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Raiding Holy Priest Specs – ReduxDerevka's Holy Spec

726 Gold.

What’s that? The total amount of Gold I have spent since hitting 85 tuning just my Holy Spec. That is eleven 66 gold respecs.  Could it be me being fickle? Yes– and let’s be real here: I can be fickle and indescisive. (Just look at the total gold spent in the Barbershop and the total numbre of race changes I’ve done!) Joking aside, it is me testing out different spec options and seeing which seem to work best for me and my raid group. As a general rule, there is very little flexibility in the ‘bookends of our spec’.

The real questions come in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tiers of the tree- and therefore have the most flexibility. You need to remember to spec to how you are going to play your priest, That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s go over the spec that I have been using in 25-Man Normal and (starting tonight) our first few 25-Man Heroic raids.  

Instead of going over each tier, I want to spend time going over the “Why I chose X” and “Why I skipped Y” instead of going over some of the more obvious choices that are obvious choices. Elitist Jerks’ Holy Compendium does have two specs that are viable; however I do  feel that some of those talents points could be better used elsewhere in the Tree.

Derevka’s Spec 6/32/3

Holy Points

Rapid Renewal – With renew being much more expensive to cast, we aren’t blanketing the raid with renews nearly as often. Looking at my logs from our 25 Man kills, renew is on my tank, and occasionally on a random DPS person. I’m never spamming it on multiple targets to require a faster GCD. (Talent Skipped)

Divine Touch – With Rapid Renewal not a necessity, we could free up the 2 points in Divine Touch and use them elsewhere.  DT hits for a pittance for two points– why waste them? (Talent Skipped)

Surge of Light – Even as a raid healer, Heal is your filler spell– raid healers should be assisting on the Tank when they have downtime as well as spot healing with Heal. The alleged incoming buff to SoL will allow the proc to happen more often (Due to the increased number of spells that can proc it)  and enabling it to crit. With this in mind, the Surge proc can provide you either with a great top (and free) off spell for a random raid member or to be burned on the Tank. (Talented)

Desperate Prayer – Situational? Yes. But remember, you’ve now freed up points from Divine Touch, and Rapid Renewal – this is a free, instant, self heal. I can think of several situations where a 2nd warlock cookie would have been helpful. (e.g  Falling from Gravity Crush, Acquiring Target, etc…) Besides, you are going to need to spend this point to get further into the tree. (Talented)

Spirit of Redemption – No longer provides us with a spirit bonus; however it can be a raid saver. (e.g. Up against a soft enrage to keep your last few DPS alive as the boss slowly peels away your raid group). Yes, SoR is just “Improved Death”, but it can mean the difference between a first kill and a wipe. (Talented)

Lightwell - gone are the days of LOLWell. Lightwell is pretty much a ‘must have’ in a Holy Priest’s spec. (Yes, I said “must have“). It is one of our most cost-effective spells. There is some training involved on when to use it, where to place it, and training your raid to use it properly. Mana is at a premium, triage healing a focus, and raid healing big AOEs a priority. Lightwell is one of our best spent single talent points. (Talented)

Serendipity – While Flash Heal isn’t our “go-to spell” anymore, Serendipity still provides a benefit to us. (Besides, where else are you going to spend those points?).  If you are in a situation where you need to cast a Flash Heal, you’re also likely in a situation where you’re going to need subsequent spells with speed. (Valuing the Mana Cost Reduction less than the Haste) However, when spec’d into Surge of Light, it increases the value of Serendipity. Get a SoL proc? As a Tank Healer:  it makes your next GHeal less oppressive– for Free!  As a Raid Healer: your next PoH is all the better. (Talented)

Test of Faith-  In WotLK, being under 50% HP was quite rare, so Test of Faith was an arguable waste of points. In Cataclysm, however, ToF has a much more improved value since we are seeing raid members  at lower HP quite often during a fight.  To get deeper into the tree you’ll need at least 2/3 — and the extra point provides bonus healing to the most greviously injured targets is well spent. (Talented)

The rest of the tree is fairly self explanatory and filled with some pretty “cookie cutter” options. Depending on how the “Chakra Duration” buff goes, we might not need State of Mind capped off (or at all). I’d much rather have State of Mind reduce the CD on Chakra itself– enabling us to swap in and out of different stances with a bit more fluidity. Even the 30 second cooldown is a bit restrictive. I find myself pre-pull to be in Chakra: Serenity for the first 15-20 seconds of a fight to then be sure that I can swap to Chakra: Sanctuary when the AOE starts– e.g. Ascendant Council… but that might just be a pipe dream.

