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Why I think the T10 4 pc set Bonus Change Blows Goats

Rarely has a change aggravated me as much as this one does. I’ve seen other classes get all worked up when a desirable set bonus gets ‘reworked’ into something less desirable, but I’ve always viewed that frustration from a distance.

Unfortunately, not this time.

To review, the current T10 4 pc set bonus looks like this:

Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.

According to the latest patch notes, it’s being changed to this:

Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%. (source)

I’ve been hearing mixed reactions from the priest community regarding this change, but I’m pretty sure the change itself was a direct result of a large pool of priests complaining about the T10 bonus without even understanding how amazing it is. The aggravating part is the people who don’t like the current version seem to have the same common line of thought: “The bonus didn’t seem worth it, so I didn’t get it”.

Wait, what? You’re complaining about something you have no first hand experience with? I’ll be the first to admit – when I first heard about the set bonus, I also thought it would suck. I got out my favorite stolen pen & my ratty notebook, and I did the math…yup, it seems it sucks. But that’s the problem with theory crafting – it’s all theory until applied.  So before blasting how awful it was, Derevka & I put our badges where our mouths were, & tried it out.

Holy Shit (Pun intended). Derevka acquired T10 before I did and wrote a post about singing its praises for holy here. In a nutshell, the increase in his healing output was far and away above any expectations. I, in my infinite procrastination, hadn’t gotten around to posting about the Disc applications, but my findings were similar – it was amazing. I can understand how many priests that take a casual approach to raiding and don’t tend to push content or heroic raiding might find it worthless – they don’t get much of an opportunity or a need for this.  But as a healer that downed LK 25 a few weeks ago, and has been pushing hard modes ever since, this set bonus is amazing and the numbers are in the logs.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten 3,4,5 even 6 procs of this in a row….and when your tank is taking 50K hits on heroic  Saurfang, the raid is taking massive damage on Heroic Princes, or even getting rocked on Normal Mode Lich King, you tend to appreciate that.

I continually see comments that all discs are good for are raid bubble spamming and are mediocre tank healers, and that’s so far from the truth it’s not even funny. I think a lot of that misconception comes from the damn recount meters & inability to understand how disc works – but that’s a post for next week. When you look at your WoL logs & see how much damage a disc priest mitigated in addition to the healing, you tend to change that line of thought.

Regardless, even “bubble spammers” benefit from this bonus, although not as much as tank healers. A raid healing disc priest relies on shielding the raid – but that is NOT all you do.  We utilize a ‘weaving’ technique – many ICC fights and ESPECIALLY hard mode ICC fights have intense raid damage. If you’re just bubbling, you’re not working to your full potential.  Use your flash as filler to top people off, dump your penance on someone who needs it (and they WILL need it) and spread your DA love around without simply relying on the shield glyph for that.

So why the hate towards the current set bonus? Well, as I mentioned, lack of understanding and first hand knowledge contributed to a lot of it. It’s also more simple to understand – flat 5% bonus SOUNDS better than a 20% chance at something, even though the math reveals otherwise – trying to understand how the current proc works without some basic mathematical knowledge &/or trying it out for ones self can confuse people. Another part that I can acknowledge is that it can be an a difficult  proc to use. I had to make a Power Auras code to make sure I noticed when this procced – otherwise I’m pretty sure I would miss it. I’m not sure I agree with the idea you need an external mod to fully utilize something – it’s a non issue to me, but to others, it could be a big issue and seem more trouble than it’s worth.  Another complaint I have is I wish it reset the GCD of the CoH/Penance after you apply the flash heal. It’s awkward and results in a lot of clipping & button mashing.

However, those issues are minor as a trade off for such an amazing bonus. It almost makes me wonder that if people had an easier time acquiring access to the bonus, and had a chance to use it themselves, would they change their mind? Maybe blizz should shitcan our lackluster 2 piece bonus for this rather than eliminate it all together?

Perhaps I wouldn’t be so depressed if the new bonus wasn’t so shitty.  Again, without getting into the math here (if you would like more info the formulas & how to use them, let me know) at current 25 man raid buffed spellpower levels this translates into a whopping 450  increase to our shields, on average. 450. Hey, maybe that’s worth something if end game was current 5 man heroics, but in ICC/TOGC, a trash mob’s fart is more than that.  With Aoe Damage that can approach 4 digit ticks and tanks getting hit for 30,40,50K a pop in 25 man heroics….it’s worthless. Make it more than 5% please.

