heals (2 on MT, 5 on raid, 1 on offtanks [unfortunately we usually have 3 palas, 4 priests) because with seven it’s not that safe.. I’d love to hear your comments on that.

  9. We tried this on 10-man last night, and didn’t fare too well. Three holy priests…and none of us thought of Divine Hymn. I’m ashamed. :( Still, I’d love to have a Shammy or Tree on that fight.

    Very, very nice analysis, Dev…thanks!

  10. Thanks!

    Also Pally Divine Guardian and bubble is great for tantrum.

  11. my bad, you’re right Derevka. I’m not sure what had me thinking there was a movement speed thing last week. We killed him again tonight with no issues again =)

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