Non-Holy Points

Shadow Points:

Darkness – 3% haste to all your spells. It also will bring you to your 12.5% haste marker much easier. There has  been some debate weather or not this 12.5% is worth the effort– I’ve found, even in purely a “only renew the tank” situation, the added throughput and HPS/HPM that Renew provides is worth the effort. (It really isn’t all that difficult to hit 12.5%). (Talented)

Veiled ShadowsWhat?! I thought you said mana was at a premium! But you have zero points in Veiled Shadows! It is.  However, at only a 30 second reduction per point — meh. I’m pretty much of the mindset that if you need two Shadowfiends in the same encounter, something larger is wrong. (DPS too slow, poor use of your own cooldowns, spirit or other stats are too low, etc…)  (Talent Skipped)

Disc Points:

Twin Disciplines – Pure throughput improvement. Cap it.  (Talented)

Mental Agility – This is part of my Raid Healing spec if anything just for Prayer of Mending and COH. (It also helps with making Renewing the tanks a bit more tolerable). Further, it makes me feel better for not using Inner Will in favor for Inner Fire’s spellpower. (Talented)

Inner Sanctum – Getting points into this is possible, however you’d have to sacrifice points in Darkness (or 1 point in Mental Agility). Heroic Encounters may require the Spell Damage mitigation, but I’ll have to take a look at the way this feels in 25-Man Hard Modes and get more data. For normal encounters, this is not a necessary use of your points. (Talent Skipped- Testing in HMs)


I don’t want to get into our glyph choices too much. Fellow priest, Dawn at WoW Insider, wrote an article that offers an explanation of our options and outlined them very well. I will say that we do need to remember that we can (and should) be changing our glyphs as the fight calls for it to quickly optimize ourselves for those fights. (ie. Doing more tank healing? Renew might be an important Glyph to keep on. Lightwell playing an important role in your strategy? Glyph for the additional charges.)

Spec Notes

Renew: This is the “Break the WOTLK Habit” mantra for Holy Priests. Disc Priests need to learn to NOT Bubble Spam and Holy Priests need to learn to not Renew Spam. Our mana pools simply cannot support Renew Spam, which devalues the spell as a major player in our spellbook. For me, I do keep that 12.5% haste benchmark in mind (even though it’s usefulness has spurred some debate) if anything just for Tank Renews, as at that point(raidbuffed) Renew gains an additional tick.

Yep, I roll Renews on the tanks. Not with 100% uptime, but if one of our tank healers gets Arion’s Lightning Rod, or if Cho’gall has too many Worship Buffs… you’re damn right I do. (and often times even if they aren’t) HPS is HPS is HPS. Am I assisting with Heal or even swapping to Chakra: Serenity? If the fight allows for it, yes. One of our biggest strengths we need to always keep in mind is our flexibility; Raid healing and Tank Healing. Arguably Holy Priests are the strongest raid healers and should be focusing on that, but many fights have ebbs and flows in how the damage comes out. (Maloriak’s different phases, P1 or P2 Ascendant Council) Renew and Heal play a big part in the Tank Healing portions of those fights.

One of the things I think is great about Cataclysm for us Holy Priests is that there isn’t really a “standard cookie cutter spec”. There are some “must haves” and “should take” talents; but there are a few “take this if you don’t cast/use this” talents. A number of the non-holy points are flexible. If you need the cooldown of your Fiend reduced, you can move points into Vield Shadows. (Either from Darkness, or from Mental Agility). If you need the added survivability from Spell Damage, you can spec into Inner Sanctum.

