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The Cataclysmic State of DiscBaby, it's not you - it's me

First off, I know what you’re going to say. Just stop right there and wipe that smug look off your face. I blame all of you for me being here. That’s right – YOU.  All your chitter chatter on twitter and facebook. The emails. The previews. That fiendish asshole Derevka singing how amazing I am, & bribing me with a baby boomkin pet. IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE HOW CAN I RESIST???!!! Add in the fact that once I left, he tried “classing” the site up by adding doilies & curtains everywhere, and now it looks like this – enough is enough. Don’t expect me to match him post for post -I’m simply back to bring the trash to his class, so get the “I told you so’s” out of your system.

Now – back on topic. Disc really didn’t get off to a good start, did it? The PoH/DA issue, the Mastery issue & changing mechanics lead priests to the forums in droves to cry ‘foul’. Now while there were some issue effecting disc functionality, and those have been adjusted (more on that later), we really don’t believe the problem was a huge as people made it out to be – mechanics, gear, & perception all compounded the issue.

Gear, Glyphs,  & Stats: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Wrath spoiled a lot of people. Get to 80, buy some 245/264 gear off the AH, join an ICC pug and slam your face on the keyboard to epics. I think we’ve all seen what happens when you try that at 85, but, like me with a hot stove, people don’t learn until they burn themselves…usually several times over.

So some of the perception of priests being “broken” came down discovery. The tanks had to learn to slow down & learn to generate threat. DPS had to get CC spells on their bars, learn something called “assisting” and realize that the days of healers keeping them up thru Stupid Shit were over . And healers had to learn the art of “triage” and “acceptable casualties” and proper spell usage. To disc priests, that meant gearing properly, and realizing we had to do more than flash heal & PW:S.

1) Gear & Stats:

So how DO you gear properly? What stats do you need? Like most healing questions, there is no cut and dry answer. Intellect is a priority, as is spirit – Drop the Wrath mentality; you’re still going to need the regen. As for Crit, Haste and Mastery…well, it depends on what you’re doing. For single target healing, crit seems to mathematically come out on top and there’s a much lower reliance on mastery. However, I am almost never simply spamming heals on the tank. I find value in haste for smites, and haste/mastery for PoH, especially when you consider the large amount of encounters with heavy raid damage (especially since PoH is now guaranteed to proc a DA on the targets) that will consume the DA. Renewed hope & Inner Focus gives me a little breathing room on crit for when I am single target healing.

The TL;DR version: Int, then Spirit, then find a balance of haste, mastery & crit that suits your needs & style. Also keep in mind this is for heroics & entry level raiding at 85. Things can (and will) change and we’ll update as we go.

2) Glyphs:


  • Penance: Reduces your cooldown on this heal. It’s cheap, it’s instant, and it applies 3x grace fast. I found great value in it for 5 mans, however, with the Atonement/ToT spec, I’m questioning it’s necessity – it will probably, like many things, down to what encounter I’m on -if I can’t reliable use the ToT penance cooldown reduction, this glyph’s value increases. More to come on this later
  • Prayer of Healing: I’ve found this invaluable for both 5 mans and raid encounters.
  • Glyph of PW: Barrier/PW:Shield : While barrier doesn’t have much use in 5 mans, I’ve found it’s use in raids to be unquestionable. On the other hand, I’m finding very little use for PW:S in raids when compared to other options.
  • ** Glyph of Renew: I’ve added this just as a way to keep it in the back of your mind. In wrath, most Disc priests didn’t touch renew, but it’s actually worth a look now, and you may find a place for it. More on this in specs.


  • Divine Accuracy: I’m smitin’ – I can’t be missin’.
  • Mass Dispel: We can no longer talent for the cast time reduction. In order to get a .5 sec (unhasted) cast time, you’ll need this. The good news is Holy priests can now pick this up too.
  • Holy Nova/ Dispel : Again, fight & choice dependent. I use holy nova on high mobility fights. A little “cheater” tidbit: if you leveled as shadow, the dispel glyph is a good way to heal yourself without dropping shadow form.


