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AddOn Corner: AVR- A Strat and Positioning Mod

Communicating to your raid the strategy you will be using is a key part of being successful in a raid. Well, duh. How many times have you gone over a fight and said, “ok if you get the bad stuff… go run over here. You are the bomb!!!” (Molten Core reference, anyone?) Let’s tell a story… a long time ago, in a raid far far away….

Raid Leader: “Ok now everyone remember, if you get the Super Bad debuff, you go over here.” *pings map*

The encounter begins, and Raider Joe is targeted by the Super Bad debuff and runs off to the wrong location.

Raid Leader: “Joe! Joe! Wrong way! Run to the east!!!!” *pings map incessantly*

Debuff goes off, and wipes the raid.

The End.

Now, in a perfect world this would never happen. But as we all know, this does happen in raids – Yes, this happens in my Guild’s Heroic 25 man raids.

Yes, we all can look at maps created in strategiy forums and other online venues… I’ve seen some masterpiece MS Paint strategy ‘maps’ that rival Picasso. However, even the best maps are paled in comparison to the raid itself. Enter the mod, AVR. AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality) is great for laying out strategies for your raid. You can provide illustrated locations for the boss in the actual raid environment.

AVR allows you to create lines, shapes, and other directions that display right on the screens of the other users in your raid. All they need to do, is have the AddOn installed, and you can share your layout with them. They don’t need to do ANYTHING except load the mod.

It is very intuitive to set up, you can access the menu via /avr menu and create shapes (aka Meshes) or you can draw lines using the Paint controls. I’ve created the Raid Icon star here in Dalaran. I could then share this shape with any number of people in my raid and they could see this shape. I could use this as the designated ‘debuff point’ or simply as a ‘ranged stand here’ marker.

My guild is progressing on Heroic Sindragosa and in our strategy we are strategically positioning the ice tombs in Phase 2. To assist with that positioning we’ve created an AVR for the raid with the corresponding Raid Icons and positioning.

This means if you are marked with a Skull, X, Diamond, Triangle, Moon, or Square – you know where to go.

Great… now the best part of this addon is that the created graphics are visible the entire fight. Yep, that means in the middle of the encounter you know exactly where these designated places are. The utility for this addon is endless:

Rotface – Collapse points for the inoculate buffs
Sindragosa – Tomb Placement
BQL – Healer Positioning

You just need to find the application for this mod for your raids. “Ok… I have a moon on my head, where am I supposed to go?”

NOTE: Sorry this post was up then down then up then down again. There were some complications regarding a number of aspects of this post. It is now back up again.

Written By: on March 25, 2010
  1. O_O I want to try this. Even if it only leads me to drawing circles on random things at 4am. :)

    (Pssst, your post title says AVG not AVR.)

  2. The aforementioned “Joe’ is code for Derevka. True Story. He won’t stop watching ‘Glee’.

  3. You can also draw little sweet messages such as “Have my e-babies” or “Let me handle your loot” to your favorite raiding lover!

    And OMG, I am featured in the video!!! Now, I was NOT staring at Tukky’s behind, even though it looks like I was… Hm. It does look like I was… ô_ô

    1. I wish this worked cross faction :(


      1. Oh you…^.^

      2. Mere factions can not hold back our love…….

  4. I’m ashamed to say that I’m a closet Glee-maniac as well (/sheepisly flashes tickets for the Live Show in Phoenix)…..oh ya, thats a really nice addon.

  5. Quick question about this. When a person gets entombed on Sindragosa, does it screw the coordinate system of the addon up to where it doesn’t properly place the marks on the ground for people afterwards.

  6. Yeah, do the marks follow people or are they associated with the space you put them on, ie. the floor? My guild uses smoke flares on the Rotface fight for where the slimes are supposed to form up for the big slime to form after an explosion, and so. If you can set it to a person, couldn’t you just use DBM or similar boss mod, to assign raid targets on debuffed players? Sorry, I am just confused as to the full use of this.

  7. Adeena and Ayden- the marks, lines, shapes … Whatever, stay in place where you draw them. If you watch the video above you’ll see the placement for each corresponding raid icon is easy since the shape is drawn on the floor.

    So this means you could place a Blue Square on the ground in a room and then just tell Square to run to the Square.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that it is somewhat buggy?
    We had some ppl have problems after/during the download process and then when logging into the game, corrupted files etc. We tested it and when it did work it was amazing-I guess I could keep messing with it.
    Also had issues when logging off and on again-anyone else have these issues with the mod?

    1. It is still in beta.

      But no, no important issue for me.

  9. This addon will help with my guild’s raids a lot. Thanks SOOO much for sharing this! We’ve been using those Lunar Festival Light Beam things to mark places, but this is way better.

    I do have one question: can anyone that’s downloaded the addon create raid markers? Or just the Raid Leader?

    1. Yes, anyone with the AddOn installed and enabled can create little shapes and what not. You can send them to your entire raid, or to a specific person.

      Which can lead to childish issues where people end up drawing silly things and sending them to everyone during raids… But if used properly, for the good reasons and by the right people, it is an excellent raiding tool. :)

      1. Actually, you can set it to RL control if people can’t control themselves. I know I can’t. Drawing a giant penis stabbing my guild leader in the head never gets old.

  10. Hi, I was messing around with this mod today and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind exporting to clipboard your Sindragosa settings for AVR and posting the string here? The option to export is under each scene you create.

    1. Sorry just saw this – I think I can do that when I get home. You might want to email one of us though – in case you didn’t notice, I forget alot.

      Did you want Heroic or regular?

      1. Hi i would like to see an export for the normal 25m

  11. do you have any exports yet?

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