The suggestions I’ve made here are just that: suggestions— however, after running several raids with a number of different spec options, I’ve found this one to work the best for me. The key is to find what works best for you. I offer you my spec and rationale as a starting point of consideration. Good luck!

Written By: on January 4, 2011
  1. It’s good to finally see someone else with the spec I’ve been running around with. I realized early on that I wasn’t casting renew much in any situation. And without a need for Rapid Renewal, Divine Touch is a joke.

    Many argue the viability of SoL and SoR, but for me its never been whether those two talents are great or not, it’s just that they’re better than the mostly-useless Renew talents.

    1. For the most part I enjoyed this article. I am not sold on the perspective that a ‘renew’ talent focus is useless. When utilizing the chakra/revelation talent…renew is insanely cost effective…moreso then any other healing talent we have in our arsenal.

      Renew becomes a free ‘renew’ with the chakra. every time you heal someone with renew…and then heal them with flash heal/heal/greater heal etc. it renews itself (play on words of course). How is that a bad talent tree to follow?? I don’t understand your logic on this.

      The amount of mana you save using the chakra/renew/heal/renew (rinse repeat) is so significant that to not have this in your aresenal is a bad decision for any holy priest.

      1. disregard this post. I have just crunched the numbers. You are in fact right that the renew talent tree…becomes negligible. It’s not worth the points.

        Renew is still very useful using the chakra but you dont need the 3 talent points in the tree to utilize it.

        Thanks for pointing this out!

  2. I think that’s the really great thing about the start of a new expansion is that everything to a certain degree is fair game. People are learning and trying new things. They’re asking questions. They’re not afraid to go out on a limb and fail. It’s a beautiful time, creatively.

    I kind of like that I can inspect a dozen holy priests and find different gem choices, different enchants, different specs and each priest seems to be succeeding, at that. It’s kind of nice.

    I was surprised that you endorsed SoR, as I have heard nothing but negative opinions about that. I can certainly see your reasoning behind it, with so many kills (especially first kills) being really close calls and that could make or break it.

    Great post, overall and it was an enjoyable read!


    1. While SoR doesn’t bring the spirit buff it used to provide, and really is only Improved Death, it really is quite valuable beyond what I said in the article. You also can look at it like a mana option. If you are towards the end of a fight, and are bone dry…. DIE voluntarily for endless mana, and hopefully a raid saving heal.

      1. This is a valid strategy for fight saving. Self sacrifice is well within the playbook and has been for awhile. Many times the main reason why I die is because I am low on mana and usually the rest of the party is getting low on health as well, and as you said, this can save the fight if close enough to dead.

        As for glyphs, I run with:
        CoH/Dispel Magic/SoR

        The argument for these is that the other primes (Flash/Renew) Are relatively not that useful. Flash is extremely situational and I simply do not cast Renew enough to get mileage out of it. For the majors I feel these give the best benefit for what you should be casting. SoR gives a big bonus, and Dispel makes dispelling less painful. The minors are really a grab bag. I used to subscribe to shadow fiend, but lately I can’t really see that it is dying early. Even if it did, 5% is really minor. That is ~5k mana, which isn’t a whole lot. Subbing in fade for this is a smart play as it makes fade all that much cheaper for when you need it (and sometimes, you NEED it.)

        To be honest I didn’t look at the talent trees in depth since beta ended and this thread made me do that. The point for the 3 points in renew that you made hit home extremely for me. I only cast Renew usually on the tank or occasional melee that is taking decent damage along with the tank and I am forced to swap casting heals between the two. It seemed silly to take rapid renewal, and seemed even sillier to take divine touch when it heals for ~1k. That is piddly. Maybe if they buff it in future patches it may take some looking at, but right now it just is not viable.

        Looking towards the future, if the changes to Chakra are sufficient enough to warrant specing out of state of mind, those points could go to blessed resilience. Attacks that take 10% of our health are pretty common, and that little boost could help a bunch if needed. But that’s a conversation for when they figure out what they want to do.

