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Triage HealingLightwell and an Open Letter to DPS

Traige healing is here! What does this mean to you? Mainly, it means you need to get used to the fact that you will not see your raid at 100% HP at all times. This could take you some time to get used to, and you’ll have to resist the urges to immediately top off all the members of your raid — if you try to, you’ll find mana pool bone dry and your tank getting decimated by the boss. Mana conservation is the name of the game here.

Not only do you need to get comfortable with always seeing your raid not at 100% HP, but also your raid does too.  I am looking at you, DPS… Everyone has exceptionally higher health pools than we did in Wrath. This means we can take a hit, or two, or three before we die. This allows healers to prioritize their targets better, and know if a DPS will die in 2 seconds or if you can wait a moment before you get to them. This “choice” is a huge component of Cata healing.

Ok, I’ll say it:  I have officially done a 180 on my thoughts about Lightwell. If you asked me what I thought about Lightwell a month ago, I would have whined and complained about how it requires too much external interaction, and that very few people actually clicked it. With how mana conservation works (especially early in Cata), we’ll need to strongly consider speccing into Lightwell– if not for just the mana efficiency.

Dear DPS,
It is a different world out there to the healers, we need to make tough decisions and sometimes those choices mean putting off healing you in favor of someone who needs it more urgently. If you see that you are low on HP, and the healers are preoccupied with a lot of tank damage, boss abilities, mobility, what have you… and you feel that you are in an urgent need of a heal, you have options available to you: Healthstones, Health Potions, Bandages, and… Lightwells. Click the Lightwell. Lightwell is put out for you to use and be able to contribute to the survivability of the raid. Dead DPS is no DPS.

No, really… click it. If you die, and you are not taking responsibility for your own health, it’s on you: not on the healers.

A few things you should know about Lightwell:
- Lightwell has a finite number of charges. (10 or 15 when glyphed).
- Lightwell’s HoT will break if you take damage equal to 30% of your HP.
- Lightwell can be clicked from 20 yards away.
- You cannot get another charge of Lightwell Renewal until after your existing one expires.
- Lightwell does NOT change your target.
- Lightwell has a 3 minute cooldown, sometimes the charges are used up before the CD is available again.
- We don’t expect you to run clear across the room to click Lightwell, if we place it poorly that is on us; but if it is within a reasonable distance from you and it requires you to take a step or two during your GCD, do it.

Much Love,
Your Healers

Now, priests just because you put the Lightwell out in the battlefield, it doesn’t mean you are home free. You need to remember a few things yourself:

- If you can safely precast Lightwell before the pull, do so. You’ll be back at 100% mana and have your Lightwell out.
- PLACE IT IN AN APPROPRIATE AREA! Having a Lightwell in a place that no one can easily get to isn’t going to help anyone. Consider placing it in spots that you know will be in reach of many people as the fight goes on, and in spaces that you know people will be taking damage.
- Recast Lightwell when it is off cooldown– it is cheaper to cast Lightwell than it is to cast a couple Renews!
- Pre-pull Lightwells should be cast with Inner Fire active for the spellpower buff. Remember: Inner Fire/Will costs no mana. This means if you want to switch, you can swap mid fight to recast Lightwell.
- Remind people to use the Lightwell. If you are running OOM, and your raid needs heals, remind people to click the Lightwell.  (I might have yelled at people who needed heals and were standing right next to it…. might have.)

Lightwell has the potential of being a great tool for you and your raid to use, you simply need to get EVERYONE, priests included, in the habit of using it and understanding how it works.

How have you been fairing on getting your raid to use the Lightwell?

Tip: Click the lightwell.

Written By: on December 14, 2010
  1. My raid fares pretty well is using it. We have this one priest who had the best outburst I’ve ever heard.

    A handy tip – macro a “/yell” & “/raid /party” announcing you placed the lightwell. Make it as annoying as possible so it can’t be ignored. I knew I had a great macro when Derevka told me how annoying it was. Coincidentally, my lightwell had the most uses.