The renew is slightly better HOWEVER – as disc, you are not using renew much. An occasional filler, but that’s about it. It’s slightly better for the renew holy spec, but again, let’s squash some misinformation that I see : Renew is not a staple of most raiding holy priests outside of a ‘renew’ spec, and definitely not of  disc priests. A renew spec also pales in comparison to a decent druid, and in most ICC raids, the ability  for a holy priest to let loose with massive amounts of healing in a fraction of the time that renews do is the selling point. Many progression raiders I know favor flash over renew as holy, even just for the selling point of a serendipity stack. So this also pales in comparison to the huge output a string of CoHs offered from our current set bonus.

It’s pretty apparent we feel that this is a huge nerf to our set bonus. It’s currently an amazing bonus, & the new one is extremely lackluster, boring, and no where near as beneficial. I really think that if many of the naysayers had tried it for themselves, they would think differently. I refused to try cauliflower as a kid – my mother would yell “How do you know you hate it if you haven’t tried it?” Saying “I just know” didn’t work well with her, and it doesn’t work well with me on most things either. I’ve since found out I really like cauliflower, but I’ll be damned if I admit that to her.

  1. You really seem to have a grudge with theorycrafting… I thought you liked me :(

    I never got around T10 4P and never will before the patch comes out. But I’d still like to voice my opinion if you’ll have it.

    I mentioned my fascination about the negativism around this bonus before. Not that I was enthusiastic about the proc, I’ll admitt I wasn’t, but look back at priests in the old days. We used to have “holy concentration” with a 6% proc chance on one of our most used spells. We used GHeal perhaps more often back then than CoH now but hardly 3 times as often (there were no haste numbers of that amount afaik). The HC procs were revered into legends. There should have been an alarm going off saying “hey, this thing is going to proc more often than holy concentration in TBC”.

    I think people have become lazy. TBH, considering how the original bonus was recieved, I almost feel this 5% is a well deserved ‘fuck you finger’ from Blizzard. Well, maybe not that well deserved… ;-)

  2. I am also mourning in advance. I’ve become extremely comfortable with the bonus and will be quite sad when I have to disable the Flash Heal! power aura I set up… :(

    Although we’re also scorning the new bonus without having tried it. =/ Kinda like the naysayers who didn’t get the 4pc bonus previously. Given that it’s a flat 5% increase though, theorycrafting is easier to grasp and apply without experience and knowing this makes me even sadder. QQ

  3. Zus

    you’re so silly. That was in no way a jab at you, or anyone in our community – perhaps I should have worded it as “theory crafting”…. People who try to walk the walk, but can’t talk the talk. I’m a piss poor writer haha.

    You have an amazing ability to convey mathmatical principles to people in a way everyone can understand. I’m horrible at it. When I try to explain the math behind the conclusions to others, I just confuse the hell out of them. I’m an awful teacher. That’s why I try to keep my conclusions simple & to the point. In short – you’re invaluable, and your opionion is not only welcome, it’s desired!

    But it’s nothing personal. I am the type of person that wants to see for herself how something works before I form an opinion. I’m a car salemans worst nightmare. Hardware stores groan when they see me coming, and electronics store workers refuse to come out when I show up. I’m even the same way with religion – I’ll believe in a God when you can prove it’s existence!

    1. There are 2 possible outcomes: “God exists”, or “God does not exist”.

      I define God as “The most perfect being imaginable”. I check if such an entity exists:

      IF “God exists” then my case is proven.
      IF “God does not exist” then I can imagine a more perfect being, one that does exist. This contradicts the definition of God being “The most perfect being imaginable”. Hence, this logic is wrong and by contradiction only the “God exists” assumption is possible.
      OMG! I mean.. OM!

      I guess it just shows logic has its flaws if wielded on non concrete concepts. Theorycrafting hits the same limits: healing is not a simple concrete math function. It is a concept. This means, much more than any other role in the game (well, tanks have it rough as well) some things simply can not be concluded only based on maths. That doesn’t make math ineffective… it just requires further interpretation.

      Actually, being a good healer, this interpretation is what you need to help you out. Math is merely a tool to assist you in this interpretation, not the other way around.

      TLDR: I won’t easily admitt it, but I agree with your PoV on the value of theorycrafting. It is too often followed blindly without the proper interpretation.
      I’m flattered by your comments though ;)

      But I guess this discussion wasn’t really needed.. I was just kidding in my first comment about the theorycrafting ;)
      ‘sadly, my sarcrasm does not translate well on blog comments’.

