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Because you asked…

Because a few of you asked for this (and it is a good idea to keep it maintained). Below you will find a screenshot of my UI in a raid with the visible mods labeled. Don’t miss a single post! Remember to sign up for my RSS feed.

Written By: on May 20, 2009

UI Updated!! (With Video)

So, I spent a good deal of time redoing my UI the other day and decided to make a movie discussing how to access some of the mods’ control panels, why I use certain mods, and generally show the UI off better than a screenshot could do. This is my first movie where I’ve done a voice over as well, so forgive the “ums…”. To view this in the HD version click here, then click the HQ button for the “High Quality” version. It is much easier to see! (Provided that Youtube has completed processing the HD version) My UI is always available for download here. Don’t miss a single post! Remember to sign up for my RSS feed.

Written By: on May 17, 2009

3.1 Priest Specs – Redux

3.1 has been out for a while and now that we’ve all had a good feel for our specs its time to re-evaluate what we’ve been using. In my previous post, I alluded to two different healing specs: One Holy and One Disc. I’ve found my Disc spec to be exactly what I expected it to be, and its what I use now as Disc, however my Holy spec in that post has notably changed. I have been raiding mainly as Holy lately, and have tweaked my Holy build considerably since 3.1 launch. Derevka’s Holy Spec 2.0 – 14/57/0This spec has a lot of the standards that you would normally see in a PVE raiding spec (Spirit of Redemption, Spiritual Healing, Empowered Renew), but you probably noticed right off the …

Written By: on May 12, 2009