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Flash Heal: Leap of FaithThe Raid Saver

First, I want to introduce everyone to a new article type here at Tales of a Priest: Flash Heal.

Flash Heal is a short, quick, and easy to understand post. Flash Heal is something you can easily read on a flight path. Flash Heal is meant to be less involved and detailed than a full article you are used to seeing here at Tales. Flash Heal will be a post that will give you some form of tip, trick, or gem of insight on anything from a spell to a boss mechanic.

Leap of Faith, (aka. Lifegrip) I will admit, really wasn’t something I was looking forward to when first announced. Why is it MY job to pull YOU out of your own stupidity? Someone standing in Valiona’s flame breath? Use Leap of Faith. However, after using it in many raid applications for reasons beyond saving your stupid ass, I love it.

There are situations where Leap of Faith is a much quicker and faster way to manage fight mechanics. You can use LoF to quickly get a tank away from one of Cho’gall’s Corrupting Adherent’s pool of blood. When kiting Atramedes’ Roaring Flame Breath use Leap of Faith to increase that kiting distance– Those examples aside, here are many other great, and strong applications of Leap of Faith that may be forgotten.

Dodging Enrage Mechanics:

The 1% wipe. We’ve all seen it. “If we only had a few more seconds, he would have died!!”. Enter Leap of Faith. Usually as a healer, you have a pretty good idea when the fight is starting to fall apart. Many of the fights in T11 content have some form enrage (soft or hard). When you see this coming, start to position yourself in a place where you know you’ll provide the maximum distance from the boss and the tank– you’ll have the tank out of melee range, as well as provide some valuable DPS time when the boss lumbers after the tank in those final moments. The most obvious boss encounter this works well on is Chimaeron, in his burn phase- but the logic can be applied to anything from Halfus’ to Maloriak . (Just don’t pull him into a pack of adds)

Emergency Tank Cooldown:

If you can use Leap of Faith to buy time during an enrage, why can’t you use it as an Emergency Tank Cooldown? Provided you are in a safe position, (and not on a boss with a “cleave” or “cone” mechanic) you can LoF your tank out of the melee range of the boss, providing the valuable few seconds for heals to get off, defensive cooldowns to reset, and your raid to be saved. You should use LoF as a “last resort” and use Pain Suppression or Guardian Spirit when available. Warning: this can be dangerous if you pull the tank out of range of other healers, (remember your tank’s back will also be turned- but if your tank understands LoF, they should know to turn) or will completely screw up your positioning of your strategy– but with a discerning eye and quick reflexes, a repositioned raid is better than a wipe.

Leap of Faith is a great spell in our toolbox… and can be a lot of fun to use on corpse runs, and downtime during raids… to ping-pong your local Boomkin… across the room… 4 times.

Written By: on December 30, 2010
  1. Yes I know, this is probably a bit longer of a post than I would like– but I did have to include the introductory paragraph to Flash Heal. (future Flash Heal posts will have it as the footer).

  2. Important note: when used as an “Emergency Tank Cooldown”, the tanks need to know ahead of time how to react when being pulled with Leap of Faith. LoF will, in fact, make your target rotate to face you. It wont save many people if your tank doesn’t know what happened and doesn’t turn around in time, eating a strike on his back.

    Good post, and interesting new feature on your blog. (:

    1. Exactly! Good point, which should be pointed out when using “Emergency” cooldowns. (Glad you like the feature)

      The applications of LoF are nearly endless. :)

      And of course, I forgot to mention if you are Holy, you should also be applying Body and Soul to your LoF targets. (which can be very helpful for Atramedes kiting if they already have Weakened Soul)

  3. Anna makes a great point. Communication is a must when you pull this puppy out. Unless you’re like me when I was in a guild group the other night and played “yanked the tank” as he was pulling :-)

    I’m still not overly excited about LoF. I see it as a band-aid at best for a short fall in the group. Typically if you are hitting an enrage in the first place DPS is falling short. I said typically…off the top of my head I can’t think of one time that is not the issue, but that can be because of them being dead in the first place (be it healing or standing in stupid shit).

