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UI Updated!! (With Video)

So, I spent a good deal of time redoing my UI the other day and decided to make a movie discussing how to access some of the mods’ control panels, why I use certain mods, and generally show the UI off better than a screenshot could do.

This is my first movie where I’ve done a voice over as well, so forgive the “ums…”.

To view this in the HD version click here, then click the HQ button for the “High Quality” version. It is much easier to see! (Provided that Youtube has completed processing the HD version)

My UI is always available for download here.

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Written By: on May 17, 2009
  1. “Uhm” “I recommend” a still shot of UI with everything labeled and a comprehensive listing of everything (possibly with links for each component).

  2. It may not be a constructive comment, but you have really a nice voice ;) And the video is easy to follow, thanks for sharing! Though I liked the previous UI more, it’s so minimalistic now ;)

  3. where did you put your chat stuff?

  4. The chat window is where it always was in the lower right corner. It’s Prat. You can’t see it because there was minimal chat and guild banter at 10am on a Sunday. ;)

  5. I’m with Ika. Unconstructive (tho I am reconsidering clique now) but yummy voice.

    What addon is that for Prayer of Mending? It’s kind of ridiculous how often I use that with my Disc priest. Or maybe it’s called Prayer of Mending and that’s why I’m confused…

  6. I agree with Middea, you have an older version of a “still” UI on your site, but not this new minimal one.

    Sure nice voice, thought of podcasting? Love to have more basic mod help for say beginners. LOVE the HD option!!!

  7. I downloaded your UI and it’s fantastic! I just have a small question. I’m a Mac user and I’ve noticed that when playing the game in full screen mode, the Mac OSX menu bar will drop down if you mouse near the top of the screen. Can you tell me what addon is causing this? I think its pretty cool. It will save me a lot of trouble if the game freezes up in the future.

    I just don’t want to accidentally delete this if I tweak anything. :)

  8. Sorry I’m not sure… my names Derevka and I’m a PC.

    But at best guess is that I play in windowed mode MAXIMIZED. So perhaps not running it in maximized windowed mode, or running it not in windowed mode would help. (that is under the default Blizzard Video menu)

  9. GRID4LYFE, ESE!!!!!

    (Did you ever get the colors to display? :D )


  10. Ava, no. I played around for a while but then thought, why recreate the wheel and use something new when what I currently use I like and is just as useful!

  11. That exactly what is was… Windowed mode MAXIMIZED! All the years of playing the game…


    Thanks for the response and thanks for putting up this wonderful blog. My guild tanks thank you – they don’t die half as much now or if they do its not my fault (usually). :P

  12. See, as an engineer, not only do I insist on recreating the wheel, but I also feel that if something isn’t broke, it just doesn’t have enough features yet.

    Middea recommended a stil shot of a labeled UI – that would be great for those of us that can’t sit thru 9 minutes without wandering off after something shiny. From what I saw we use alot of the same stuff – except I use grid so that makes me better! :D

    On a side note, I was tired of Prat’s constant errors and slow updates, so I switched to Chatter and I’ll never go back. Way more customizable

  13. On my Mac :-p I transferred the WTF (after editing the names) but I couldn’t connect even to the login screen. So I think there is a Mac/Win issue. I think it has to do with reading the txt files. I think I can fool around with it to get it pretty close to yours but how do you get the shaded/transparent “pale” on the bottom of the page where all the icons go?

    If anyone knows why the WTF issues on the Mac please speak now or forever hold your peace :-)

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