  • Fortitude: You’ll appreciate this when you have to buff someone rezzed in combat.
  • Levitate: Personal preference. Levitate comes in handy and bag space is too precious
  • Shadowfiend/Shadow protection: again, personal choice. The shadowy idiot isn’t as dumb as he once was, so you might not miss that glyph if you take Shadow Protection

Specs & Mechanics: Ol’ Gray Mare just ain’t what she used to be

I am currently using a 31/8/2 spec for most fights where I am disc in raiding. Let me ‘splain why.

Stop. Spamming. Shields.

How you heal has changed.Remember when we pleaded and begged back in Wrath for disc priests to remember their other buttons besides Power Word: Shield? Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. That shield happy spamming method will get you screwed faster than a drunk teenager at prom. You just can’t do it. Even putting the mana drain issue aside, look at how Rapture now functions: Multiple shields consumed at the same time return mana for only ONE shield.   It used be be you could “cheat” this mechanic (Think Lich King)  – multiple shield procs within this 12 second window would return mana for each shield. BUT NOT ANYMORE. Cast 5. Cast 10. You’re only getting a return on ONE. Spamming shields becomes a massive drain of on your limited resources.

The good news is the 3/3 return has been adjusted from 2.5% of total mana to 6%. ForteXorsist will track your rapture cooldown, but I’ve also been using Ingela’s Rapture Tracker. So because I find myself actually casting PW:S every 12 secs, I dropped Soul Warding entirely. This is something you will need to evaluate & decide on. I’ve heard some arguments for 5 mans & multiple shielding, but I found using one shield & a BT PoH is more efficient, especially if the DA will be consumed.

I’ve seen a lot of back and forth over Strength of Soul. It sounded good, in theory. In practice, even when 1/2, I found myself working against the rapture ICD and struggling to find a place for heal – it just was rather ineffective, & I dropped it all together. I use what I call “The Focusing ToT” spec – the Atonement/AA spec combined with Inner Focus and Train of Thought. Atonement healing during periods of low damage keeps melee/Tank topped off, while macroing Inner Focus to both Gheal and Prayer Of Healing give me the sustainability I need. Here’s an IF mouseover macro (PoH will work the same way, but if you’re not using a mod that extends macro limits, you need to leave the showtool off):

#showtooltip Greater Heal
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast Inner Focus
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead] [help,nodead] [target=player] Greater heal
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

I know there were many naysayers about the Smite/Atonement spec, and I stubbornly supported it. It was rather underpowered, but it seems this is really an intended mechanic, and several buffs seem to support my theory of it’s viability. The amount of healing applied by Atonement has been increased, the affected target can have DA applied, the range of an atonement target has been increased to 15 yards, now atonement targets are affected by healing modifiers (like AA), AND it can proc a DA on the heal recipient. This is a GREAT mechanic. Used in conjunction with Archangel, it’s powerful, and I find myself using it over Heal exclusivly. The key is knowing WHEN to use this in a raid setting. Know your encounters so you can predict the ebb and flow of lesser and higher damage. I also use this macro, as it will smite my target’s target:

#showtooltip Smite
/cast [@mouseovertarget, harm] [@mouseover, harm] [@targettarget, harm] [harm] Smite

You’ll notice I took 3/3 Inner Sanctum – it’s really a toss up between that or Mental Agility for the next tier. I found the increased movement speed of IW and the damage reduction of IF to be more valuable in raids, considering my limited use of instant cast spells. One thing to note is 3/3 is giving a ~2200 mana cost to IF; I’m not sure if this is a bug, since the tooltip mentions no cost. However, I find myself switching between the two far less than as holy, and it hasn’t proven an issue…for now.

