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Lich King Shielding & Infest – More Than Just Bubble Spam

Ava did a great post a few weeks back called How To Disco With the Lich King, and it has generated some great feedback and questions on the encounter. I do, want to dive a bit more in depth to the Infest mechanic of the fight and how PW: Shield works at handling it.  (Both on Heroic and Normal Mode 10/25).

One very common misconception about Disc Priests and the Lich King encounter is that it is all about Bubble Spam– nothing more, and nothing less. If you have a Disc priest, Infest is irrelevant: just spam and /profit. This couldn’t be further from the truth – the key to this fight is an INTELLIGENT Disc Priest, not just some Bubble Monkey. There is a lot you need to keep track of during this fight all while protecting your raid from Infest: You need to be very aware of your ability and the detriment of “outgearing” Infest. (Yes, I said DETRIMENT).  On top of all the other stuff that is going on during this fight you need to remember that the LK Encounter is a 10 minute fight, can your mana pool stand up to 10 minutes of blanketing the raid with a 900 mana per cast Power Word: Shield?

To better understand all of this, first lets go over what Infest actually does…

Infest: Deals X to Y Shadow damage to all enemy players within 50000 yards. In addition, the targets will take increasing Shadow damage per second. This effect is removed when the target has more than 90% health.

Note that it will continue to do damage until you are at 90% HP. What PW: Shielding does is it eats the first hit of Infest and leaves people at (hopefully) greater than 90% HP. Lets take a look at each of the 4 versions of Infest.

Raid Difficulty
Damage Dealt
10 Normal
25 Normal
10 Heroic
25 Heroic

Infest is Shadow Damage, so you will have a certain amount of resist from your Shadow Resist buff. (don’t forget to cast it!) The amount that is resisted each time (and by each player) is completely RNG. This and the “range” it hits for is the wild card and can be a bitch. Lets use a very simple example here to explain how using PW: Shield works on mitigating Infest.

Here are the basics of this example:

PW: Shield Value – 8,000
HP of the Player – 30,000
Infest Hits – 10,000
Shadow Damage Resisted – 500

Great! We resisted 500 damage of the Infest, and absorbed 8,000 damage from the shield resulting in 1500 net damage to the player, bringing them to 28,500 HP which is 95% HP. Since we landed at 95% HP we do not have to worry about Infest ticking on the player. Woohoo!

Now, lets kick it up a notch, and take a look at a Heroic 10 example.

PW: Shield Value – 8,000
HP of the Player – 30,000
Infest Hits – 13,000
Shadow Damage Resisted – 1,000

Taking all these mitigations and resists we have the net damage resulting in 4,000 putting the player at 26,000 HP or 87%. Uh oh! Infest ticks! This player will need fast heals to get them back up over 90% pretty quickly or the Infest DOT will kill them in a matter of seconds.

Of course these examples assume a rather low Sheild Amount- for purposes of illustration. My Shields, with 15% buff, and when I have my 4pc equipped, absorb around 12k. Which, as you can see isn’t enough to handle Heroic 25 Infest by itself, you have the Shadow Resist in there as well.  (typically somewhere around 1.1-3.8k)The additional shadow resist  is VERY important, and (as you can see) is a bit of a wild card. You can see resists from 0 to 3,000. Not only do you have the resists being variable, you also have your spellpower being variable. (ICC Ring Procs, Trinket stacks, Cloak Enchant Procs, forgetting to buff Inner Fire, etc.). Of course the total HP of the target also plays a factor since Lower HP targets are more likely to fall <90% than higher HP targets.

Here are some examples of the RNG aspect of Sheilding with resists and SP Variances.

The Lich King Infest Derevka 1848 (A: 12235, R: 3821)
The Lich King Infest Derevka 3531 (A: 11856, R: 1895)

Raidwide buffs such as Totem of Wrath and Demonic Pact also cause variances in your shield amounts (we could even try to include DA procs from the PW:S Glyph), and when you are trying to mitigate a Heroic 25 Infest for upwards of 19,800 damage: every. bit. helps. The issue with Demo Pact is that you don’t get the buff until it procs, and the first Infest you should be preemptively shielding your raid during Fordring’s RP diatribe. (I start shielding my groups at about 15 seconds until combat). That means, I don’t have the spellpower that Demo Pact provides… which means, the first Infest can get messy. If you are struggling with the first Infest due to variable Spellpower, do what I have been doing pre-pull pop a Wild Magic potion for the 200 SP bonus and spam your assigned groups for Infest shields.