  2. Derv, Any thoughts on Healing as a priest, Holy/Disc? I’m adapting to the changes, but I’m noticing I cant keep up with any other heal class, I’m struggling with Mana, and I’m noticing that my healing counterparts (classes) are not having the same issues. But honestly looking at everything being equal there seems to be an issue with priest regen. Take a look at WolL for other guilds, priests are getting owned. And lawls PoH spam in 25′s? lol! the one spell that would /oom me in WotLK is now a staple Aoe heal! I guess theres recently been a Blue post about it, but it’s rather unclear.

  3. I know that Beruthiel mentioned something about actually going thru her guild’s raid logs and talking to people that were showing as not using the Lightwell. I think that’s mighty cool.

    In terms of my own guild, they have been pretty receptive to it and I have even had other healers get on board with announcing that it is up and reminding people to use it before pulls.

    I do have a yell macro that I use to announce that it’s up and I have toyed with the idea of using Leap of Faith to “motivate” people to use it.

    I’m also quite interested in using Lightwell as another cooldown, of sorts. Say if the tank pulls more than he/she intends to and you can tell you’re going to blow everything you have to keep people up. I agree that Lightwell is best as a pre-emptive spell, but it can make a great spell to use on the fly, as a spur of the moment cast or cooldown. I think it deserves more mention, in that sense, too.

    I’m glad to see you came around. I’ve been enjoying it. There is still much work that could be done to make it even better and more reliable, but I’ll take it for what it is now.

    Have you had any issues with Chakra just… not working? I’ve been dealing with it for quite some time and wanted to know if I was the only one. It sure feels like it!

  4. As a DPSer, I ask that priests do not place Lightwells in front of people. I mean, I realize that putting the well smack in people’s faces makes it clear that there is a Lightwell and you can USE it, but now I can’t use it, because I keep clicking on the person standing in front of or around the Lightwell instead of on the Lightwell itself.

    I really do *try* to click the Lightwell, but I believe priests need a primer on good placement and bad placement. At least, some of them. >.>

    1. What are you doing clicking on your mobs? Try /assist targeting or tab-targeting.

      1. Sometimes it’s easier to use nameplates to click on mobs – not always, but sometimes. I do this as shadow, as well, though not often.

      2. I’m pretty sure he was saying when he clicks the lightwell, he winds up targeting the person standing next to it instead of interacting with the well.

  5. I’ve been a Lightwell priest since ToC, when I came around to playing a priest (after warlock, shaman, warrior and death knight as various “mains”), and my guildmates will (generally) use it – especially hunters and mages. I even ran a random dungeon the other day and a shaman said “Yay!” when I put the Lightwell down. I think people are starting to get used to the idea that healers’ mana is a lot more strained than it used to be – well, some people, and they’ll use the thing. Though, it is rare that it goes through a full 10 charges before coming off cooldown, but we haven’t done any raiding just yet. I need to set up a Power Aura for Lightwell, though, strangely enough… Forte really just doesn’t cut it for me on some of the longer cooldowns.

  6. Thanks for this! I may macro my Inner Fire to Lightwell-what a great idea!

  7. I don’t like Lightwell. My issue with it is that it’s a completely passive form of healing. I enjoy playing a healer so that I can, umm, heal people. Directly.

    That said, I think I am probably going to re-spec and take it. Mana has been tight on some of the harder heroic bosses and Lightwell may be the solution, as much as I dislike it.

    1. It’s still a reactve form of spell although the consciousness should come from the ones being healed. All in all Lightwell requires consciousness on both the priest and your group. I have been a Lightwell user since WotLK first because of the functionality, and ofcourse how the way it looks. Lightwell’s throughput at WotLK at an ICC gear ticks around 5.2K+ so now that stats runs high it gives out even more!