  4. Damn it I don’t know how to edit my posts on this phone.

    You are correct,raesa- I’m giving it a “ho hum” reception without first hand experience. Looking over current absorb rates in icc 25 heroic, 5% really isn’t that much, especially in comparison the amount of healing applied when comparing fights pre 4 pc and post 4 pc. But I will reserve official judgement until I have REAL application.

    It’s not that’s it’s a terrible bonus…. I just dont think it’s that good!

  5. This should have been the change for our 2 piece bonus, not 4.

    Enough said.

    1. I could not agree anymore, i think the set 2 piece bonus is so fail and never get any good use out of it, and when the hot does tick, it is piss poor hot tick anyway. At first the 4pc T10 did sound silly but it has grown on me so much and works very well for my play style as a dics healer.

  6. As Discipline I really never got much use out of this bonus. For shield spammers, which I am almost always in that role, this is worth 0 unless you are using the weaving technique then it’s worth ever so slightly more than 0.

    I’m sure it’s amazing for tank healers but a lot of us are in guilds that push us aside as tank healers in favor or Paladins.

    It’s a shame that a lot of people are gonna lose a rather fun and very useful talent but a lot of people are gonna gain something where they had nothing. I for one welcome more effectiveness to my already amazingly effecient PW:S.

  7. TLDR, Love the professional title, does this mean you have a lot of experience blowing goats?

  8. They should have kept the old version just because it makes gameplay a little more dynamic. Straight bonuses to abilities are boring, especially if it’s the top tier of the expansion.

  9. While I cannot comment on the current bonus, because I don’t have my T10 4-piece for healing right now, I would have to say that I am annoyed with this change for the simple fact that Blizzard has stated they want to make healing “more interesting”.

    The current bonus certainly accomplished that, in that it could cause you to have to actually think about healing (instead of button mashing the same sequence of keys), whereas the new “bonus” is not only lackluster (5% really? thanks), it is boring.

    If Blizzard really wants to make things interesting, I think they should change the set bonuses on each tier 4-piece with every patch (for every class). It would confuse people so much that once they begin to reach a comfort level [BOOM] sorry, your set bonus changed, you have to relearn how to play.

  10. BTW, the title did remind me of a quote by comedian Joe Rogan:

    “If I am walking down the street, and see a sign that says ‘Dudes Blowing Donkeys’; I’m going in once!”

    That way, you won’t get to be 80 years old and wonder what the look on the donkey’s face was.

  11. I was relieved to read your post, Ava.
    With everyone out there saying “moar PW:S!”, I thought I was alone in my distrust of the proposed bonus changes. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. @swim

    maybe. I do have family in Alabama.

    When are you gonna drive that silly car of yours back up here and have some more beers w/ Rane & I?

    Ps you’re short.


    while I do agree it’s amazing for tank healers, it’s still pretty good for disc raid healers. As I said, it doesn’t do much if you’re ONLY shield spamming, but you will most likely be weaving in later & heroic content. A great example is in heroic dreamwalker 25 where I stay out of the
    portals and raid/tank heal – the bonus was
    invaluable. They wouldn’t last long if I all I did was shield! Currently, the 5% flat bonus to shields is actually such a small bonus that it doesn’t come close to replacing the average healing gained by the current 4 pc.

    I’m still weirded out that you’re playing a priest! Love it!

  13. I think it’s irresponsible to change the set bonus so drastically so late in the gearing game.

    I’m not even a hardcore raider – I only go once a week – and even I have already invested badges.

    I thought the t4 bonus would suck, until I listed to what you had to say about it on Power Word: Fail. Now part of me is pissed off that I didn’t buy the tier pieces, and the other part is pissed that it’s getting changed anyway… and really mostly I’m just pissed off about something that doesn’t even directly affect me. Because seriously, like is way more fun when you’re pissed off about something.

    My only real problem with the original 4pc bonus was my concern that I wouldn’t catch the procs properly. I was starting to look around for ways to set up my UI to alert me properly.

    But now, I’m just over here, blowing goats and pouting.

  14. The only reason why I spent badges on my tier gear was for the interesting 4pc bonus. I have been loving it ever since I got it. Had I known Blizz was going to be so wishy washy I would have spent my badges on something with different stats… Shame on me for thinking Blizz would keep something the masses all complained about.

