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Heads Up: We’re Rawrcastin’

Batten down the hatches, pour yourself a beer, and be ready for a rather interesting exchange between Ava, Derevka, Sompalina and Hafrot… we’re doing their Priest Rountable! Even though Stomp can’t pronounce my name to save her life… ;-) LOL For those of you who have heard Ava and I Podcast together in the past, or have read our exchanges on Twitter… this should prove entertaining!

When: LIVE Friday June 4, 2010 7PM CST
Where: Rawrcast

Remember to email any questions about Priestin’ in ICC, WOW, and Cata to and join us in the LIVE Chat Room.

Written By: on May 31, 2010
  1. I look forward to listening to it, even if it’s a download. :)

    I stumbled upon Ava on Twitter not long ago, and I’ve been a pain in her neck since. Through her, I’ve found this blog, and even though I don’t play a Priest, I’m enjoying it.

    I’ve heard her on one podcast so far, and it’ll be nice to not only put a voice to Derevka, but to hear the play between you and Ava.

    So I believe it’ll prove interesting to me, too. ;)

  2. @Will we’ve been on a few different podcasts together in the past. Check out the Podcast Category on the blog for a link to many of them, but we’ve been on RaidWarning ( Slash2 ( together… and we’ve both done some other podcasts solo w/o the other.

    You’ll enjoy this one coming up and likely enjoy the other ones that we’ve already recorded.

    Besides… Ava and I hate eachother… we’ll just yell and bitch at eachother the whole night. I don’t think Stomp and Haf have any idea what they’ve signed on for! MWHAHAHA!!

    1. Thank you kindly, sir. I will most certainly check those out. :)

      A quirk of mine is that I always like to be able to put faces and voices to the bloggers that I read, so the opportunity to do so is always welcome.

      And if you’re going to fight with each other, I demand video!

  3. You aren’t joking about stompalina not being able to pronounce your name right. You’d think she’d be able to since they are hosting you on their show…

  4. The only one down side to this round table and please don’t take any offense to this is that none of the priest on this round table have killed LK25 HM. While wiping on this fight gives you qualifications to speak on the subject i think these types of pod casts lose a little something by not having someone on who has completed the encounter.

    It was kind of what i was thinking when i listened to the other pod casts and to hear some of the disc priest misconceptions is what has made me slightly more active on these blogs, forums and other such outlets.

    1. Perhaps if the podcast was 100% about HLK, I would agree with you. But seeing as that fight was probably less than 1% of the discussion, I’m not really seeing the issue – on this or any other podcast with other players.

      Lacking Heroic LK25 doesn’t necessarily give anyone any less insight on how to play the class. From our perspective, we’ve killed hLK10, and gotten to 30% in 25 – I’m not sure how much farther the killing blow will take it. And quite honestly, had we not had to take a ‘break’ for the last month due to numerous personal issues, he would have been dead. Blame it on our “casual progression attitude”, I guess. But again – I’m not sure where “priest round table” = “H LK discussion”. Honestly, players who HAVE killed HLk really won’t get much out of round table podcasts, except have a little fun and a few laughs.

      Is there alot of misinformation out there? Yup. Are there alot of opinions out there? Yup. Are we always 100% right? Nope. Are you? Nope. Are smart players only in ICC, or killing Hlk? Nope. Keep an open mind – especially before you doubt the merit of podcasts, based on a sole fight, that wasn’t a focal point of the podcast discussion- there’s a lot of smart players out there that can’t solo H LK. It was a great show – we had a lot of fun, touched on alot of topics, and from what I could see, the people listening had fun too.

      We would more than welcome a guest post if you feel you would like to correct issues and discuss things. I know nothing is more irritating than seeing someone try to take an authoritative role on something they don’t understand. I like to think we do, but we always welcome differing opinions and input. I’m not being snarky either – I think it would be really cool to get a view from the ‘Cream of the progression” crop.

  5. I shall practice my curtsy then.

  6. Irritation aside; the purpose of these podcasts isnt to espouse on the hardest encounter int he game atm, since the priests who are going up against HLK25 at the moment aren’t listening to podcasts to learn that. The point of these podcasts is to 1) have fun with the class


    2) perhaps give some insight to what we, as active members of the community, might have to say about the class.

    Take it or leave it; our qualifications are what they are… or arent.


  7. I did not mean to offend you at all, and i apologize if I did. I am not trying to disrespect you or anyone who does these pod casts, and yes I do listen to most of them and I do read some of the more popular blogs and forums. I mainly just try and give a slightly different perspective on things. I have posted here before too merely so some different aspect of the game and class.

    With that said, I do enjoy hearing you guys talk about the priest class, which is why I (at least try to) be active in posting and getting some of my ideas and knowledge out there.

    1. No offense was taken! <3 We enjoy your insight – the offer for a guest post still stands!

      1. maybe after the next content patch is released ill write up a post for it. I have also been recently asked if I would contribute to a new website that is being developed that will revolve around various games with WoW being one of the focuses.

  8. Heard the show… was awesome. Ava…. I think I may love you.

    Srsly though, your insights not just about priesting but about raiding in general were so awesome.

    Thanks for being outspoken and bringing things back into perspective.

  9. “Is all about looking cool!” – I agree here. I geared Bati and took the belt from Festergut only bc it fits with 277 tier!

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