        1. The fact that it can’t be argued that being able to heal for 15 more seconds than not being able to doesn’t make it a good talent. In the context of the article it makes sense because the disussion is about weather to take the talent or to skip it. In a wider context it is however still a horrible talent that goes against any principle I ever had about what is being a “good player” – rule no#1 don’t die. I’d still take it though just because it’s there and the options aren’t stunning.

      2. I’ve been having the SoR yes/no debate in guild with a holy priest lately too and was also surprised to see it in your spec. I’m raiding as disc still, so I’ve had to do more holy reading in order to advise my healing team.

        I wonder if its utility entirely as a raid-saver is limited to cutting-edge progression fights where it’s more likely there’s going to be that need for a last-second emergency button. With the changes to battle res, I find that we’re more likely to have used most if not all of our available resses during a tricky or new fight, so a SoR death isn’t viable mid-fight. With that in mind, I just have a hard time rationalizing a talent point and likely a glyph slot dedicated to 16 seconds at the end of a fight – with the additional assumption that the priest is among those dying right in those last seconds, making SoR not just a clutch save but one that has to be timed appropriately. Are there really no other places to put the SoR point that would contribute enough over 4 or 5 minutes of a boss fight to have made a critical difference prior to the wipe moment? I’ll admit that in ICC days, SoR -did- in fact save the day for us once or twice in first-time boss kills, but even with that history I’d still have a hard time recommending it to a raiding priest who was not currently on a first or second-time progression kill.

        1. Just to add that I am a huge fan of SoR – have it glyphed as well.
          I have now twice been witness to a rather dramatic “raid save” down to this talent alone.
          I’m starting to get good at “tactical faceplanting” when I run dry and it’s near the end of the encounter :)

          Look at it for what it is. If it’s near the end of an encounter – when glyphed you get 16 seconds to output maximum HPS without having to worry about mana, your positioning or your own HP. Surely that’s worth a talent point?

  3. Glad to see the spec I’ve been running since 85 getting some love. Desperate prayer has saved my bacon so many times in previous expansions and it was a much larger heal or seemed to be with the lower health pools.

    I was curious if you have played around with the glyph of Guardian Spirit vs glyphing Spirit of Redemption? I currently run GS, PoH and Lightwell glyphs. I haven’t raided a whole lot (Magmaw & Omnitron) yet to see which one could potentially be better overall for raiding

    I know GS glyphed used to be amazing and I had SoR glyphed and it helped on my first two healing heroic Saurfang kill but now in Cataclysm I’m still on the fence.

  4. Whoops thought GS AND SoR were primes. Total fail on my part

  5. I’m one of those priest who’s still stuck in my habit of casting renews. And I’m deperately trying to unlearn it (maybe I shouldn’t keybind my renew anymore ;) ).

    But I got one question, atm I use Inner Will for ProM CoH and renew. But without renew, the only instant cast I use are every 8 and 10 seconds. Isn’t Inner Fire an better option? Which are you using with your current spec?

    1. Inner Fire– I only have been using Inner Will on fights where movement speed is key. Which I could get Lavawalker, but so far I’ve been enjoying the +50 mastery vs its 35. Though, I probably should get lavawalker instead.

  6. Personally i have been using renew as one of my main healing spells. I find it a lot more useful than heal which i rarely use bar on a tank as i find heal heals for very minimal amounts and takes too long to cast whereas with renew i can pop it on 1-2 people very quickly and go back to what i need to be doing.
    I also dont find myself in a situation where mana is becoming an issue so i have maxxed out my renew talents and glyphed for it as well and am finding that works very well for me.

