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Avalonna Rides Off into the Sunset

This is probably one of the most difficult posts to write. To most of us, World of Warcraft has become a huge part of our life: we talk about it, blog about, we even have get-togethers focused around it. Giant Nerd label or not, I’m sure we can all admit that even though the game was frustrating at one point or another, the benefits far outweighed the cons.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so painful to finally come to this conclusion, but my World Of Warcraft career has come to a close. No, it’s not a protest to the state of the game or a statement about what I think of Cataclysm – it’s really nothing more than ‘it’s time to move on’. I’ve been here since the game’s original beta – that’s over 6 years. The last few months, perhaps even the last year, I’ve been struggling with the game. Not in difficulty, but with keeping interested. Again, not the fault of the game, but simply life changes. I’ve struggled with health issues for quite some time and recovery is difficult. I’ve gotten involved in other things. My career has begun to take on more responsibility. Unfortunately, there’s only so many hours in the day, and when my interests begin to lie elsewhere, playing the game & writing about it seem to be more like a chore than a hobby – and that’s not fair to you guys.

Bloggers should be enthusiastic & passionate about the game. I loved writing for ToaP. Not only was it a great way to work out issues and theories in my head, it was an absolute blast to discuss it and help out the healing community. My entire career has been one of a progression raider, even when it meant a 40 man raid. We’ve killed the Old Gods,  slaughtered the denizens of Original Naxx, landed world ranked kills of Vashj, KT, Archimonde, Illidan, KJ, Algalon, Anub, and even Heroic LK. Through out of it, sharing what I’ve learned and discovered was the highlight of my day. But as that passion cools, so does the enthusiasm; I began to feel obligated to write & play, and it’s at that point I decided to hang it up.

Don’t worry! Derevka and Tales of a Priest is not going anywhere! He started it without me and he’ll continue without me. I think you all know he’s an extremely intelligent player – that’s the reason I recruited him to my guild 2 years ago. I’ve glad that I convinced him to bring the site back, and I’m proud to have helped it become a top site for priests in the community. I think we brought some great perspectives from an end game raiding POV, and ToaP will continue to do just that in Cataclysm.

I know my brass, drunk and obnoxious personality isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope I brought some humor and bit of fun and the occasional bit of intelligence into your gaming experience.


If there's a crude joke, I'll find it

So what’s next for me? Lots of things!!! Increasing work responsibilities & health issues aside, most are aware of my other passion, Horror, and I’ve taken on many exciting projects to promote it lately. I’ve taken writing jobs at Horror Extreme & Bloody Good Horror, I signed on to do the weekly horror segment for the Slash 2 podcast, and I’ve thrown my hat in with the Chicago Horror Society and Zombie Army to organize local horror events such as haunted houses, film fests, and even films. It keeps me extremely busy, but I love it.

We also have something in the works for an adult gaming community, Drunk Tank Gaming, as a way for gamers to keep in touch and play games outside of WoW. We’re still building the site, so look for more information soon!

So to all the people that have made this easily the best gaming experience of my life – I thank you. My guild for the majority of my WoW career, Dark Nemesis & my Horde Alter-Ego Dark Pact – Thank you. The podcasts that have supported us, such as RaidWarning, Slash 2, Rawrcast, Dregcast, Outlandish, Outcasted -THANK YOU. For the fantastic support of such great sites like Curse- THANK YOU. The bloggers and community members who have been pivotal in discussions, discoveries, and good times – THANK YOU. To all the amazing people I have befriended & met because of this game – THANK YOU. And of course to you, the readers and contributors here – THANK YOU THE MOST. Oh and Derevka – fuck you. Kidding, kidding – thank you too. The friendship we’ve developed through this is one of the best things I’ll take away from this game, and I’m glad it will continue without the game. Without you, I couldn’t justify all my homophobic jokes.

As I said, I’m still around and can be found in numerous outlets if you’re interested: Twitter, Facebook, even my personal blog of obnoxious randomness. The best part of this game has been the people I have met from it, and I have no intentions of leaving them behind. It has been a pleasure writing for you all, and good luck in where ever your WoW path takes you!

Until we meet again...

