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The Ready Check & You!

The holidays have left me with little time, so I’m adding a new feature here at Tales: The Humor Hut. It just offers some random silliness on the occasional weekend, while leaving our week day posts for more practical things such as guides, strategies and theory discussions.

For the first installment, many of our readers seem to enjoy the rants of one of our guild officers, Ranedor, and his limited tolerance for stupidity as demonstrated by his responses to some of our more intellectually challenged applicants in our “Land of Denied Applications” or his commentary & play through on games in our Dark Nemesis: Let’s Play section. After numerous PuGs this holiday weekend, I thought I would share one of his very practical & educational posts from our guild forums.

The Ready Check boss encounter seems to be giving our guild the most problems, since many of our members lack common-fucking-sense; so I’ve decided to write up a strategy to help you all rise above your shortcomings and defeat this encounter. The encounter itself is pretty straightforward, which is possibly the very thing that’s screwing a lot of people up.

Benefits of clicking the correct button when the Ready Check encounter occurs:

  • Your reputation with The Raid Leader will increase by 100.
  • Your reputation with The Raid will increase by 100.
  • Chance to fuckup during boss encounter due to whining about not being fully buffed and prepared before the pull will decrease by 300%.
  • The Raid’s Pulling Haste rating will increase by 428.
  • Chance that Ranedor will laugh at you for being fucking stupid will decrease by 5%.

**Please notice there is no “Maybe” button, and that you are either (A) Ready, or (B) Not Ready.

When answering, the following guidelines should be adhered to as much as possible:

Click the No button if:

  • You do not have full health.
  • You do not have full mana.
  • You do not have every buff you’re supposed to have for the boss encounter.
  • You have not buffed every group/class you’ve been assigned to.
  • You do not have a complete understanding of the boss strategy.
  • You are not prepared, in whatever possible manner.

Click the Yes button if:

  • You have full health.
  • You have full mana.
  • You have every buff you’re supposed to have for the boss encounter.
  • You have buffed every group/class you’ve been assigned to.
  • You have a complete understanding of the boss strategy.
  • You are prepared, in every possible manner.

The nicest thing about this encounter is probably the fact that you can practice it over and over and over again, until you have absolutely mastered it.

Invite a random guildmate, convert the group to a raid, and ask them to endlessly Ready Check until you feel comfortable with your button-clicking abilities.

- Ranedor
Ret Paladin & Evil Guild Officer

Ranedor can be in his found in his secret volcano lair, & on twitter: @ranedor86

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Written By: on November 28, 2009
  1. 1)Ranedor needs to have my babies.
    2)I'll bet your /g and Vent chatter is fucking awesome and snarktastic… Damn y'all for being Alliance. :(
    3)Maybe that should be part of the applicant trial process. "Have you successfully beaten the Ready Check boss on numerous occasions?" (Y/N) "We require all transfer applicants to make a Level 1 on our server so that we can test you against the Ready Check boss. Are you capable of doing this?" (Y/N/Banana)

  2. Good article. Too often people either ignore ready checks (alt-tabbing to check email etc), or go to the other extreme and become conditioned to always click yes as soon as they pop up. I lean towards the latter, sometimes clicking ready but then when the tank pulls I'm like, wait, what? I'm not ready!!

    I think the best guideline is, click "Ready" if you are okay and set for the tank to pull immediately after you click the button. If you're not ready, even if you just need 2 seconds to drink more, speak up in /raid or over voice chat.

  3. As the usual raid leader I find this to be such an issue! I can't count how many times I get green ticks across the board and someone yells over vent "Wait! I'm not ready!".
    I find that actually the solution to the problem, although pretty much defeating the object of the 'ready check' is to actually ask on vent "Is everyone ready?". Using this before or after a ready check does kind of defeat the point of making one, however it seems to be always more effective.
    People panic if they hear the raid leader ask the question and they aren't ready. So, traditional methods ftw-imo.

  4. "The encounter itself is pretty straightforward…" Hahahahaha, holy crap, hahahaha.

    The point about not being within the encounter should be pivotal. So many lock outs I've seen…

  5. "The Raid's Pulling Haste rating will increase by 428."

    Hmm, 10% haste is welcome indeed but how does it stack with buffs and talents? Is it multiplicative with other buffs?

    As far as the "click no" strategy goes, I also click it when I find that my music isn't playing. I simply cannot play without a good tune but I haven't seen any direct relation between that strategy and the raid's performance. Should I classify that as 'utility'?

  6. I wrote this up immediately after Burning Crusade was launched, and we entered Gruul's Lair.

    Someone decided to plagarise my dated work, as she had not finished the article she had intended to post.

  7. @ranedor I gave you credit. Quit whining. However, I may have to 'borrow' something else if I dont get tomorrows post done :P

    @Zusterke I believe that is a fully buffed percent. Howver I have noticed an indirect relationship to how many buffs are missing, and how many people click 'ready'.

    @James I'm guilty of it myself. It's a reaction…you see the button…you have to hit it. You can imagine how hard Mimirons room was for me.

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