  8. @ Senres: That’s actually been part of the problem. We as healers have been a bit too active. We have been healing people through stupid mistakes and lapses of judgment or just plain old not wanting to do the right thing to stay alive. We have had that knee jerk reaction to even the slightest bit of damage and it’s put us a bit on auto pilot.

    We are now dealing with a healing model in which “Help me help you” is a big important rule. We simply do not have the mana to actively heal someone every time their health bar falls. Our main focus needs to be the tank and for particularly difficult fights, we can only stray from them for so long.

    Lightwell provides a wonderful opportunity to still heal those who need it, but places the responsibility on the DPS or even tanks to click on it. If they choose to refuse those heals, then that falls on them, not on you.

    I think healers could stand to be a bit more passive with their healing and this certainly seems like the expansion to give that a try.


  9. I have to hold my hands up here, for ages I declined to take Lightwell as a talent. That changed when I went from my casual guild to a more serious raid guild for a while. The Priest healer would always pop a Well, and in fact the raidleader would tell him where it was to be placed as a matter of pre pull dialogue.

    I have now taken it, and have been raiding in ICC and on my levelling thru Cata. I will definitely be carrying it into Cata hcs. I will also be checking my party’s use of it regularly in fights, so I can keep on top of it. Mana is a high consideration, not just for Priests but also when raiding starts for the other healers, they will also be grateful for the added help in conservation.

    /Click the Well at the beginning of the fight, before you start taking too many hits.

  10. Lightwell is an absolute godsend on a number of raid encounters, not to mention there’s no faster way to blanket a portion of the raid with hots than to say “click on the Lightwell”. (In Chimaeron’s collapse, it’s saved a number of lives).

    It’s amazing to think that we used to make fun of our Lolwell holy priest in Wrath for dropping one during every encounter, but now even the most obstinate dpsers have been asking “where’s the lightwell?!”

  11. I got lol as a resto druid when I told the guild they need Potions, Bandages.

  12. Great post. I’m glad I found this blog. It seems all the other priest blogs have died.

  13. Great post. I’m glad I found this blog. It seems all the other priest blogs have died.

    I’ve been setting lightwell in between the ranged and melee. This has provided decent usage but I need them to get used to using it more often.

  14. @ Mannaro: Check out http:/, which Derevka is kind enough to plug on here, too. We are quite active – with the exception of a brief period of silence while we quest and hit level 85. Come check us out!


  15. This was a wonderfull read, thanks for the post.
    I’m going to adjust my mindset to keep the health pools not topped off all the time.

  16. I wanted to add a couple tips that people might have discovered by now, but a lot of the people haven’t seen.

    1. You can place the lightwell down pre-fight anywhere. I’ve never seen it aggro a mob or boss, even when stuck right next to them (from my experience in 5-mans and Heroics). So even if you’re going to be fighting right on top of where the boss is standing, go ahead and throw it out there pre-fight (just don’t facepull the boss on the way).

    2. Not only does Lightwell clicking not change your target or take a GCD, it can be done *while you’re casting another spell*. So tell your group members that if you’re casting a GHeal, or that mage is casting a Frostbolt, or any other ability, move your mouse on over there and give the Lightwell a click. You’ll get healed while you’re doing something else. Think about how efficient that makes you!

    1. It actually cancels hymn of hope and divine hymn when you click on the lulzwell. I’m not sure if that’s “working as intended” though!

  17. Awareness seems to be the bottom line in Cataclysm, and so long as we’re getting a workout sweating over CD’s and triage healing, our raid partners need to exercize a little extra awareness on behalf of their HP, and Lightwell is an excellent way to do this.
    I’ve been using LW since it came out of the box, so my friends and guildies are generally aware of it’s presence. Although in LK it was considered an “emergency” device, it’s utility is put to use far more often now.

    1. P.S. I’m a big fan and yr work here has been invaluable to me thru the expansion adjustment. Thanks so much.

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