Written By: on November 7, 2010
  1. <3

    I will continue to stalk you on Twitter (obviously).

    Moving on from WoW is sort of a "double edged sword" feeling, especially when you're so involved in the community. Even though I eventually came back, it's really not the same, but I'm glad to see I still have my friends on Twitter and the like. See ya round the Intertubes!

  2. So long and thanks for all the fish :)

    You will be missed.

  3. Ava, Erin… whatever :)

    You’re one of my closest friends I’ve made on this game, and one of the few I’ve had the pleasure of meeting IRL.

    You’ve really helped me enjoy the PEOPLE in the game as a result, and you’ve also helped me make ToaP what it is today— and for that I thank you. I really do– you’re a great person, regardless of all the shit you put me through! :-D Hell… because of the shit, is why I consider you a friend.

    Of course we’ll still be in touch via twitter, and all the other means of harassment we have between us.

    I don’t know what really to write here— as writing to you in a comment on your post wouldn’t be the best way for me to share. You know how I feel and how our friendship is.

    Tales of a Priest will continue on w/o Ava… and I am so glad Ava is taking the time to take care of herself and her health. Frankly, that is the most important part of her message to me. (Psh… to all this work commitment crap!)

    Much love and respect, you frigid frigid bitch! ;-)

    1. what is this wet crap in the corner of my eyes? Ewwwwwwwww

      1. Rane hit you in the eye?

  4. The community will miss you. Ava. You have one hell of a personality, and it always shined through every word you wrote. You have a twisted charm that draws people to everything you produce online from the twitter to the other blogs you write for. I think you’ll find that your appeal to the community has to do with who you are and our desire to hear what YOU have to say…. and a ton of us don’t care about the subject at all! :) You’ll have just as many fans (or friends) after leaving wow. So this isn’t a goodbye at all! We’re just tired of talking about wow and we’re gonna go hang out at some different bars to have some different conversations.

    Unlike a lot of people who just disappear when they leave the wow community, I know you’ll still be around just as much. Just don’t abandon the twitter feed! Because then we’d mourn!

    Best of luck with your new endeavors, good luck with the health concerns, please feel better… and we’ll all just make sure to change our bookmarks to your new sites. :)

  5. Like hell if I’m saying bye to you lady, we just met. We have plenty of zombies and booze to talk about before I’m done with you.

    But all the same <3 Been reading you a long time, as you know. You were always someone to look up to and it's been an honor to know you as a priest.

    See ya in Tweetspace <3<3<3

  6. Thank you for all you have given on this site and to the priest community, Ava. You have taught me so much and if I am a half-way decent Disc priest now I owe it to you and this site. I will always come back to Toap, but I will miss you here.
    Thanks again for everything.

  7. Thanks guys; as I said, it’s been a blast, but closing one door simply opens up another, and the support I’ve gotten from many of you and others outside of the community has been overwhelming. It’s comforting to know it will follow on to other projects because honestly – without you guys, there’s no point.

    It’s getting kinda of sappy in here, isn’t it? *flicks booger*

  8. Ava!

    My heart dropped to read this post, but I wish you well in all the fun adventures you seem to have lined up! As many people have commented, I owe you a TON. Because of your posts I was able to become a Disc priest that not only liked to heal but was able to feel bad ass about it :) There’s no way I could have done it without ToaP and your posts!

    Best of luck to you,

  9. Farewell Avalonna.

    You wrote well and your posts were always worth reading.

    Good luck with what comes next.

    Gobble gobble.

  10. Ava,
    As a long time reader of this site it is an understatement to say the you will be greatly missed. That said I wish you much success and happiness in your future ventures. Take care.

  11. Take care! You will be missed, as well as your disco insight, it was a great help for me and it’s a bit sad to see you go. But have fun in all those new things you’re doing and maybe someday… just someday you will be back again ;)

  12. Its been great reading your articles here, they have provide this GM with a means of understanding the priest class to share with my fellow guildies. Good luck with your future endeavors you will be missed here at ToaP.

  13. I admit, I came late to the priest party and even as a druid, I knew what kind of impact the two of you had on the community and the respect that you two had earned from both priests and non-priests.

