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It’s InSaNiTy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Tuesday night we did it. A week too late for server first, but done none the less. Had we swallowed our pride and added some healers, perhaps we would have gotten this 4 weeks ago, but, lesson learned.

All signs were pointing to “No way in Hell is this happening tonight” when we started. Our Death Knight tank died THREE times on the NRB Jomunger Worms. His health dropped like a rock. We rez him and BAM – down again. WTF, rez him again! He grabs the worm and BAM – he went down like a $3 whore. Well, now the healers are freaking out at this point – what are we doing wrong? We manage to scrape through the fight, and before we can even discuss it, he cracks his mic:


“Huh, what? WTF was that all about?”

“I think when I switched presences, it threw my DPS set on. Shit”

Hilarity ensued. Yes, we did indeed tank Heroic NRB in DPS gear. Oh, and it gets better! Our GL (another DK…I see a trend) discovered why his DPS was so low: A Chef’s Hat, while stylish, does nothing for your damage.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. Our DPS is pretty wicked, so even after deciding to add a PC healer on Anub as a cushion, we managed to kill him in a little over 7 1/2 minutes – it got slightly hairy at the end, but he died. And of course, no Priest token. We haven’t seen one yet.

So here are some handy dandy tips for your Insanity 25 attempts:

1) Don’t Be Drunk. You laugh, but in our guild, sometimes you have to be clear on that one.

2) Take a Deep Breath. Relax. Nothing can kill an attempt faster than anxiety and frayed nerves.

3) Do a Regular Run First. Yes, I know – it’s a yawnfest. Think of it as stretching before your workout – it’s a warmup. We actually run 2 TotC 25 group and split up mains with alts – it livens things up a bit, and gets our other toons some shinies. Also, on occasionally laggy servers like ours, it’s a good way to test the stability waters and decide if that will be a detrimental factor in any attempts. It’s also a good way to make sure any UI or macro changes you made are functioning properly.

4) We Need them Stinkin’ Rezzes. Insurance is always a great thing. You have Anks, Brezzes, and soulstones – USE THEM. And make sure they are up before the next fight. It does mean some lengthy downtime between bosses, but use it to get any new gear ready, go have a smoke, bio, or just relax. If it’s going to be longer than 20 minutes, go knock out an Ony or VoA if its up.

5) Crack a Cold One. Frost pots in phase 3. Use one.

6) Find a way to fix it!! If you’re doing an Insanity attempt, you’ve already killed Anub, and most likely have A Tribute to Mad Skill. Take the days before the raid reset and your attempt to review your logs from previous wipes. What happened? How could you fix it? If we had done a better job of analyzing, we would have added a 7th healer awhile ago and had this first.

7) Ain’t No ‘I’ in Team, Baby. Sometimes those raid adjustments to fix problems will include switching people in and out. Maybe you need more DPS, less melee, more healers – whatever. If you’re asked to step out for legitimate reasons, don’t take it personally. Progression raiding is done as a team, and achievements like these are a guild activity. You succeed when the guild does, so don’t let your ego get in the way of that kill.

That’s pretty much it. As I said, if you’ve killed Anub, you’re 9/10 of the way there. I’m still not sure why the server first title is tied to this, and not just the downing of Heroic Anub, but that’s a whole other rant.

I will also add we did Earth, Wind & Fire(25) in the beginning of November

Despite the fact that there’s not a whole lot of guilds that have done it, I assure you – it’s not because it’s hard. I’m sure it has more to do with the fact that there’s really no reward for doing it aside from the basic achievement. If you’re bored and out of guild things to do, go give it a shot.

And again, if you want to win a free Lil’ KT or Panderan Monk companion pet, read how here.:

PSWe’re STILL looking for an exceptional Holy Paladin & Disc/Holy Priest! Gear is not an issue – if you have the skills & a relative amount of hard mode experience, we’ll throw gear at you.

- Ava

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Written By: on November 18, 2009
  1. Nice achievement. The 25 man version is significantly harder than the 10-man one from my experience to date.

    Gobble gobble.

  2. Grats guys!

    I wish your raid times worked with my schedule, because I would totally transfer my disc priest over.

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