I also took 2/3 Darkness. Again, your mileage may vary, but I’ve found it useful in most situations. I also tried out putting those two points in Surge of Light, given my ample use of smite. It just didn’t seem to proc enough to warrant giving up the haste. Admittedly, however, I don’t feel I’ve collected enough log data or experience with it to give it a thumbs up or down. There’s also a change going in on Tuesday that will now allow SoL to proc from Flash Heal/Greater Heal and can crit. Im going to have to revisit this.

Now I also want to mention renew here. When I was running 5 mans as disc I used a 31/10 spec that included heavy use of renew (Keep your Inner Will up!!) – it’s not a dirty word for disc. It’s a great way to keep Grace on the tank, keep dps alive, and even at early haste levels with BT, you can hit that extra tick mark. Renew ticks can also crit and proc what we like to call “mini Aegises” (it’s fun to say). Even in raids, I try to keep it ticking on the tank. Try it out before you poo poo it.

One thing I do want to mention regarding 5 mans & heroics: In the beginning, yes – it is more difficult for disc. Disc is more gear dependent, and we don’t have the extra gains from spirit that holy does. The reason Derevka and I call ourselves “healing priests” is because we aren’t married to one spec – we have no issues using one or the other. However, I do know many people have no desire to go holy, so be prepared. If you find yourself struggling, run with guildies when possible, run regulars to gear up and purchase reputation gear, or craft/buy what you can. You’ll find that as familiarity with the dungeons increase, as do others gear, the strain on you will lessen even more.

Several people have also asked me disc healing vs holy healing in raids ie which is better, and again, there is no answer to this. It will come down to your role, the fight, and the raid make up, as well as the skill of the players.  Some fights will favor holy, some might let disc shine. Some fights you might be better raid healing over tank healing.  And there will be other fights where your utility is favored over your output (Chimaeron, for example). The success of the raid is more important than your place on the meters.

Odds N’ Ends:

  • For tailors, Lightweave embroidery is granting INTELLECT, not spellpower, as the tooltip states. This may factor into your gearing/gemming. It’s a toss up however, if it is better than Darkglow if you are having mana issues. When factoring in ICD and raidbuffs, darkglow can be worth slighty more mana over the course of a fight. However, Lightweave also provides regen in it’s own right, minor crit, and if it procs during a fiend usage or Hymn, it can better than darkglow.
  • Power Infusion: Another spell to shift from Wrath mentality. Both the mana reduction and haste are excellent tools for you to use ON YOURSELF, and a great tool for when you are in a hairy situation &/or need to pump out lots of healing.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’m sure I forgot something, but if I didn’t have this ready by today, Derevka’s non stop nagging would have caused me to snap and take out a busload of school children. I should have another post soon, probably between next week & when ever the hell I feel like it.

Written By: on December 28, 2010
  1. I’ve found that the smite spec can give your five man party that extra 4k dps to help defeat a boss. I’ve only ran disc in two heroics so far but it has been interesting. I just keep the tank shielded and smite away. I use greater at about 50%. I’m probably not using penance or renew as much as I should be and obviously I use prayer of healing during party dmg.

  2. See… you blame me; but you know deep down that you never were leaving.

    Few things I want to add: Remember renew can crit, so it will create mini DAs. Not much, but its just added and free buffer on the tank.

    I do want to underscore the fact that we are HEALING PRIESTS, not Disc or Holy Priests. We need to realize that we need to be dynamic in how we respond to fight mechanics and the like. Both Ava and myself switch between Disc and Holy as the fight calls for it. Sometimes we have 3… yes THREE, holy priests in a 25 man raid, other times 2 and 1 Disc… It really just depends on what the fight calls for.

