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Closing the doors….

Well, after many many months of blogging (and add in a much more rigid internet firewall at work) I’ve decided to close shop. I simply don’t have the time to put into Tales of a Priest that I would want to. I’ve really enjoyed my time in the blogosphere, I’ve learned a lot from the comments made on my posts as well as writing them – it forced me to think out a lot of how I play my character, how I spec my character, and what I enjoy about the game. I’ve gotten some nice acclaims from and their links to a number of my posts, as well as many other blogs linking to a few of my addon topics. Most importantly, I’ve “met” some really great people …

Written By: on August 25, 2009

Update incoming….

I plan on doing a post this weekend, so stay tuned! Will I do a full return? I’m not certain, but we shall see!! Brief update on me in game: 1. Starcaller Title2. Rusted Proto Drake (Ulduar 10)3. Iron-Bound Proto Drake (Ulduar 25)4. Race to Algalon 25 kill! GO GO GO! Don’t miss a single post! Remember to sign up for my RSS feed.

Written By: on August 18, 2009