So depending on your gear, raidwide spellpower, and resists you should be able to mitigate most (if not all Infest damage).

Outgearing Infest
With 4-piece and the impending 20% buff (25% and 30%) eventually PW: Shield will outpace Infest, including SP and resist variables. You may already be encountering this on your current attempts on Normal 25, 10, and Heroic 10. At first glance you might say “Great! I don’t have to worry about Infest ticks since everyone will be able to stay at 100%! People will take no damage from infest at all! WOOHOO!!”


This is one of the situations where bigger isn’t always better. Let me say this explicitly: You do not want to have your shields be bigger than the Infest damage. Two things happen as a result of ‘outgearing’ the Infest damage.

1. You don’t get mana back from Rapture if your whole shield isn’t eaten by Infest. PW: Shield isn’t a cheap spell, and when you are casting it on 10-15 people each rotation of Infest, you’ll burn through mana pretty quickly if you aren’t getting your Rapture procs back. (Further the ICD of Rapture triggers upon full absorption, and if you can get 10-15 shields eaten all at the same time, you get 10-15 procs at once… which means you’re getting a LOT of mana back).

2. “A more powerful spell already exists”. I hate seeing those red words across my screen – even if your residual shield is only for 100, you will not be able to reapply a new shield if your SP is lower. This can happen from a Ring Proc on an earlier shield, Lightweave proc, etc… This prevents you from reapplying a shield and protecting that target from the next Infest.

Granted, you could make your whole raid use a /cancelaura macro for PW:S and leech Innervates, but that seems to be a waste.

You want your whole shield eaten by the inital blast from Infest. This also means you might have to downrank your shields… On Heroic LK10 I downrank to Rank 12 to allow for full absorption with my SP/Gear. With the increased ICC buff coming shortly, more and more people will have to downrank soon, otherwise they could bleed out of mana from lack of Rapture restores, or they could run into the overwriting a more powerful spell issue.  What rank works for you will vary based on your gear (if you have 4pc) and your spellpower and raid make up… trial and error FTW. Customize your PW: Shield to the Mode/Size of the encounter you are doing, your raid will thank you for it. You want your shield to just cover infest, be completely used up, and remove the RNG aspect. Ideally you want everyone to land at 95-99% HP, so your Glyph of PW:S brings them back to 100% the next go around.

Working Rapture
Rapture is your savior on this fight. Putting out that many Shields can be very mana intensive if you aren’t watching your Rapture cooldown. (I track mine using ForteXorcist). You want your Rapture returns to be from your mass bubbling on Infest, NOT from anything else. This means you need to be careful about when you shield a tank or a player who is taking damage. Rapture can only restore mana to you every 12 seconds. So if you need to shield one of the tanks, do so during that 12 second ICD (and be sure the shield will be eaten during those 12 seconds). You don’t want to lose sync of your Infest Rapture mana restore. Also, be wary of shielding high aggro melee players. I’ve found that our Ret Pally and Whirlwinding Arms Warrior tend to pick up aggro on the Ghouls and can take substantial damage, so I try to shield these players at the last moment before Infest. (and often time’s follow it up with a POM to heal up any Infest damage that PW:S didn’t absorb)

For our Heroic LK25 progress we use 2 Disc priests on the raid: Ava and myself. We are on opposite sides of the circle, and are moving quite regularly due to Shadow Traps. We also split the raid in two. (I take 2 groups, Ava takes 2 groups and we both cover the 5th). Protip: be sure your Grid Shows not only Weakened Soul, but also other Priests PW:S. We also communicate on a Vent Bind to each other if one of our ‘assigned’ players is out of range. Given the amount of movement required in Phase 1 of Heroic LK25, we often need to cover each other regularly. You need to work as a team, and communicating is pivotal.