  15. Hey Avalonna,

    Long time no talk =)

    Still at it with the priest I see, I myself have switched from the druid to a horde holy pally =p


  16. This is more painful than watching a donkey show. Next thing we hear is that Blizz will change Divine Hymn to only channel for 5 seconds and affect only 1 person at a time.

  17. I’m not so shocked about the actual change, more about the fact it’s happening so late after the Tier release. But, you know… I pay to live in this house, but if my landlord feels like painting it bright yellow and pink, I’ve gotta suck it up. If I happen to like bright yellow and pink… or if I feel like being open minded and try to get used to it… I might end up appreciating the change. And, in the end, regardless of what my attitude is regarding the change, my house will be bright yellow and pink.

    I dont feel like the change necessarily blows goats (cause blowing a goat has got to be entertaining, fundamentaly, regardless). I like to min-max just as much as anyone else, and when confronted to a situation where I cannot min-max, I enjoy proving people that I can perform without having the best advantages. But I do believe set bonuses fall into that “You Are Not God” category. Through progression, I can control my Crit, my Haste, my Intellect, and many other variables to some extend… but I know my set bonuses will go away eventually. I tend to not put too much passion and affection into them, or to rely on them too much, because I know for a fact most encounters could be defeated without them.

    As for the bonus itself… well, it becomes fairly passive, obviously. In a sense, it’s a form of buff, even if in theory it could be a nerf, due to the simple fact that it negates a mental effort. The fact that you no longer have to track down a proc, as easy and simple as it was, can save you minimal time in decision making during rough encounters. It’s one less tool in our arsenal, but it’s also one less thing to worry about / think about / consider when you’ve got a flame patch spawning under you, a pile of green poo chasing your off tank around, and some freak roleplaying drama going off in your headset because Jaina is so god damn emotionally fragile and you wish you would have stayed Horde side because Sylvanas rocked.

    Our set bonus was an additional, random, minimal multitasking event, and we all know what multitasking can lead to. I liked it, still do, and it’s fun to use. But sometimes, when shit was hitting the fan, the fan pointing towards the kitchen, which is really not a place where you want shit to be thrown at, I felt like it was counterproductive more than anything else.

    I also made muffins this morning.

  18. I haven’t read your entire post yet (and I will right now), but I cannot agree more with your first sentence. This change is fail.

    I’ve spent three and a half months ignoring tier gear, and then this? Boo.

  19. So now I see why I should read full posts before commenting.

    While I agree it’s a minor buff to PW:S, I’m a disc priest in a guild that sometimes has three quality pally healers on our 25s. Two at a minimum. So, while I could tank heal, I generally fall back to raid healing.

    PW: S (with glyph and crits), to my knowledge, is generally about 50-60% of my output on certain fights. 5% to 50% is another 2.5% per fight while raid healing. I’m not complaining.

    I did read your note about the benefits to disc with the current tier bonuses. Again, I’m not a theorycrafter and peruse sites infrequently (we’re 8/12 ICC25…not hardcore), but the tier bonuses to me originally looked quite poor. I’ll do some looking into their current value.

    Thanks for the great read, all!

  20. @simple

    heh yes – as you can see, we’re not the only people aggraveted here!


    hey babe! I was just thinking about you a few weeks ago – how odd! Glad to see you’re still around


    Shhhhh don’t give them any ideas!


    you’re totally right – this won’t make or break game play, not in the least. But it’s kinda like that bank commercial – you know, the one where the banker lets the kid play with this really kick ass firetruck, then takes it away and gives him a cardboard cut out of a firetruck to play with? It’s kinda like that. We were given a really kick ass & different toy to play with…. And then it was taken away and we were given boring cardboard to play with. Sure, it’s better than nothing, but don’t give us the awesome toy to play with in the first place.

    (and I’m glad you posted finally….where’s my muffin? <3)

    1. I’ve been growing some balls and got myself to clicking Submit. I feel like such a big boy now (growing balls helped for that)!

      On topic: I find these late changes odd, sometimes. As in, there is something more to it. When something is obviously wrong (be it because it is clearly imbalanced, or because the community cries so much that it’s clear nobody will enjoy it), Blizzard will often make the change before even releasing the content, or shortly after. In this case, however, it’s been months.

      My little pinky says Catalysm is hiding some reactive healing scenarios for priests, and Blizzard prefered removing this bonus because it was secretly spoiling the future fun. Devouring Plague is a racial, whut? *wink wink*

      Also, I’ve kept your muffin warm (all 6 of them, in a little paper bag).

