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A Priest’s Guide to Chakra Healing

With the number of changes to Chakra , I felt it was time to revisit Chakra after this last pass of changes. Chakra states will be a key and very important part of the Holy Priest healing toolbox. Keeping that in mind, we’ll need to be sure we know how these states operate and how we will likely be using them. If you have been following the blue posts you’ve already seen that Chakra: Renew has been removed from the game (on beta)– I have to admit, when I first saw this, I scowled. However, after some thinking… it makes sense.

Written By: on October 30, 2010

Holy Healing in a Post 4.0.1 World

4.0.1 has been out for a couple weeks now, and by now you’ve all had a chance to play with the new toys and spells we now have available. Then add in that we’ve all suffered through the “ZOMG MY ADDONS DON’T WORK ANYMORE!!”… I wanted to take a moment to sit back and really download what we’ve experienced as well as share some tips and tricks I’ve found handy from raiding as Holy in the 4.0.1 environment. Originally, I was planning on covering both spec’s in a single post… but there simply was too much information to cover! So, Avalonna will be covering the Disc point of view in the next couple of weeks.

Written By: on October 23, 2010

4.0 Survival GuideHoly & Disc Specs, Glyphs, and More

4.01 is coming! (and all signs are pointing towards Tuesday, October 12th) So that means we all need to be prepared. There has been a lot of talk here at Tales as well as many other blogs regarding Specs, Glyphs and the like. I’ve decided to do a summary of what we’ve discussed here in effort to preare us all for the release of 4.01. There are 4 key things you need to understand to be prepared: Tree Changes/Choices Glyph Changes/Choices Healing Mechanic Changes Reforging

Written By: on October 10, 2010

Everyone’s a Little Bit RacistA look at the 4.0/Cata Racial Abilities

  NOTE: This post has been updated and moved here for Mists of Pandaria. Well, Cataclysm is now announced! December 7, 2010– the Beta still has some work that needs to be done (quest reward itemization, profession implementation to name a couple). However, we all need to remember that there are often several internal builds that Blizz’s teams are testing that the Beta folks do not have access to yet. I am confident that we’ll ultimately be pleased with the end result. With Cata FINALLY announced we need to start planning for it’s release. Not only will we have access to 5 more levels, new dungeons, new spells and abilities, we also will have access to new races and new race combinations with the classes. I am guilty of changing my race more …

Written By: on October 4, 2010