This is not a pure mindless bubble fight, you could try to just spam your Shield button and try to play the hero that way, but but you might as well stick Billie Baddie with his 1337 Gear Score in your raid slot and hope to win. Lich King is a great encounter (even though I’m tired of hearing the RP speech at the end/begining) and more and more guilds are getting the opportunity to go toe to toe with him. I hope these pointers provide some good insight to how Infest works, and more importantly gives the Disco Priests out there some insight they might have overlooked in some of their earlier attempts.

Written By: on May 17, 2010
  1. I hope everyone doesn’t mind us doing a second post about this. The LK post generated so many questions about regen mechanics and rapture, I didn’t think we could fully cover them in the comments section -not to mention not everyone reads the comments.

    So keep those questions and feedback coming!

  2. I missed the first one, but went back to read it as well. Though I run a Holy Pally, this guide even brought some insight into how I could utilize what my pally has to suppliment such tactics. Plus I’ve yet to see the Upper Spire, let alone thhe LK himself. But it does give me an idea as to the incoming damage.

    Excellent writing though, lot more work for you Disco Priests over us peudoBubble Pallies. Gives me new perspective on healing.

  3. Hmm interesting, I saw mention of the need to downrank the spells elsewhere as well and went hmmm I thought blizz stopped downranking of spells, max was always used??


  4. I ran into the issue of my shields overpowering Infest on normal 10. I hadn’t expected it to be an issue, but I noticed very quickly that the Rapture “trick” wasn’t going to work.

    I didn’t consider downranking. Luckily we have two non-healing druids who occasionally toss me an innervate if I get desperate.

    I struck a balance of letting other healers carry the burden through the first phase and transition. I only shield one group, and I time it so that I shield right before Infest and the shields carry over to the next Infest before popping. If necessary, I cast a single holy nova on the second group and then let the resto druid take over.

    This has me back at 100% mana for phase 2.

    It’s a bit of a balancing act, but it’s fun. I don’t necessarily mind having to pace myself with mana.

  5. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Truly, Derevka *pats him on the back* is it awesome :) Although I have only been on 10man and had no problems even with overgearing the fight, it makes more sense to be more cautious about your own mana. I’ll try that on the next attempts on 25man :)

  6. Damn! I knew I was missing something, down-ranking ofc!
    I’ve actually got to the point now, because I’m disc main spec and I stack spell power exclusively for my PW:S, my shields can absorb on average 15k and it became a huge problem for normal mode, especially 10. I’m currently chipping away on LK25HM and 9 time out of 10 my shields get fully absorbed on infest.
    The main problem I’m having is that I have mostly been assigned to the melee/tank groups. Half the time my rapture procs before infest hits and there doesn’t seem to be a lot I can do.
    I’ve tried skipping tanks, but then a melee will agro some ghouls…seems I can’t win.
    I’m actually having to pre-cast PoH as LK casts infest to make sure a group is topped because their shields have likely been ‘popped’.
    My point is that I haven’t actually had any mana problems YET. We have only reached phase 2 a handful of times and the transition doesn’t require too much from me because with correct spreading the raid damage is fairly light in relation.
    Sometimes upon reaching phase 2 I have 100% mana, sometimes I have 70-75%. it all depends on the RNG of the procs, people slacking on Endless Winter and stacking in transition. I am worried though that I may have mana troubles if I’m not lucky with rapture in P1+2. And when the buff is up to 30% and I have a couple of gear upgrades, I roughly calculate that, even without resists, my shields are going to be completely absorbing infest, which means no rapture.
    So, down ranking seems to be the way to go, which I hadn’t thought of before.

    I find your post really interesting because I think it really outlines the importance of discs absorption mechanics. I’ve been playing disc since Ulduar, I’ve been kicked from pugs, kicked guild members and had many arguments because people didn’t understand how awesome we are :)
    In fact, just the other week some douchebag wasted time by forcing me to hearth out of the raid to go and respec holy because ‘disc sucks’ and ‘we need raid healing, disc is only good for shielding tanks’.
    So hopefully we can finally free ourselves from the stigma of being a disc priest? yes? no? Didn’t think so. Bastards would never kill Lich King heroics without us.