  21. Come say Hi sometime, I’m sure I still have an alt on whatever server you were on after Malorne, but I forget.

    Drcoxx on Mal’Ganis <3

    1. I’m on Bloodhoof, been in the same guild since I left Malorne 4 years ago hehe.

      Maybe I’ll transfer an alt to come play with you….always wanted a horde. I’m still on MSN/AIM/Gchat. See the contact info on this site.

  22. Time for me to opine on this… I just posted this as well over at WoM.

    My issue is that Blizzard is talking out of both side of their mouth on this. They said just the other day that they wanted to give healers ‘more interesting procs’. And they did with Priest 4pc… it wasn’t just a passive improvement. Then, they come out and REMOVE our ‘interesting’ proc.

    My issue is: A % increase in throughput on certain spells and abilities is not immediately indicative of awesome. % increases are perfect for dps classes, but healers… ehhh it depends. While yes, 5% improvement on renew (for holy) is kind of nice.. however it does not rival a Rejuv of a druid. If you need more hots… bring more druids. (not to mention the high Overheal on renew anyway). holy priests are the KINGS of burst healing… weaving flash heal to get serendipity stacks, and followed by a POH then COH = win. The old set bonus provided even more (albeit on RNG) AWESOME procs (see my post about my thoughts on the HOly 4pc in end game raiding here : ) The penance 4pc CD reset was great… especially for Tank healing Discs. My and Ava’s guild (currently 7/12 Heroic ICC25) ALWAYS rolls with a Disc on the tank… why? Because the mitigation is amazing. Bubble spamming Disc’s of course, like the new 4pc for raid healing, but it is a net loss for Tank discs. I have major concerns wit this change.

    I sincerely believe this change was brought about by people complaining at Blizzard about how it sucked! and we needed a new one… but most of those people didnt even bother to try it out… with PowerAuras tracking the ‘flash heal!’ buff was simple… and provided incredible increases to COH’s throughput. (I increased COH’s effective heal by 30% with the bonus up, thats huge)

    I really hope this doesn’t go through to the live servers. (Bubble spammers everywhere, I’m sorry… I disagree with you on this one)

    1. ….except it is not always going to proc when you actually need it. hence why a large majority of us said hey blizz, this is terrible when it first announced on the ptr (the original t10, not the proposed change.) you have a disc primarily on tanks in heroic icc? really??? there’s really no reason to have a disc ignore bubbling the raid just to spam heals on a tank. that is a completely ineffective way to manage your healers. o.O

      1. Discs are amazing tank healers. To say they are not good tank healers is slightly baffling, and you should look at the amount of mitigation and damage abosrbed – ESPECIALLY in heroic fights. We won’t go without one on a tank if at all possible.

        They are also damn good raid healers, and usually also have one on the raid as well. However, if a disc raid healer is doing nothing but bubbles, they are simple not holding up to their potential. The amount of raid damage in ICC heroic provides more than enough targets to demonstrate a proper weaving technique. So to simply bubble is ignoring a good hunk of your potential and putting strain on other healers. And THAT is an ineffective way to utilize your healers. Granted, every guild will do things differently – these techniques are what we and others have found to work well.

        While it’s true that you can not predict when it will proc, hence the argument I see that it’s unreliable – the amount of times it can and will proc is extremely high. As we said, and as many heroic raiders have confirmed, the proof of the out put is in the logs….and a 5% flat increase to shield reflectivity pales in comparison. Even in 25 man fights where I utilize a raid bubble healing technique (LK, Heroic Dreamwalker, heroic BQl, to name a few) this has been invaluable.

        If it was a cooldown, perhaps it would address people’s concerns that its unreliable, But as far as I’m concerned, the randomness of it makes it fun. And because it procs so often, it ususally DOES proc when you need it most. As we said -when we first heard about this bonus, it sounded like would suck. However, those that actually tried it usually changed their mind.

        1. Yep, Ava hit the nail on the head. Disc healers are amazing ont he tank, ESPECIALLY on HICC25. We usually have a holy or Disc (typically myself) on the raid, I bounce between specs depending on the raid damage mechanics of each fight, while a Pally and Ava (and/or a shaman) on the MTs.

          We typically run, Treex2, Pally, Shaman, Priest x2 (varying spec) on our Heroic 25 Runs. It works well for us…

          No one is saying that you MUST have a Disc on a MT, just that they are great tank healers and the Penance CD proc just made it all the better.