    I don’t know. Fun toy, but it seems extremely situational in practical use. I’ll give it an honest chance. Who knows, I might be surprised.

  4. oh and love the addition to the blog!

  5. Glad to hear you gonna give it a chance (and like the new addition)… I wouldn’t have found the many /practical/ applications of LoF until I Clique/Mouseover bound it to CRTL-Right Click. Once I did that, I had immediate access to using it with a fast reflex. (instead of just having it on a keybind)

    A few other easy use outside of the ones listed: Boiling Blood on P1 Twilight Council, will add for a quicker application of the buff to the ranged group (who should on Feludius).

    Chimaeron has an enrage you have to use kiting, GS, avoidance, and other mechanics to “buy as much time” as you can. Making him trudge across the room when he starts after a DPS can grant you those valuable seconds.

    You’ll find many uses for it aside from “saving people from stupid”— trust me. :D

  6. I like this new feature.

    These are good uses for Leap of Faith. I can certainly think of raids in the past where LoF would have saved a wipe. If all else fails, I can use it to grief my dps friends :)

  7. Although there are many useful raid applications for lifegrip, my favorite use for the spell is steal someone’s dragon in Grim Batol. /evilpriestygrin

  8. Indeed, good points. I’ve just written a post on potential LoF uses today in my guild forums, and I would add maybe that you can also use it to support kiters, be it an MT or DPS. get them from A to B faster once they picked up the aggro (obviously Body & Soul would come handy here too!), assuming you’re already there.

    A second use for me has shown during heroic 5mans lately, I used LoF pretty much like a save for DPS that are about to die – not just because they’re standing in wrong stuff but generally speaking. some melee still haven’t got the message of controlling threat for example, well if need be I’ll just LoF them out and hope it teaches them a lesson, they hate losing dmg after all! =P

  9. I’ve just got to 85 and access to LoF, so not had chance to raid with it yet, but I am already impressed with it, and don’t think it’s just about saving people who are stupid. Ofc there are those – I saved a tank who twice didn’t get inside the lightning triangle on the last boss in the Vortex. So yes, I saved his ass, but with certain death to those who stay outside of the triangle, I saved the whole group and therefore my own. There is also a similar mechanic where the group need to stack at one point on a boss in Grim Batol, though so far everyone I’ve been with has done it properly.

    When 84 I did a LK run with our guild to try to get the achievement for those who had not managed it at 80. The OT died when the edge of the platform fell away. I didn’t have LoF to pull him to me before he fell, and we wiped with no-one to pick up the adds. Saving stupid? Not a bit of it – he had been stunned just as the platform was about to fall away. There are plenty of other cases where people are stunned/rooted/feared/slowed and can’t easily get out of the way of something bad happening.

    Can we LoF people from Valkyrs and other situations like that, where it affects a random party member who has absolutely no way to avoid it, and therefore is not being stupid?

    Given the mana cost and CD it would seem that it is something we could use on a regular basis, not just in an emergency/potential wipe situation. I have just set a macro for it so I can use it instantly in Healbot. What I an hoping is that the current healing mechanics (for Holy) Renew, Chakra, Heal, Heal, etc. that are often enough for much of an encounter to keep a tank up, means that we can be more aware of what other players are doing and whether they are standing in S***. In the past, all I would normally see is that someone starts taking damage and I have to PW:S/Renew, FH or GH them, very quickly or they might die, and I often didn’t have a chance to see if the damage could be avoided any other way. Now I might be able to see it and do something about it.

  10. Derevka doing a short post is like saying saying you’re mostly dead…..not happening outside of extreme form.

    The best use is using pain suppression on myself, and running thru something nasty while I grip him in it.

  11. I am so happy to see other Priests love this spell! I didn’t really use it at first but its a lot of fun yanking the cat druid around while discussing strats, if nothing else. The first time I used it was in HoO to get my laggy Fury Warrior back up on Anhuur’s platform after the first round of switches. Hearing his reaction over vent really made it worth it! OMG-what-was-that-where-am-I?!