  7. I’m glad people are getting something from this post.

    The vast differences between 10 and 25; and then their heroic counterparts is dramatic. As such, detailed attention to your shields, timing, and procs is key. So hopefully this post brings some insight.

    Thanks to all for the feedback. It really is appreciated. :-)

  8. Thank you so much for breaking it down in such detail! The suggestion to downrank and be more fully aware of Rapture was something I definitely was missing. I found myself having mana problems straight into P 1.25 although I didn’t come across the more powerful spell issue.

    I just went Disc recently to cover our 10man LK attempts and I although think I am falling in love with this spec, I still have a lot more to learn about playing it.

  9. Oh and if you guys need any ideas for a blog post in the future. Please write about disc priest stigma due to people misunderstanding absorbs. And also the issues of having more than one disc priest in a raid, or even in a guild. An issue that I have to deal with currently.
    And there is loads of other shit you can cover. Like, Power Infusion. Whether we should actually take it. And who we should use it on. Because I’m sick of people asking me constantly every raid to PI them on CD. Like I’m their bitch or something!
    At least I don’t think you covered disc priests in general yet. Even though it has been a viable PvE ‘healing’ spec for a long time now, it still stirs trouble.
    Maybe come Cata people will have actually forgotten the whole ‘Disc is a PvP tree’ thing. Or maybe just maybe, Blizzard will change the way absorbs are shown in the combat log and we can finally have an accurate picture of absorption amounts? Perhaps I’m just dreaming.

    1. Perhaps Weakened Soul and PW:S will be tied to the same priest? That’s just me being hopeful. It does seem like they need to change that mechanic, I can’t see PW:S NOT being our filler spell still in Cata. No other class really has this problem. ‘Oh, sorry guys we can only bring one shadow priest because the boss can only have one SW:P on him at a time’.

    2. Heh I think I can do that – do I have to do the GRID one first? :D

      1. Nah I know you really don’t want to do that. So I’ll let you off. As long as you keep your highly amusing tweets coming every 10 mins then I don’t give a fuck what you blog about on here. xD

  10. I would like to ask an additionnal question. I was unable to find the information in your post or in the readers’ comments, so here we go:

    What would you do on Phase 2 in terms of shielding considering Val’kyrs will occasionally shoot players if their agro isnt immediatly picked up, or considering the larger radius of Defile and the “mandatory” tick that everyong seems to take from it as they are running out?

    What I mean is, my group is consistently reaching Phase 2 on H LK, but even my fully buffed up Rank 14 PW: Shields lose efficiency due to external sources of damage that can or cannot be avoided. The result is, after a while, some nasty Infest applications.

    Would you say that my issues are simply part of the learning curve, that my group will eventually get better control over that phase, and that I should still follow your advice and downrank through the entire encounter? Or should I simply downrank in Phase 1 to save up some mana and bring out the big fat bubbles for the damage intensive phase?

    Thank you.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by the Val’kir aggro in phase 2 – they randomly target someone to grab – it’s not an aggro issue. Or do you mean the Raging Spirits from the phase transition?

      if you are referring to the val’kirs & defile, the thing to relay to your guild is there is no “mandatory tick’ – keep an eye on your timers, or if the raid is having difficulty watching that, assign someone in the raid to call it out. When that timer expires, you need to spread out so there won’t be multiple people clustered when it does drop. Sometimes the RNG gods are mean, and the val’kir calls can be right on top of the defile – you need to be ready to spread out the second the target is grabbed.

      If that’s the case, that’s just one of the things that will come with practice. Take a look at the LK we did that over-viewed that strat as a prelude to this – I did some FANTASTIC (*snicker*) pictures to demonstrate this.

      If I were to go about it, I would *probably* maximize my shields – for now. Yes, it screws up your return and you might run dry, but once people start getting the hang off that phase ( and the next) you’ll find that over raid damage is minimal and you can adjust for the longevity and downrank as needed from there.