    Disc, as a general rule, is a bit more gear dependent than Holy. Why? Because Disc needs a fair amount of crit to reliably create Aegises on the Tank. (yes, even as AA spec). I’ve made this parallel to folks a number of times in the past and perhaps this is redundant— Think of Disc Priest Specs like a Fire Mage. Both are similarly dependent on Crit. One KEY exception, however, is that a low crit Fire Mage can play his toon as Fire, however his DPS just will be lower than that of a higher Crit Spec’d Fire Mage. Conversely, a low crit Disc Priest will have low healing/absorb output and likely not be able to keep up with incoming damage. (Prior to earlier buffs, they also would have had substantial mana issues- but that seems to have corrected itself with the Rapture buff, provided the priest is watching their Rapture CD and using it maximally). If you are still spamming PW:S and using Flash Heal as a primary heal- stop. (See Ava’s linked picture above)

    Keep trying BOTH specs, enjoy Holy; enjoy Disc. Figure out where you need/should be each spec in a given dungeon/raid.

    1. Didn’t I JUST say this, you loquacious twat?

      I used a big word! YAY AVA!

      1. I was reiterating your point! God! You insufferable witch! <3

  3. Can I say I love you? Is that okay? ^____^ This gave me a good perspective on what I’ve been seeing as a lot of conflicting information about Disc, thank you.

    One question, did you still use Smite/AA/Atonement in 5-man heroics? I’m just starting and it’s rough. I feel like I need less RNG heals until I can get better gear. I also hate the wasted cast times on smite if the target dies. Are these logical reasons to spec out of it at early gear stages for solo healing or am I just being overly doubtful?

    1. Sure you can. You probably shouldn’t hug me though – I bite.

      I won’t lie; when I started level 85 5 mans about 3 days after release, I simply went holy. My gear and crit/regen levels, coupled with new dungeons and other equally geared people, were just too poor. I love holy just as much, & it wasn’t as gear dependent. Could it have been done? Sure. But I’m impatient & why start a fire with sticks when you have a flamethrower?

      I understand some people don’t want to go holy, and that’s fine – it’s perfectly doable with disc. It’s a lot easier now with recent changes & now that people understand that heroics can’t be rolled thru like Wrath ones, and yes, I do use the smite/AA spec in them. Once you get a feel for the fights, you’ll become more comfortable knowing when and what tools to use. I do suggest turning on a Target of Target frame in whatever unit frames you use – that will allow you to easily see the mob’s health of whatever person you are assisting for smite, and you can decide if it’s worth that one last cast.

  4. Thanks for the post Ava, so so glad to have anything to read on disc. Seems a lot of people are just going holy and while it is my offspec I prefer disc and like to have other people’s opinion of what they think is working and what isn’t. There are still two or three heroic bosses I heal as holy but I’ve only been disc in raid and am really enjoying it. Also I couldn’t be happier they killed the bubble monkey.

    Has there been an eta on the possible change to Surge? I find myself casting Gheal a ton and honestly not doing my with Heal at this point, the tanks are just getting hard in blues and a few epics in a raid setting and Heal just can’t keep up. Also is anyone else still having the bug where Inner Focus is not firing and says “Ability is not ready.” even when it is clearly off cd?

  5. omg ive read so much info on gear stats for Disc…I have to say im a little confused. :(
    I didnt think we needed as much crit these days due to auto procing of DA’s on PoH etc….
    Any gear with crit on it i have reforged to mastery.. or haste so I have about a 2sec cast time on PoH using BT as I tend to feel more comfortable raid healing right now.
    Ive also gone back to using the AA spec. Since the fix ive been seeing some nice 30k+ atonement crits and happily most have landed on the tank !
    In my AA spec I picked up surge of light – whilst it dosent proc often – it has made it possibe to use the free heal to top someone up other than the tank. Would be nice if it were to proc a lot more.

    1. Regarding Crit vs Haste vs Mastery:

      I’ve reforged all of my crit gear to (primarily) haste or mastery, and my crit stat is STILL highest, due to both intellect contributing to crit directly, and the sheer amount of crit on all the healing gear I’ve managed to find. It seems no matter what I do to boost specific stats, they tend to stay pretty balanced, being only a point away from each other… unless I unreforge everything, at which point I have an ungodly amount of crit (25+, as opposed to the roughly 12 it is now).