  12. A good addition to the page, I’m looking forward to more of these small articles.

    I’ve already used LoF a lot of times since I got level 85. Sure I can still go through a whole dungeon without using it, but that is how it is with most cooldowns anyway.
    I mostly use it to safe people from being stupid, because yeah it might be funny that we have a tool to safe people from their stupidity, but a lot of times it can also be good for the priest.

    Example yesteday a melee was running around in something on the floor take a big amount of damage, and I was spamming Flash Heals to keep him, in which I then decided to pull the guy out.
    So in the end it’s a tool that can be a life safer, but also a better way to deal with a situation like that instead of wasting mana on a person like that.

    Other times there are so many effects going on in a fight that I can’t see what is going on, and then suddenly a person takes 80% damage and I just react with pulling. It kind of feels like being the puppeteer and the others are the puppets :D
    And as priest it really gives us one more tool for us to be in control over the fight, which feel great.

  13. Leap of Faith – easiest way to completely cheese Commander Springvale in H SFK. :P

    I still don’t necessarily like the spell, but I’m finding creative ways to use it (even as Shadow).

  14. You can pull people out of Al’akir tornados also.

    1. This is by far the best use of it I have found as of yet.

    2. Yeah….. it does, however, make me smirk when I use it on Al’akir. I think to myself “You lucky SOB.. I didnt stand in the Squall Line! YOINK!”

  15. I think the thing is… the rest of the classes don’t necessarily know about this spell yet. They’re like HOLYWOWWFTJUSTHAPPENED?! But once it’s explained they seem to really love it. It’s useful for LoS pulls and certain boss mechanics obviously. If you’re on the look out for opportunities, it’s a much more valuable too. Just like growing with lightwell, you have to think about it. The first time you see an encounter, you might not use it but you’ll see a perfect opportunity for placement & timing. The next time, you’ll be ready.

    As usual, it’s the priest’s job to tutor the group to our awesomeness. I particularly like using lifegrip on the first person to volunteer for switch duty on the first boss in HoO as a prize for being a good sport.

    Among other uses are bringing the dude who seems to be dawdling behind up to the group. It is an effective hint of “get your butt up here, we’re ready to go.”

    Finally, it’s fun to lifegrip your afk tank INTO Bastion of Twilight, then up the stairs to the pats… and when he comes back dead inside an instance he never entered, tell him his wife must have autorun him into the instance >>.

  16. I’m the aforementioned boomkin. I don’t like this spell at all. I’ve always wanted to fly, but not like this. Not like this.

  17. Personally i first noticed a great use for this on the second boss of Grim Batol. LoF the tank away as soon as he switches to mace. gives the tank a good head start in his kiting phase

  18. My partner hates this spell. We were finishing twilight highlands together. We’ve both got mining as a profession… needless to say he’d run toward a node but never get there before me… even with a headstart.

  19. I’ve found a number of useful places for it in heroics.

    LOS pull – yank the tank back out of los after he aggros the mobs (then fade) -plan with tank ahead of time

    pull the tank out of a crowded section of ground crap to a clearer area in various boss fights

    get a dps’r who has fallen off of the current platform

    speed kiting (as mentioned – add B&S bubble) Tank or dps

    saving folks who don’t get to safety (grounding triangle, black hole, etc)

    help position dps. a dps who was getting a buff seed on one boss fight and he ended up way out of range. Yanked him back into the battle.

    plus there are the fun things. One run I kept pulling a guildie Cat out of the fight on cd. The rest of the group was on vent and in on the gag and he(cat) didn’t ask WTF until after the 7th or 8th time. We were all dying we were laughing so hard. Suggested he join vent :)

  20. While I’ve found many times to use LG.. my raid hates it. And I mean hates it. I’ll sometimes hit it instinctively – melee (lolret) dropping to 4% during Omnitron or something similar, with AoE around the boss, only to get yelled at about lost DPS. Seriously? A dead DPS does no DPS. I’d love to get to use this more often – but at the risk of pissing people off, I don’t.

  21. Another good use I have found for LoF is in PVP. Flag carriers in trouble? Yank them out of the mob of people attacking and we’re off and running again! :D
    Love the spell, want to use it more!

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