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AddOn Corner: ForteXorcist

It has been a long time since I’ve done a post about AddOns, but I decided to do one since I get a number of emails asking me about this mod by people who have either seen my UI screenshots or watched any of my YouTube videos. One of the most common questions I get is “What is that Bar that is showing your cooldowns, and when they are up?”.

That my friends, is a mod called ForteXorcist.

I really do love ForteXorcist (for short, lets call it FX). One of the great things about it, is that it lets me look in one place quickly to see where my Cooldowns are at, instead of looking to each ability itself. FX provides a bar with time markers and each spells icon slides along the bar as the cooldown expires. That means if a CD is at the 30 second marker you can track where that ability is, and when the rest of your cooldowns will expire.

You can see ForteXorcist in action by watching any number of my Videos over at my YouTube channel linked here.

I have my Cooldown bar positioned right above my Grid frames, and in between my player and target unit frame. This allows me to quickly see where all my spells are, without diverting my attention too much from my player’s location, and my Raid’s health.

As spells come off cooldown (and slide from right to left), I get a pop up notification letting me know these spells were available.

This pop up also makes a slight ‘pop’ sound and flashes as you can see in the picture above, alerting me of this ability.

For classes with a number of cooldowns, FX can be fantastically helpful. Not only will FX track ability cooldowns, it will also track Trinket internal cooldowns, Ashen Verdict Ring Procs, Lightweave Procs, and any other proc that has a ICD.

Setting up FX is fairly simple. You can access the menu via “/fx” and unlock the panes. For the most part it comes pretty well set up and needs minimal set up. If you download it from Curse, it comes with a pre-package for each class.

ForteXorcist Config Menu

Now, ForteXorcist does more than just track cooldowns. You can also set it up to track buffs, debuffs, on you, your targets, and your raid members. For those of you who are ‘Renew Spammers” you can use this to track my renews on fights that require you to cast renew a lot. It will show you how much time is left on each target and the point when each will tick.

FX has become a mod that I have been very excited to have found. Especially in Icecrown I have found squeezing out each and every cooldown to be pivotal to our successes on Heroic 25 and Heroic 10. I strongly encourage everyone to consider using this mod, as it is invaluable to be able to know when each of your spells will be back at your fingertips.

Written By: on March 16, 2010
  1. Best. Addon. Ever. I’ve found a use for it on every single character.

  2. I use power auras for my POM/Pennance/Lightweave Embroidery/Power Infusion CDs.
    Would this mod be better than using Powa in your opinion?
    Thanks for all your work!

  3. @Simplehiccup – I actually use PowerAuras to let me know when COH/POM are off cooldown too (and when i have 3xSerendipity) However, PA doesn’t show you at a quick glance how far off you have until they are off Cooldown. IMO, on those 2 important important spells redundancy on CD alert can’t hurt at all!

    If you watch on of my videos on youtube you’ll see my alerts in action — I doubt you’ll be dissapointed in this mod!

  4. Holy crap.. I thought it was sexycooldown. Bye bye cooldown. Here comes ForteX!

  5. I could not agree more. XF is one of the best addons out there right now and I use it on every character I have. This addon can’t get enough good praise, IMO.

  6. I can see this being useful for cooldown and timer monitoring. I’d give this a try for a Beacon, Sacred Shield, and Judgement timer. Also for Hands cooldowns.

    Powa, on the other hand, is great for procs and other short term notifications. I found that any aura sitting there for too long goes onto my mental ignore list. “Infusion of Light proc w/ timer” is great. “Divine Plea is available” is junk because I don’t use it on cooldown and it just sits there 90% of the time.

  7. Been using ForteXorcist for quite some time, and I absolutely love it.

    The only bad side to it (in my opinion) is that the configuration system (while extremely in depth) can be rather daunting at times due to the many options, which can be difficult to locate if you are not familiar with the configuration.

  8. I like it for it’s simplistic mechanic. I need one notification for every single event. Not two, not three, only one. Unlike people who need to track down X debuff with a debuff frame, a power aura, a scrolling combat text notification and a sound file, I am unable to function with multiple warnings. I get side tracked REALLY easily.

    ForteXorcist is ideal for malfunctionning people like me. >.< Tee Hee.

  9. Awesome write up… I’m pondering how to use it for tree purposes.

  10. I started using this myself awhile back, mainly because I got tired of listening to Derevka talk about how fabulous it is. He’s right, but I won’t admit it to him. It’s great for all my toons

    @Joe Ego

    It works great for holy pallys as well. I use this in conjunction with a mod called PBLSST ( Paladin Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield Tracker). Dumb name, great mod (


    I use it on my tree the same way derevka uses it to track renews, in conjunction with Grid.

  11. I learned about this after using Dev’s UI and now I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

  12. Sorry to double post, but for Avalonna and Dev, do you guys find that it is hard to pay attention to Grid, the battle and a separate listing of renew bars?

    Maybe we have our grid set up differently, but on mine, my top left is renew with a timer (and a green –> yellow @ 3s –> red @ 1s colour change). I couldn’t imagine looking at a renew listing and trying to quickly find the correct name in grid all the while making sure you’re not standing in fire.

  13. @Arayas i dont use it to track renew, i just was saying that some of the renew spammer priests could use it. I’m a grid man, through and through.

  14. Great addon.

    Just to add to what Aryas was saying. It could perhaps do with a ‘clique’ compatibility. For instance, if you were a renew spamming holy priest, you could use the ‘buff bars’ to track your renews, but ‘clique’ the bars to apply another renew to that selected raid member.
    Hope that made sense. I do find it very difficult myself to track a player via the bars and then find them via raid frames to recast. It’s not very intuitive.

    However, I still agree that Forte is an excellent add-on and I recommend it to anyone for tracking cool-downs, the ‘cool-down-bar’ is just a fantastic visualization for doing so.

  15. @Blackdawn

    You won’t see that sort of feature on any addon these days. Any sort of dynamic list isn’t clickable in anyway. Blizzard broke this to get rid of the original Decursive and the first Healbot, among other things.

  16. Thank you for nice information about this addon, this post made me start using it.

    I have one problem with the settings for Secondary Splash though. In the video you posted it seems like the icon for the spell coming off cooldown flashes and then disappears. But when I activate Secondary Splash the icon stays there until it’s replaced by a new spell coming off cooldown. How do I get it to fade out after 1-2 seconds?

  17. @Belgwen – You likely just forgot to relock your panels after unlocking them to move them around.

  18. Thank you, that solved the problem. Didn’t realize there was a lock on that part of the menu earlier.

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