      Once you start gemming, you can hybridize with Potents (crit int) if you want that double bang in crit but still want the benefits of int, or Misty (crit spirit) gems if you feel short in mp5. … But I’ve gemmed others, not feeling short in the Crit department.

  6. @Bella

    I thought the SoL change went in yesterday, although I didn’t get a chance to verify that, much less try it out. I find myself predominetly Gheal as well; with the AA/IF/ToT spec & dropping SoS, I really felt no need to work heal in at this point. I can’t say I’ve noticed the IF issue, since I macro it in with an error cancel. I’ll try to play with it and see.


    You are absolutely right! That’s why I said a more single target focused build (think Tank healing) seems to benefit more from crit. However, if you predominantly using PoH, the need for crit goes behind Haste. You still need crit for other spell usage, but with current gear levels, we need to pick and choose. Sorry if I wasn’t clear!

    1. I thought it was going in as well but I didn’t get a chance to respec and try it. I have it macroed to PoH, FHeal (which I rarely use), BHeal and GHeal and the error message I should cancel out but I have noticed it mostly on a few occasions where I was completely oom and it was off CD that I still received the message. My GM has a similar issue with Soul Burn on his alt warlock and told me from what he hear it was an issue with us spamming macros while it was on CD locking the spell, but I have encountered it occaisionally even out of combat. I’ve opened two or three tickets and get the standard “known issue” reply in a form in game mail.

  7. Excellent right up. I’m happy you are back and did this write up for us all to enjoy. I stayed dedicated to my smite/AA spec, even through critism and advice from guild members. Although it was very rough at first, I’m finding that as my gear improves, and I start to become more familiar with the fights, the low mana cost/high performance heals it provides are exactly what I need to stay more mana efficent and increase my healing when it is necessary.

    If anyone is interested in a fight where you are literally required to use every healing mechanic at your disposal (as disc), I would recommend the first boss in Shadowfang Keep – Baron Ashbury. I would say this is the most difficult boss I’ve seen thus far in my heroic encounters. We wiped several times, and by the last fight (where we finally downed him) I had everything timed down to the second. I would venture to say that Disc healing was specifically tailored to this fight. There are “downtimes” between dispells to increase your evangalism. Archangel – then inner focus a PoH to help bring the group up a bit from his massive AOE grab. You have to know when to hymn, or smite, or greater heal – because if you get stuck in the middle of a fight, and a party member gets the debuff, you are losing him.

    I know as my gear improves, this fight will become easier – but honestly, starting out heroics, at 329 – this fight was where it was at.

    yeah, that was super long. :)

  8. Love you, Ava and so happy to see another post from you. I was all a-twitter when I read it :)
    I am using the Shield Glyph, Penance and POH glyphs…depending on the 10man I sometimes swapping out for Barrier.
    I have an Evang/AA spec that I like using on certain encounters, but I find that since because I am in a two healer environment mostly that I find myself using the non AA spec on more occasions- I really like having those shadow talents and some of the holy tree at my disposal.
    I am not happy with my non-POH DA procs atm…I would like to get more procs from Greater Heal, Heal etc. for the tank (my initial Penance/POH DA proc gets eaten in no time flat these days), so I am toying with the idea of the spirit/crit meta… any idea how/if that crit part of the meta affects our DA?
    Woot, so happy to read your post and thanks again!

    1. It doesn’t perform as well as the Int option for many reasons, but the biggest reason is the crit portion does NOT increase your chance to crit, but rather the healing DONE by your crits. Don’t forget mastery is not the only way to boost shields – it’s still SP dependent.

      Mathematically, the int option pulls ahead in best case/worst case scenarios, and I can’t say I disagree from applying the results.

