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Because you asked…

Because a few of you asked for this (and it is a good idea to keep it maintained). Below you will find a screenshot of my UI in a raid with the visible mods labeled.

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Written By: on May 20, 2009
  1. Oohh, damn. That’s pretty. I’m going to unabashedly steal some ideas and do mine. Wow, that’s nice…

  2. Looks nice.
    My only concern is how are you able to quickly track raid debuffs like Frost Blast, Stone Grip, Slag Pot, etc. If you have Grid, Vuduu, Healbot, etc your unit frames can instantly change colors or notify. If you are relying on DBM, than you may be gimping your reaction time.

  3. PitBull does provide a dispaying the debuffs. I get a large debuff icon for the magic or disease that is on the target. It appears right in the middle of their unit frame. Clique dispell ftw. It will also put the raid icon as well right on the player if its a boss that has an ability (ie. Kologarn grip targets)

  4. I’m more of into a pretty UI so I do keep the original Blizz Action Bars. I have all 4 bars shown, 3 below and 1 to the right. then Grid does everything else for me, PoM tracking, Renew tracking, Debuffs etc. Simple and pretty.

  5. Derevka,

    I figured since I read your blog it was about time I posted in it. As you know I am a DPS class and healing isn’t second nature to me and I remember having a talk with you before about a mod that will track health changes based on combat logs and not of the link to the wow servers. Since we talked so long ago I was wondering if this addon was still needed. If so what is it? Are there any other addons that would help that do not show up on the screen?

    Just some questions for you.


  6. Hi , i have a small problem , the text colour in the Quest log is yellow , so is the text , any thought on were i can change that ?

    And i mean in the Quest description page. Thanks for a wounderful UI i love it :)

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