    I respect the hell out of you for being successful on your own terms. You have shown that you can be brassy and loud and yourself and still be taken seriously as a gamer and a voice and you really did find a way to have it all and admire that about you.

    There seems to be a trend of people always afraid to walk that line, because they feel they have to keep up that image of being a successful anything and it’s frustrating to see people stifle their amazing personalities and their thoughts, for the sake of that image. I admire you for breaking the mold and making it OK to be different and not ashamed of it.

    You have been an incredible voice for priests and I’m pleased to see Derevka carry on with the site and hopefully you won’t be a stranger and will by stop by and say hello. I’m sure whatever else you move on to will be better off for having you on board.

    Take care and stay sassy. You will be missed.

    - O.

  14. Ava, I’m one of your big fans, and I will miss you. I wish you the very vest in your personal life and other pursuits. I hope you find peace, and a great deal of happiness.

    Ali :)

  15. :’-(

    Best of luck in everything you do!


  16. You’ve tipped your hand.
    I have Ranedor’s facebook now.

    No but seriously, this blog has been a highly interesting source of entertainment for me, because, while I’ve never actually played a priest, it’s always been the class I’ve been interested in.
    Always sad to see a good player go, but at least my priest-knowledge will be help kept up by Derevka.

  17. I was sad to see this post but wish you well in the future. You will be dearly missed, you have many many fans and I personally would like to than you and Derevka for the site, the blogs, the podcasts and everything else.

    Good luck in everything and please keep twittering for us.


  18. Sorry to see you leave our little world as I’ve really enjoyed your contributions here… but wish you all the best in life outside the game!

    And say hello to the Slash2 crew for me, my old guildees Rusty, V and Kormus. I’ve heard you on the podcast and you’ll be a great fit with them I’m sure!

  19. <3

    Good luck!

  20. Well, this kind of sucks to see. :(

    But, good luck to you in your future endeavors. There shall always be Twitter!

  21. d(skill(goodbye))/d(me) = 0

    = – like(farewell) + like(ava)

    d(ava)/d(x) = 0
    => sniff

  22. I just discovered “talesofapriest” Really good material. Thank you.

  23. Will just give you my best.. gl in RL and take care, your writing have been the best I have ever found and I will thank you for all work you have done.

    Kind regards

  24. Now that Derevka has the site all to himself it’s going to be so awesome. Finally he got rid of that Avalonna-thing! That piece of pink elekk-loving trash was just a drunk anyway. No, but seriously hell, we are going to miss you a lot. Really. Individuals contributing to the community like you did do not grow on trees (mainly because we kill them and then they mysteriously vanish to some graveyard before we can start growing on them, especially if they are alliance). There are a few others out there of course and new ones will come but still. The worst part for me personally is that everytime I see something like this happen I have to reconsider my own playing and love for the game. It scares the hell out of me to know that one day the scales will have tipped over for me too. But that’s life and when that day comes I guess it’s not asfrightening anymore as new interesting pieces of IRL has already infected my brain and started to take over my personailty. Until then I’ll find some comfort in that b-movies may finally upgrade to B+ when you dig deeper in to that flesh.

    I’ll shoot of a Dalaran firework rocket or two for you

  25. All the best and may your life be full of surprises, wonderful people and love!

    Thank you for all you did for the priest community!

    /me salutes

  26. Thank you for your posts for the priest community…
    I wish you all the best, good luck for your future projects !

  27. @ Oestrus – it’s funny you say that, because I had a similar conversation with a certain poster here (She knows who she is :D ). When you hide who you are, you’re just kidding yourself. No, not everyone is going to like you, but if you’re not liked for who you are, what’s the point? How can you have fun like that? And if you write or play as someone you’re not…is it really your own?

    And to all of you -Thank you for all the kind words.

    Maybe the door is not shut permanently, but as of this moment, I just can’t continue writing even did I do continue to play. Projects, health, time…all are frowning down on me….especially health. I’ll just have to stick my hand up derevka’s fat ass and let him be a disc puppet. Consider me lurking for now. But you all know where to find me!

    By the way….does anyone have a spare kidney?

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