          1. My previous guild was running 3 Holy Paladins, 1 Disc Priest (myself), 1 Tree and 1 Shaman.

            Derevka and Ava’s guild (which is my new home, they adopted a puppy, and I happened to be the cutest one at the pet shop) runs with what was listed by Derevka just above.

            Both guilds have similar, practically identical progression. A healing setup will practically always work if your healers know what their role is and if they can trust / work with the other healers properly.

            I liked our current set bonus for both Disc raid healing and Disc tank healing. I’ll like the new one as well. I like this game. I wish this game would have my babies.

  23. I am so glad to see this post. When I first heard of the change, I was upset and a little hurt. My job as a disc priest is usually totally dependent on the needs of the raid at that particular second. I’m not only the tank healer and I’m not only the raid healer. If I see my pally healer is frost tombed, then I can confidently take over her role until she’s free to heal the tanks again. Disc priests are great at controlling a fight’s incoming damage and also quickly reacting to someone’s unexpected impending death (yes, part of the reason I love being a disc priest is that I often get to be the healer who “saves the day” if something goes wrong). Having penances available in these emergency situations is amazing. The best part about the bonus is that it feels FUN. It isn’t essential for it to proc (like ecclipse procs for druids) but when it does it’s awesome. Even if I’m farming heroics, seeing the cooldown reset still gives me a little moment of happiness. If I was looking for straight stat power, I would have just bought the non-tier pieces in the first place. But I actually *enjoy* Blizzard putting something into our rotation that involves a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck to make work amazingly.

  24. I took t10.2pc and have been waiting for 4pc to drop out of VoA, so I never got to try the proc (and have been sadly unlucky in VoA for that matter) I was certainly pessimistic about it since it seemed unreliable.

    But mostly I was avoiding all the spirit on that gear. I was instead saving up for holy.2pc + shadow.2pc + Meteor Chaser’s Rainments (and have all but the shadow gloves/pants).

    The new 4pc is esp disappointing not because 5% is lackluster, but because I expect it to not get used in many fights. For Festergut, sure it’s great. But for 10 man LK (which I’m working on) I can already block all of infest and will reshield everyone before the next infest comes around.

    So I suppose my complaint is that it’s not going to help me where I personally need it. But maybe when we get into heroic mode or the 25 man team catches up I’ll think differently.

  25. It’s been changed again…

    Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield by 5% and Circle of Healing by 10%.


    I think we should continue to watch and wait to see how they keep developing it. This latest change shows they’re considering options. However, it’s still not as “interesting” as the previous version, and the lame 2pc remains.

  26. Yep… could it change again? Yeah… IMO, still a BORING ASS CHANGE. 5% and 10%…. Yawn, look at the rest of the 4pc bonuses… INTERESTING! Flat throughput buff…. Zzzzzz

    Well, at least I know I wont be competing for Heroic 277 Tokens. Hello 277 Non-Tier items… at least they have more haste!

  27. What are your thoughts on the blogpost I made regarding the new T10 4 piece from a Disc perspective?

    1. I have not had time to do more than a cursory look over of my logs since the change. Without an in depth look, the static buff to shields is not more than the average healing I gained from the previous 4 pc, but because of work this week, I only have about 3 raids worth of data (2x Heroic ICC 25 as disc, 1X Heroic ICC 10 as holy), so I’m holding off on actual number posting until next week. Derevka actually raided this week, so perhaps he has more insight at this time.

      Simple math is telling me that off tier pieces can offer me more than the 4 pc – HOWEVER, many of the pieces I am gathering are only obtainable in Heroic Modes. I have not done a thorough look to if this would be the case if heroic loot was omitted.

      I need to play around some more with this, and actually test these assumptions out a bit more. I plan to do a follow up post on this when I have more data (and time…time is a dwindling resource right now), and if off tier pieces do indeed end up being better, and if so, which ones.

      Regardless how it plays out, it’s still a boring change.

  28. I used the old T10 4pc as holy and it was OK but I’d still rather have a flat increase to my best heal every time I want to use it than an occasional boost to my healing when the RNG says so. Adding the RNG factor into healing is a step towards “Q. Why did X die? A. Bad luck on RNG!”. Maybe I’m just never lucky with the RNG but I can count the times I got multiple procs on it and it was actually useful on one finger.

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