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Professor Putricide 25 Man Kill Video

Well… after fighting with laggy US-Bloodhoof all last week, and subsequently trying to complete Putricide Phase 3 with 8 second GCD’s… we went in tonight and bowled him over! Here’s a video I made of our kill.

Remember, a larger screen and high def version is available at YouTube. Please comment and rate this video!

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Written By: on January 14, 2010
  1. Your site may go down? Hmm…It would seem that I may have to actually do work, while at work. The thought of actually working, is rather depressing don’t you think? Although, I'm sure my employer may enjoy the sudden burst of productivity.

  2. Well not down forever! Just possibly intermittenty while DNS updates and things migrate.

  3. Nice video Derevka.

  4. Really fantastic movie, how long did it take to put that together?

  5. Where can I find your rss? I can’t find it . I’d like to follow more of your posts.

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