    1. Wow! I can not believe your not having mana issues. No matter what I do I am always OOM even after every trash pull. I am using every tool I have. I started with more instant cast things like Renew, CoH and PoM.. Thats didnt work. So I went back to FH… that burns mana.. Now I use Heal and it seems a little better. Not sure what to do. I reforged my gear to try and get more mana regen. That maybe the wrong thing. I prob should have just got more intel

      Any advice. I currently am using this spec

      1. Its not that i’m not having mana issues its just the only time i have mana issues really is when somebody screws up and people take large avoidable damage. At the moment i havent been raiding much just a few hours on a few different bosses but with care taken to not overheal i find that im not overly constrained with my mana.
        I personally just prefer renew and dont find its that costly mana wise so i can justify the extra cost and just have to put more faith in my tank healers.
        I don’t know maybe heroic modes might require more use of heal but at the moment i find it too slow and too weak esp sitting in the pom chakra state.
        I must also mention i do use inner will for the spell cost reduction which might have an impact as renew is instant cast.

      2. It’s not about your spec, but your gear and your spell choices. You need to get to about an average ilevel 329 (HC ready) with ALL of your gear having Spirit on it. Under Wrath I stacked alot of Spi, and never had any mana problems, but still didn’t have the Spi (relatively) I have now, because I struggled to get weapons/rings/trinkets/necks with Spi on them. Now under Cata it’s not that hard by the time you reach 85 to get every item with Spi, including some wonderful trinkets:


        Given that Crit is not important now for us, if you reforge it to Spi, using several reasonably available Spi enchants and a +40 Spi gem on a belt buckle it should be possible to get your Spi well over 2000. We also now have a new enchant available for weapons which procs for a Spi boost:


        And there are several Int trinkets which proc for Spi available to everyone. As a JC I now have:

        Figurine – Dream Owl

        My default Spi (before any proc from Heartsong/use of the trinket) is now 2312 and this gives a combat regen of 3011. I can pop a PoM several seconds before pull on the tank, and then PW:S at pull, then Renew, Chakra, Heal and remain in a Chakra:Serenity state spamming Heal with a contantly rolling Renew, and use HW:Serenity on CD indefinitely – AND IT IS MANA NEUTRAL. This is because the Chakra makes Renew on the tank free to use after the first one. HW:Ser costs only 1235 mana (less than a Heal!!), if specced Mental Agility, and with Inner Will up.

        If the party uses CC properly, then generally you should find that you don’t even need to use the HW:Ser on the tank on CD and can use it on other party members if they take the occasional damage. But the ability of the HW:Ser to increase the Crit effect on the tank and proc Inspiration means it is even useful to spam it on CD on the tank even if they are at or near full strength, because it is so mana friendly.

        Plus speccing into Surge of Light is not as useful as under Wrath (fixed 6% proc instead of depending on your crit), but it still procs enough to be able to throw completely mana free and instant FH on party members to be useful. This is because mostly if a non-tank takes some damage you don’t have to immediately bring him back to 100% or risk death, so you can wait until you get SoL or the tank doesn’t need HW:Ser.

        Once you get to that level with your regen then you have the option to also throw in FH, GH, PoH, CoH, PoM etc. and Renews on other party members, as the encounter requires. But with most trash pulls any of those required will probably be instead of Heal or HW:Ser on the tank, so your mana consumption still rarely gets much ahead of the regen, and your mana pool should stay high. This gives you plenty of flexibility for those OMG moments where something goes wrong, or bosses where there is heavy AOE damage, adds on party members, people standing in fire or the mechanics prevent you from doing the Renew/Chakra/Heal/Heal… on the tank.

        After that sort of level (HCs and into 10-man) I have no personal experience yet, but the healing gear (I do not regard any cloth armour items without Spi as suitable for healing priests) going on from from ilevel 329 provides even more Spi and then even more opportunity to drop FH/GH/PoH into your rotations without using all of your mana.

        With use of my trinket/Fiend/HoH I can’t imagine now going OOM, and on Normal 5-mans it is only a stupid pull without CC that might stretch my mana resources.

        As I progress and start acquiring epics with gem slots, I will probably not gem much more for Spi, and probably go for Mastery. But if some of the raids really do require me to spam PoH/CoH/PoM then I will reconsider. If I need to get my Spi close to 3000 to be a 25-man raid healer, then it looks possible to do that with the gear and gems now available to us.

