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Holy Raid Healing Batman!

The priest class has been changed a great deal over the years, and not until Wrath, we really only had one true viable raiding Tree:  Holy. While, yes, some priests did attempt to heal as Disc in Burning Crusade… it just was neither practical nor as widely accepted. Priests have 2 defined niches: Tank Healing and Raid Healing. Generally speaking, if you want to be a raid healer – you are better off speccing holy. (I do not want to get into the argument about PW: Shield spam or using Borrowed Time to cast a hasted Prayer of Healing- so I simply won’t).  Some of this stems from what my raid make up is and what kind of healing my raid needs. If you feel that your raid needs you …

Written By: on February 25, 2010

Hymn of Hope: Our Misunderstood Little Friend

I keep hearing the same thing over and over again regarding this spell: “Oh, hymn of hope? That’s the shitty mana restore you have, right?” I even hear other priests say it. No! No! No! Let’s take a good look at it. Hmmm 3% for 4 ticks? 12%? That sure doesn’t seem like very much, does it? The 20% boost is nice, but it goes away after 8 seconds. Sure isn’t sounding very good, is it ? The thing to remember is HoH (Hymn of Hope) works on your maximum mana level – not base. So assuming a base mana level of 30,000 & ignoring any exterior factors such as replensihments, totems, meditation, haste levels ect, & making it very simple, it actually works like this:

Written By: on February 24, 2010

Lich King Defeated! Bring on Hard Modes!

While yes, on Monday we wiped with only 2.4% left to kill him (remember he dies at 10%)… we went in this reset and cleared all of ICC including Arthas on Tuesday in just over 4 hours. Shame we now have to wait a whole week to start Hard Modes… but we did it! Huzzah! (and wow… we actually took a screen shot that doesn’t look half bad!) Nice work, Dark Nemesis!

Written By: on February 17, 2010

Healing Sindragosa & Video

I have to admit, I love these ‘dragon’ fights. They just have a certain feel to them that seem very RPG. Don’t get me wrong; I love the other fights– but  there just is a special place in my heart for the REAL “dragon” bosses. First thing’s first, once you engage the 2nd trash wyrm… there is no turning back. Once the 2nd wyrm dies, Sindragosa engages. That means you need to be in position and be ready. (You have 5-10 seconds of drinking time before she actually lands, so you should be fine on HP/Mana). Remember, this posting is not intended to be a complete strategy – it is meant to be a reference for the healers.

Written By: on February 12, 2010

Big News- Power Word: Fail!

Many of you may be familiar with the Podcast, Raid Warning. If you aren’t, you really should listen to them. It is a great laid-back, and informative podcast. They have decided to do a Priest Roundtable – and they have decided to take both Avalonna and Derevka on… boy do they not know what they have coming. Holy to  Discipline to Shadow– PVP to Hardcore End Game Raiding. It all will be discussed, and I am sure there will be some joking and good times had as well.

Written By: on February 10, 2010

A Quick PowerAuras Update for ICC

I’m really slacking in my posts lately & I do apologize. Work has the unfortunate consequence of getting in the way of my personal shit, and Derevka is making me look bad because all he does is sit in his posh office all day, sipping lattes and writing articles while engineers like me have to put out the fires people like him create. Anywho….these are a collection off PowerAura import codes I’ve been using for ICC. I have a bad habit of running in the door 5 minutes beore a raid starts and asking Derevka for an import code, because 98% of the time, he’s already made what I’m looking for. I also borrowed some from many of my DPS playing guild members that, while I personally don’t use as …

Written By: on February 9, 2010

4 Piece Tier 10 – A Pleasant Surprise

Ok, I don’t like to admit I was wrong. Ever… But, I think I might have prejudged the Priest Tier 10 4-piece bonus a little bit. Especially when you consider how RNG it is – but on the other hand COH is one of the most powerful spells in our arsenal. Hmm… “Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.” At first glance my opinion was along the lines of, “So What? COH is only a 6 second cooldown, and I have to cast a Flash Heal in there to reset the cooldown anyway – I don’t want to give up 2pc T9 for something …

Written By: on February 4, 2010