      Did that help, or did my dumb ass not understand the question?

      1. It helped. (:

        I was refering to the Val’kyr agro in Phase 2. On heroic mode, before they rush down on the raid and grab a raid member, they hover in the middle of the platform and shoot down spears. They technically need to be taunted and such, but they will often have the time to shoot down one or two spears here and there. This event has been ruining or weakening my rank 14 shields now and then, so I cant imagine a rank 12 shield.

        As for the Defile, we felt like its radius was larger in heroic mode, but it’s probably wrong. What we were pretty sure of however is the increased damage it does, resulting in its growing pattern being faster. Maybe that’s why it felt larger.

        But perhaps you are right and we need more practice. I want Ruby Sanctum bad…

        1. Doh – the shadowbolts! I’m sorry – I thought you were talking about normal mode for some reason. I’m still trying to get the hang off this words and reading fad.

          I honestly do not think the defiles are any bigger radially – they just seem huge when people wont get out of them :D I didn’t look what the actually tick vs absorption is on them – I can do that when I get home. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least that it is.

          It comes with practice. We’ve got the positioning, the defile / valkir dance down – not falling apart by p3 is our current issue….I hate this fight.

          1. Thank you, it worked (:

            We had various attempts averaging 28% yesterday. Downranking helped me a lot. It did not make a huge difference to help the raid, but I did not have to rely on the druids’ Innervates. It’s a good thing because I am sure they need it.

            I switched to Rank 14 for the last transition phase as well as phase 3. Those Vile Spirits… they rape you with razorblades.

            Would you say there is a downranking possibility on 25man? I run into mana issues there (but luckily, the Ferals are generous on Innervates).

            I thank you again for your suggestion, it made a world of difference for my personnal performance. (:

  11. Well, a nice post there are a few things that I would like to comment about this fight. This fight is definitely a fight where you have to actually pay attention. This fight also requires (at lower buff %) a specific gem/gear set up, and that is MAX SPELL POWER. When people talk about gear i just dont even pay attention if it has lower spell power, because lets be honest the only fight that really matters right now, is HM LK 25. So when people talk about how say using 264 legs over 277 chest as an off set item makes me shake my fist. Anyway one thing that i will say about this fight that makes me very upset is that any mistake done by other people compounds your jobs difficulty. Say for instance one to many people take a tick of defile and eats your shield, or some one is out of range for a shield and throws your rotation out of wack. Or even worse is when someone completely abosrbs your shields before infest comes out and messes up your rapture rotation. While this fight might get easier as buffs go up. Ive noticed that as the buff goes up its for of an annoyance on my part. The first time i Killed Heroic LK 10 it was at 5% with out the buff to 4pc priest. Now then i had to try and scrimp and scrap for every single Spell power boost i could, but now i have to down rank shields for dps and use normal shields for healers. Just really annoying.

  12. Thanks a lot,

    i hadnt thought of that. but it is really important to think out the box ;)

  13. Great post, I copied the link for it to my guild’s priest forums to aid in their discussions on healing LK

  14. @Anna

    I forgot to mention our trick for the bolts – I dont watch the pallies :D

    Our holy pally runs RF & holy wraths just in case – worse case scenario, the tanks have to grab it off him.

    We have a second trick we started using that’s working well – our warrior tank puts vigilance on our pally tank, who is mainly solo tanking that phase. The warrior tank then taunts the val’kirs. Requirees some INTENSE healing at the end of the phase, but so far, so good. I’ll let you know if it still works if we ever kill him :P

    This is first night on him (25) with the 20% buff – we actually ended up NOT downranking using a demo lock/elem shaman- still using the 4pc t10 too.

    1. Hello Avalonna (:

      A Holy Paladin for our 10man is a luxury we could not afford. We had a Resto Druid tank healing, using some sort of Nourish bombing spec (he was so embarassed, he asked us to summon him quickly because he did not want anyone in town to see him that way).

