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Cataclysm Beta Coverage Incoming!

Good news, everyone!

With promises of bacon and my first born child (lol), our friends over at Curse gave me a Beta Key Code!

That means we’ll be covering all the exciting and new priest changes on Tales of a Priest! I am very excited to be given the opportunity to check out some of the Priest changes and Talent Trees before it goes live. We’ll, of course, be covering as much as we can– which hopefully will be substantial now that our raid week will be down to 2 days to clear all content.

If you have specific Cataclysm questions or content concerns feel free to email them to me or Ava and we’ll see what we can do to answer them. Right now, I am the only one of the two of us to have a key – so apologies if we cannot answer every question, but we will do what we can to answer them!

By the end of this weekend I hope to have some first impressions of the current Trees— however I will be critical to a point; Blue has been very clear that the Priest Trees are not anywhere near final and need a lot more polish. (To that I say, “Good!”… as I really am not super excited about the current makeup).

Onward to Deathwing!!

Written By: on July 27, 2010
  1. Completely OT, but I’d just like to point out how interesting is your guild recruitment forum. It’s almost disappointing to see Dormonag merely decline an application. The volume of hits in the main recruitment forum vs the Land of Denied Applications is indicative of the anticipation. The schadenfreude. The deliciousness.

    Ranedor is not just an entertainer. He provides a valuable community service.

  2. Heh Ranedor only makes an appearance for the worst of the worst – the ones that ignore specific requests, don’t follow directions, put gearscores in despite being asked not to, general dicks….stuff like that.

    However, even if an applicant is completely clueless, if they make an effort to fill out the application completely & to the best of their ability, they’ll simply get a polite denial from dorm. The idea is to discourage ignorance & half assing apps – not discourage apps altogether :)

    But back on subject – we’re happy to at least have ONE key (2 would be better) but there’s ways to work with one. I’ll be in Boston for a few days, so we might even sit down together & put this stuff thru the paces.

    So please – email us any issues you want specifically looked at. We already have quite the laundry list, so keep them coming!

    1. Wait… I have to let you into my HOUSE? Fack.

  3. Great! I’m looking forward to some intelligent insight into Cata priests from someone who actually understands how they work now.

    Gobble gobble.

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