  9. Loving Disc =)

  10. When I first started doing 5 man heroics in cata, I rolled holy as it was the spec I was in during the end of WofLK. One of my guildies convinced me to go disc for a bit so I did and at the time was having less mana troubles with disc than holy. However with the huge health pools we’re sporting now I feel disc thoroughput to be too low. I’ve had tanks die on my while I was channeling penance on them! This should never happen. With shields dependent on mastery instead of spellpower, I also feel that PW:S is also a bit weak. And that is why I am loving holy right now. Having an instant, cheap, reliable, single target heal like HW: Serenity is very comforting to me when stuff is going down.

  11. Bella I, too, have been having problems with Inner Focus being off CD and being “not ready yet” – I have tried it both ways, with and without a macro. It really sucks.

    1. Glad to know it isn’t just me, I’ve opened tickets and been told known issue. It’s a bit lame. I tried with and without my macros as well, hopefully soon it’s fixed.

      Otherwise loving disc as always :)

      1. Bella, I have a sneaking suspicion that the spamming of this spell has something to do with it bugging out. I hope they are working on it. Bella do you use it with clique? I am wondering if that is part of the problem.

        Dethog *is* Greater Heal a mana efficient spell? Greater Heal uses 27% of base mana at level 85 compared to Prayer of Healing which uses 26% of base mana. That is why I have been using the Inner Focus macro on Greater Heal as well as POH.
        Your idea to pop it onto flash heal is a great idea and I will try that out.

        1. I agree with you simplehiccup, PoH is also a mana efficient heal, the reason i use it aswell as Fheal macro’d to IF is to give a choice when the cd is up. If no single target heal is needed, I will use PoH to consume it.

          One aspect I overlooked until this article made me think again is using with Gheal you immediately reduces the cd of your next IF by 5 secs.

          I am one of those nerdy healer types who enjoys the whole process of setting up power aura’s, to watch cooldowns, procs etc. I think however if you macro Inner Focus to all four of the available spells, you will be pretty close to maximising it. Most important, use on cooldown and abuse Gheal to reduce the cooldown.

        2. I do use clique but have also taken Inner Focus out of my macro and am having the same difficulty getting it to fire when not bound. I tried last night in Blackrock Descent and still had the problem on basically every third attempt.

  12. Fantasic article, really big help for those of us still feeling our way through heroics and early T11 raiding. Disc does not seem to nearly as weak as many are saying (although I agree it is more gear dependant than holy, but the gap closes quickly with gearing in heroic dungeons).

    My spec sounds very similar to yours, i too have mostly dropped heal in favor of smite and greater heal to reduce IF cooldown. One slight difference now do not macro Inner Focus to Gheal, only PoH and Flash heal. IF/Flash Heal gives a regular free tank stabiliser (occasionally dps saver), or choose PoH if appropriate. Gheal is very mana efficient anyway and seem as waste of Inner Focus to me.

    I also do not seem to be suffering from IF bug. This maybe because i do not have it macro’d to a spell that is normally spammed?

  13. I forgot to post a response – yes, I am also receiving this error. And yes, it’s annoying. But as someone stated, it’s a known issue so I’m assuming they’re working to resolve it?

    The Fheal idea is a nice one; I prefer it on gheal because I find myself in a ‘tank watching’ role. I want to re-visit the SoL spec so this may influence my decision on that.

    1. I coudn’t cast Shadowfiend either when I was totally oom and had to wait for a few sec to regen a bit of mana before I could cast it. No addon nor macros and CD was over.

    2. *Is* it a known issue? Please please please if you haven’t done so and you are also noticing this, would you all post this problem in the wow bug forums? I have not seen a blue post yet regarding this serious bug.
      Here is where I posted:

  14. Casting Renew gets an extra tick when cast under the effect of borrowed time, in effect a 25% boost.

    1. Correct; I mentioned that at the renew bit at the end. Although I probably should have spelled out “borrowed time”….eh, fuck it! :)

  15. What do you think about the tier 2 set which increases critical strike chance of heal by 5%. When you have an evangilism based spec then you won’t (ever?) cast heal. This means that you will not benefit from this set bonus.