      The HoTs are such excellent buffers, it worked better than with a Holy Paladin. We reached 27% and 28% a bunch of times. We need to figure out how to handle the Vile Spirits at this point, but this is not a priesty topic.

      As for 25man, I cant exactly tell. We have not been able to put any attempts on H LK 25 for the past 2 weeks because of poor summer attendance. Also, 22 manning ICC (including H Putricide and H Sindragosa) is… interesting.

      But I appreciate your advices greatly and I will bring them up with my guild whenever we attempt H LK 25 again.

      Quick additional question: You said you were not downranking on H LK 25 with the 20% buff and you mentionned using the 4pc bonus as well as the raid sp buffs. What about Aura Masteries and D Sacs? Is your group covering all Infests with a paladin rotation?

      1. Nope. We save the AM/Dsacs (giggity) for p3. We also have a resto druid for Hot clean up for those occasional shields that get eaten thru on 25. For ten, it was a Holy pally/Disc priest. We havent done much with tens lately – they’re usually done on off nights and too many schedule conflicts lately. So I have NOT tested this in a 10 with the 20% buff. I think Derevka will be doing it tomorrow so I’ll get back to you.

        You’re not the only guild with the summer blues – we’ve had the same issues for about a month, hence why this shit head isnt dead. Our MT had to be out of town for a month, many of us, me included, have been bombed at work, a few peoploe still in college had finals and graduations, or their kids’ graduations. Happens every summer and it blows.

        1. Thank you again Avalonna (:

          H LK went down like a rock tonight, on our third attempt. Your advices were very helpful. Mana is so tight for everyone on this fight (the other healer is cutting it close, but casters are too!), learning the downranking tip sealed the deal. Innervates belong to others.

          I am looking forward to your future posts regarding healing priests’ roles on specific encounters!

  15.’s done it again. Superb writing!

  16. Thanks for your detailed explanation – I play holy, but have been trying to pick up as much knowledge as possible, in case I get asked to respec for a particular encounter.

    Completely OT from this post – or sideways – I think it is possible to have 2 discos in a raid – providing they communicate well – as you have described. Short of them being in the same room, the vent binding sounds very helpful. How do you set that up

    Apologies for being so ignorant – but if technology can make something work better, I just want to know how. Without bothering the rest of the raid, if possible. It would make healing a lot easier I think. If you already did explain somewhere else, could you point me to it?



    1. Binds are easy! Assuming you use ventrillo, here’s how:

      At the top, the thrid pulldown menu is “BINDINGS” Click the little “–>” next to it.

      It will pull up a set binding menu. Hit “ADD”

      It will ask you to choose a hotkey (ie the button you will use to activite this bind) – pick one that works with your setup and hit OK

      Next, it will bring you to a few selections for transmit style – select USER TO USER and hit the [...] button. Select the user(s) you want in this bind (note: they have to be on vent to be selected) and hit ‘ADD’. When you have the pople you want in, Hit OK.

      Thats it! Hit ‘ok” again until you’re out and test it. You can configure binds in the future just as you do servers, so if you decide to change hot keys, add/remove users, just go to the same menu.

      You can also check the “mute’ others box – it will mute everything except the people in that bind when they speak via binds to you…comes in handy when you run umpteen binds to different people.

  17. Excellent posts – thanks for the tips!

    Now I’ve got some work to do such as making a specific Clique profile for LK, finding ForteXorcist and wondering how this will best work as a single disc priest…

  18. Just tried this for the first time last night, since I’m normally too lazy to care.

    I orgasm every time an infest gives me 16k mana.

  19. This was a great article, and I did try the down ranked Shield. The problem I ran into, was that between dispelling Necrotic Plague, and helping out on a tank spike. I would sometimes fall behind on the shield spamming. This made infest more of a problem. I went back to full shields, and i was still able to gain back a considerable amount of mana when 3-4 shields popped on the second infest. Timing was everything, but even a slight amount left on a shield was enough to keep the target above 90% and eliminate infest. Important that you do not Shield the tanks. If you shield the tanks, their shield will pop almost instantly, and mess up your next rapture proc. I would only throw a penance and a renew on the tanks, if i had time.
    Bottom line.. Lich King is dead..