        So the basic rule must be that a healing Priest gets enough Spi to be able to run Renew, Chakra, then Heal and HW:Ser spam THROUGHOUT AN ENCOUNTER and remain at or very near 100% of their mana pool. If you can’t do that then you must regear/reforge/enchant/gem more Spi.

  7. I really think the holy tree needs 2-3 extra points somewhere with a new interesting talent. I totally agree in the fact that those points in renew improvements arent needed but i hate that it leaves you with any alternative.
    You just take the entire tree without the obligatory pvp talent and youre done. Not really much choice in your main tree and the semi interesting ones are left in the other 2 trees.

  8. Derevka, lets us know the findings of your new spec and if you noticed an improvement. I am having a hard time letting go on not maxing out our renew branch (with the exception of rapid renewal).

    Even if devine touch sucks, dosent it still help keep the damn tank up (even by a little)? I think thats why I am having a hard time letting go.

  9. I don’t consider Darkness remotely worth it for 12.5%. Personally, I also hate that everyone and their mother thinks this is the magic number, and that haste is only there for Renew ticks, but completely neglects to reason out why haste is a valuable throughput stat.

    Looking at how raid encounters happen to work out, haste is that much more beneficial for a few reasons:

    1. PoH spam. This includes Magmaw, Chimaeron, Valion and Theralion, Nefarion, among others.
    2. Heal spam. See: Every encounter.
    3. It works with Mastery. Getting heals off faster means getting Echo of Light stacked faster.

    As well, Mental Agility (as well as Inner Will) also helps for other things: Guardian Spirit, Leap of Faith, Fade, Holy Nova, and the occasional Power Word: Shield. Though they may not be used often (or in some cases, at all), it’s still noteworthy, and shouldn’t be forgotten.

    1. I did want to clarify a bit – it’s not JUST for the 12.5%. I kind of missed that word in there in the first comment. >.>

      1. And I do like me some haste… just hte 3/3 darkness makes the 12.5% benchmark way easy to get

    2. Clearly, haste is there for more than just renew– just that beyond that; mastery has an increased value. Given the number of fights that have everyone <100% most of the fight, EoL is a pure throughput improvement. While it is close to a 1:1 value for haste: mastery— mastery has a slightly higher value. (negligible, but still higher– so I’d rather buff my EoLs… especially on 25 when im managing 5 groups not 2, where a faster POH would arguably be better to just bounce between 2 groups)

      1. Absolutely, and wasn’t an affront to you at all, just noting that there are an increasing number of people that see the 12.5% and think it’s the be-all, end-all. Personally, I’d rather have more haste than mastery, and mastery over crit (though I’m really liking the idea of crit as Holy now, despite my feelings about crit in Wrath), especially since both crit and haste make mastery better. Still, I can see where you’re coming from with 10s vs 25s. Maybe someday soon we’ll actually raid. -_-

        Also, as an aside, links in your posts are really difficult to tell they’re actually links.

  10. I have the luxury of always having a boomie with me, so I don’t spec into Darkness and chose Veiled Shadows instead. Also, I agree that the deep Renew talents aren’t always very useful all the time, but I absolutely can’t live without them for movement-heavy fights, like Atramedes. Since our GCDs are still pretty long, Rapid Renewal really helps to boost our throughput when we have to run (running between stack positions on Magmaw, running in to stack for dispels on Valiona and running out afterwards, running to catch the air and grounded buffs for P2 Ascendant Council, etc.). One of the strong points of Holy priests is our mobility, and Rapid Renewal bolsters that strength significantly, at least for the current gear level, since our haste levels aren’t enough to shorten our GCD that much.

