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Big News- Power Word: Fail!

Many of you may be familiar with the Podcast, Raid Warning. If you aren’t, you really should listen to them. It is a great laid-back, and informative podcast. They have decided to do a Priest Roundtable – and they have decided to take both Avalonna and Derevka on… boy do they not know what they have coming.

Holy to  Discipline to Shadow– PVP to Hardcore End Game Raiding. It all will be discussed, and I am sure there will be some joking and good times had as well. Questions will be fielded from listeners and readers. So… send in your questions to and visit for more information!

Written By: on February 10, 2010
  1. So excited for this, it’s gonna be a blast.

  2. Great point, fantastic website. Look, did you all hear about Blizzard intending to implement Real ID on their message board? Guess they became aware that that is no way to win at wow, as they reversed their decision. Now we can all get back to playing WoW without worrying about compromised privacy. And they can return to focusing on Diablo. BooYAH!

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