    Thanks again for the tips.

  20. Thank you very much for this fabulous post, and thanks to Zimmi for finding it.

    I’d like to comment on some of the things that Anna had to say earlier, the first being that I’m having a similar problem in ph3 with “rng” or “unavoidable damage” eating away at a part of my shield and finding 3-4 of my assigned people taking frightening ticks of infest that have to be removed before they can be reshielded for full benefit. If I try to single-target more than a couple of people, I find myself in a hole from which there is no escape: I simply don’t have enough gcds to keep 15 people healthy. I have been told that maybe I don’t have enough spell power (this is ludicrous–my gear is shamefully good) or that I should “just keep spamming–why is it so hard to press one button over and over?”

    The valks do have a life drain ability that they cast upon players in ph3 after they have been dpsed down to 50% and fly back up. I can’t say with 100% certainty that people don’t get hit by that if our tanks don’t have aggro on all of them. I need to dig through some parses to determine what exactly is eating away at those shields. It’s also possible that defile ticks are more of a problem than people realize. The funny thing is that the very first infest cast in H-LK is always perfect: there might be 2-3 people ticking from infest. That’s all. No demonic pact there. I just don’t think this is a “spell power” issue.

    I think the real question I have is–am I trying to do something completely retarded in “just keeping these 15 people alive?” There is a holy priest on another group and a shaman “dealing with melee” and batting cleanup. The more I research, the more I see that most guilds are running with two smart disc priests splitting the raid up: it seems like they have so much more time.

    If you can direct me to more conversation on this problem, I’d love to see it!

    Congratulations on your kills and best of luck in the future. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to post this information.

    1. We do use 2 disc priests for the most part, although we been playing with the disc/holy priest combo (obviously our favorite is the OMGWTFBBQ OP Disc/disc/holy setups. Infest? *yawn* what?)

      2 disc priests do make it much easier. providing they can play well together and be “smart” – when we do this, we start by making sure we are placed on opposite sides pf each other for initial position (ie north/south since we set up HLK25 in the center and horrors are tanked east). We split coverage (ifor example, using GRID groups, I’ll grab groups 2,5, he’ll grab 1,3 and we’ll overlap 4). We communicate who we can and cant reach due to shadowtrap movement, and we make sure we can see each others shields on our raid frames.

      The one disc/holy combo works just as well- The burst healing style is amazing – but again – play smart. They can’t wait for defile to hit, THEN heal. Have a full serendipity PoH/CoH ready to go as the defile timer hits. Having a druid prehot targets and the shaman watching the tanks and melee for clean up helps as well.

      The draw back is yes, it is harder, it is a bit more intensive, and it is a ‘clean up’ scramble to do it quickly. If you have 2 disc priests that are capable of staying on top of the defiles, that usually only leaves one or two targets to spot heal instead of many.

      The downside to the 2 disc method is STAYING on top of the shielding – there’s lots of moving, spreading out, getting grabbed etc that can interfere with the blanket coverage. If they can stay on top of it, and your other healers are able to cover situations like a disc being grabbed & can’t shield, try it out. But it’s definitely not a thing you HAVE to do.

  21. Hi guys,
    I’m loving your posts on Disc Priesting the H LK encounter. I usually play Shadow and honestly am pretty awful at healing.

    We’re a few weeks into H LK 25 and to test our options our healing lead asked me to switch to Disc so that our healing makeup was something like 1 Holy Paladin, 2 Disc Priests, 1 Holy Priest and a Resto Druid.

    With the 2nd Disc priest (me) we were able to see some of Phase 2 for the first time. I think that I’ll always be Disc for H LK and I’ve also been invited to a 10 man to do H LK as the sole Disc Priest.

    I’ve got a near BiS Shadow set but no healing gear: what kind of gear/set should i build for this fight?

    I’m primarily there for bubble support (the main spec Disc priest says she has to help with the tanks quite a bit). So surely I don’t need much Haste for all those instant spells?

    Sp and then Critical Strike?
    Sp and some regen?

    What would you recommend?

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