    Will you change your spec to be without evangilism or appeal to blizzard to make it imply smite aswell?

    Just wanted to know your thoughts on this, and thank you for this nice blog!

    1. Sorry for the late response! I was talking about this with someone the other night…my pain meds seem to not allow me to recall who though :D

      As things currently stand, the bonus itself is now not worth it with mt Evangilsm/ToT/IF spec. For those that would choose an non Evag/SoS spec, it might be worth it. However, I’m behind on doing an overall gear evaluation, so the 2 pc may not outweigh other gear options. I’ll try to do that this weekend. It would be nice if it applied to smite though, but again, I would have to see how that bonus would offset other options.

      I love the Evag spec. I personally think it’s a powerful addition to disc’s arsenal, & as we see it develop & get more exposure, I think those that wont give it a shot are missing out!

      1. Thank you for the response,

        Even now after seeing the new ptr notes with our shield being increased by 218% (or something like that) it seems more viable to spec into Strength of Soul.

        I agree that blizzard should have the 2piece imply smite aswell

        1. I’m not sure if I see the shield increase as a justification of SoS. What it will come down to would be: Is working in the weak heal to reduce the WS cooldown and reapply the shield the best use of time, output and talent points? Or would we be better off continuing with 0/0, shield every 12 and spam Gheal, which is proving pretty effective? We shall see!

  16. Just found this site, love it. Won’t hug any of ya, thou.
    I have noticed something, and im not sure if im correct. Some strange thing with smite heals.. If i found myself not in line of sight with tank, but within with target, smites are hitting normally, but theres no healin effect.. It may be my Milkscrolling not showing it for some reason, didn’t have many occasions to confirm it yet.

    Abaut patch notes- can’t believe this PW:S buff, but honestly, 12k bubbles are kinda weak and i use them mainly for BT bonus and mana return.. Love new PoM glyph, i think ill have to make some room for it.. Think ill swap it for barier/penance glyphs, depending on fight.

  17. Question Ava, with the new changes coming from patch 4.0.6 where surge of light will now proc from heal, smite, greater heal and flash heal; would it be prudent since a disc priest is consistently using greater heal and smite (flash heal in oh s$$% situations) to spec for this and get that free instant flash heal?

  18. What do you think of this now? From the PTR notes.
    “Tailoring: Darkglow Embroidery (Rank 2) now increases Spirit instead of restoring a flat amount of mana.”

  19. “In addition to Strength of Soul’s existing effects, when Power Word: Shield is placed on oneself, the priest becomes immune to silence, interrupt, and dispel effects for 2/4 seconds.”

    Does it sound to you like they are trying to move this talent more toward pvp?

  20. It seems like they are buffin many talents for priests for pvp.. i think we will be among one of classes that will be buffed during next patch

  21. One thing that bothers me lately: does the target that has disco shield on him gets any mana/rage/runic power/etc. gains when shield is consumed as it used to get? Im trying to help out our holy priest as much as i can with mana regeneration, synchronazing usagoe of hymn of hope and passing PI to him whenever some heavy AoE heals needs to be done. Maintainig shield on on 2 persons shouldnt that much of an issue if theres point in it.

    1. Rapture is self only. It no longer provides a Mana/RP/Rage/Energy to the target.

    2. No, only the Priest who casts the shield recieves the mana now from Rapture. Double checked some recent combat logs to confirm this.

  22. BTW fun little tip for Dis if you AA. Get your smite to 5 stack then Archangel (cast a few heals) then smite 5 more times then use Penance. The Penance will get both buffs the 15% more heals and the 30% reduced mana cost. This has been a lifesaver for long fights that i need both mana and fast heals during heavy damage.

  23. Hi all, great site, first post here! what are people focusing on in 4.0.6. i have tried to use shields more often since the patch. prior to patch i kept a balance between haste, mastery and crit. Being more shield hungry should i just keep getting mastery up and drop haste?

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