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On Changing Guilds and an Update

First, apologies for the long hiatus on posts! I’ve been busy adjusting to my a new guild— after over 3 years with my old guild. Its been a long, but good transition.

Switching guilds is not an easy task, especially when you have close personal ties with many people there. I won’t get into the details as to why I chose to leave my old guild – I left for a number of reasons and I take nothing but good friends and good memories from the experience.

I have been lucky and found a new home pretty easily and it is with a guild that has a number of people with whom I am already friends. However, that only represents a small percentage of a 25-Man raid. Being a new addition to a guild can be tough, you have new names, new personalities, new strategies, new everything. (Then add a bunch of new voices on vent that you have to learn to ID! Thank goodness for my Vent overlay on my keyboard)

Being the officer primarily responsible for recruits in my old guild, I tend to understand what is expected, desired, and hoped for from a new recruit. (Even outside of great raid performance) Here are a few tips I have put together from my last 3 weeks and my time as Recruitment Officer.

  1. Be sure to read any posted strategies on your new guild’s website BEFORE your first raid. Coming into a raid prepared should be an assumption, but worth repeating. If you joined the guild already tied to an instance ID, log into vent and listen to the raid. Get a sense of how the raid leader pushes the raid and what you can expect from your future raids.

  2. Ask questions. Nothing can cause a wipe faster than a new raider who is unfamiliar with how a guild does something – if you are unsure: ask. Your new guildmates won’t mock you, they would rather you be 100% sure than have you run headlong into Iron Council Hard Mode and not know what taunt you are supposed to be using your cooldown for.
  3. Talk to your other healers. Get to know them. After all you will be spending upwards of 20 hours with them a week. This accomplishes a few things, first and foremost it allows you to be friendly with them and thus have more fun during a raid, and two you get a chance to know their healing style.
  4. If your new guild has ‘class leaders’ introduce yourself to him/her. Ask what your class should be prepared to do in their guild, as well as be sure you are in your class specific channels and Ventrilo binds.
  5. Above all else: spend time with the guild. Participate in guild chat– be around. Many of the raiders in your new guild will likely have been playing with each other for a number of months/years. You’re the new guy. You need to be available; be friendly. This is as much of a trial period for them as it is for you. Be sure to know if this guild is the new home for you. Performing well in raids is one thing, but if its in a guild that you aren’t ENJOYING yourself in… what is that really worth?

How I have been managing? I’ve been enjoying my new home. We run 5 healers in our 25 mans and I have been lucky enough to be in most of the raids that I’ve been available for. I’ve participated in a number of first kill Heroic Hard Modes, including Iron Council, XT, Hodir, Thorim, and 3-Lights. The challenge this new home presents is fun, and I look forward to pushing forward with my new team. Here we go!!!

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Written By: on June 16, 2009
  1. Welcome to Dark Nemesis :D We're happy to have you on board!

    Hugs n' Kisses


  2. GL with the new guild.

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