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We’re Back! Derevka’s Return to Blogging Message

Please watch this YouTube video below for my return to blogging message! (Sorry for my voice starting to go at the end, I’m getting over a cold).

Click Here for the HD Video

I’m excited to be back, and I think the blog is going to be better than ever. Please share that Tales of a Priest is back, help me get the word back out!

Stay tuned for tomorrow for a formal introduction to Avalonna!

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Written By: on November 10, 2009
  1. Try number 3! (God I hate blogger)

    Welcome back, Derevka! And welcome Ava!

    Get cracking, I expect new content pronto!

    – Jov

  2. Indeed, work is suppose to be work and not WOW :) Sounds like WOW traffic was identified at your work and targeted for restriction … the IT person is usually my best friend when I worked in a corporate environment and that strategy has worked in the past. I am sure you have tried that route.

    Welcome back and looking to hearing how Priest can regain the top spot as a raid healer. I also play a restro shaman who is constantly on top of the charts (yada yada yad… yea I know charts is not a measure of heal effectiveness or success but big numbers also do mean the heals are there and if the overheal is low, which is my case, than all the better).

    But, I do think my priest is a better healer over all with more tricks up the sleeves than a restro shaman.

    Welcome back!

  3. Good news. Was really sad to hear that you were stopping so now I'm really pleased you are making a return.

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