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Hey Ma – I’m on PugCast!

Pugcast - A WoW Podcast

Just a quick update to let you know Episode 42 of Pugcast is available to download. I joined the show hosts Jeg & Draechen, along with fellow players Cornelious & Bryterside, for an informal roundtable chat about the upcoming raid changes for Cataclysm.

Lots of great discussion involving guild structure and challange, and a even a bit of talk about PVP changes (I took a nap at that part). I wasn’t drunk for once, so for those that look forward to me embarrassing myself – sorry. There’s always next time.

If you haven’t heard the PuGcast Podcast before, make sure you check out their episodes. They’re hilarious guys, and always let the show run wild. Of course, they cover WoW, but these two WILD N’ CRAZY GUYS will talk about anything! You can even nominate a retard you’ve had the misfortune of meeting in game for their One Star Turkey Of the Week for a public beat down. Join them in their Live Chat Room during the shows!

Thanks again, guys! Hope we can do it again soon. I promise I’ll be drunk next time!

(PS – we’re recruiting an EXCEPTIONAL Disc or holy priest (bonus if you can play both!)

  1. Yay!!! Represent! ;)

  2. I’ve never listened to Pugcast before, was a great show. Nice to hear some constructive arguments about the raid changes, some nice points of view were put across.

    PS: I’m extremely tempted to apply for the Holy/Disc priest position. I can imagine raiding with you guys would be beyond awesome. Sadly with the whole Europe/US thing it’s not really plausible. Good luck though.

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