  11. **redirecting my post from EJ since they’re being anal with me**
    Hello everyone,
    So I took about three hours of time to marinate in all this information here on EJ as well as Tale of a Priest. I was holding myself at < or = to 13% haste as Holy prior to reading that i only need 4.5% haste in my panel which when added to 3/3 Darkness and 5% totem/character buff = out to 12.5% haste.
    Once I reforged and re-gemmed some gear and brought my panel haste down to 4.5% haste i proceeded to continue on with heroics as I did prior to this change in my itemization and stats. I must say that while my AE healing throughput was much better, I was letting my geared guild tank die which never seemed to happen prior to my gear changing.
    I understand that the changes i made are ideal for a raiding situation. Even though I have yet to raid with this change in itemization it dumbfounds me to understand how I or any other holy priests who are geared for raiding can maintain enough hps with this low amount of haste in heroics given the lower chance to get the 5% buff of haste.
    Certainly I or even the tank could possibly be doing something wrong or it could be a factor of the dps, even with a full guild group but my suspicion lies with the haste % more-so than my abilities as a healer which i'm quite proud of.
    Is it silly to think that healing in heroics as holy with 7.5% haste (including darkness) is seemingly more difficult than in a raid environment? Do i need to make two sets of gear, one with 9.5% panel + 3/3 darkness to = 12.5% for heroics and another specifically for raiding which takes into account for darkness and totem/character buff?
    If there are any other suggestions or comments on this subject regarding heroics vs raid itemization and stat management, please share =)

  12. Well, I have to say that I was getting a bit depressed and stopped playing my priest for a couple of weeks. I did EVERY level 80-85 quest in all of the new areas, got my blues, added spirit so I got over 1550 (not a lot, but that’s fresh out of not doing any real instances), spent loads on enchants and reforging and respeccing, made several +300 spirit flasks…(of course, at the beginning, I loaded on spirit at the cost of crit, haste, and mastery):

    …and for the first few days, every pug I got into would have some tank who would fly into the first trash mob of 5-6 elites “Whee! I’m tanking!” and for the life of me I could not keep these people alive. And when we wipe, well, it’s the healer. Or I would be low after a big fight and a tank would go running right into the next mob, and these little potions just don’t give enough mana back to do a major bit of healing. We wipe and it’s that noob healer!

    I went to level my rogue for a bit.

    And in my rss feed I read this posting and got inspired to actually be part of a guild and do a few runs. Gee, we didn’t wipe? Ok, I’m still drinking between every 2-3 encounters, but everyone is patient. (Still trying to train people to use the lightwell right in their midst!)So, for now, I have sworn off of pugs. Just doing guild work for now.

    Thanks for the posting. I have been playing this priest since before there was an Outlands (remember when MC was hard?) and prefer playing her.

    One note about Inner Will/Fire. I use a macro to switch between the 2. One cliek, IW, Once click, IF. I do this because I still need every bit of mana I can get, and it costs nothing to switch, and if I need to begin with a couple of instant spells, then I’m on IW. If it looks like I need some more power behind the spells, I stay on IF and eat the mana!

  13. I’ve asked this on some other sites but wanted to see what you thought. I know Desperate Prayer is getting buffed next patch (when it will most likely be back in my tree…I’m so addicted to self-heal talents) but right now it’s more like Pathetic Whimper. It hits for so little. I do get insane uptime on Blessed Resilience though, and that’s an extra 30% selfhealing. So that Binding Heal just became like a Greater Heal on yourself much faster plus stacking Serendipity and the main target heal. I’m considering finding room for SoL too, but when I tried it last I had the worst luck with it. It seemed to only proc when I needed it least, so I took those talents, moved them to BR and haven’t looked back…until I see every Priest I respect not taking it. In my (albeit limited so far this xpac) experience, BR is there when I need it and I see it helping me stay alive. What do you guys think? After reading this, I’m considering dropping the Renew talents and taking both, but with the long GCD we have now and Chakra: Sanctuary making Renew more worthwhile in between PoH, CoH, and PoM during heavy AoE (no, not spamming it, but hitting a few of the lowest-health members waiting on glyph to run its course). I’m starting to second-guess all my talents lol. My guild focuses on 10man raiding if that helps at all. Thank you for any response.

  14. One way of fully maximizing the fullest potential of your character is by getting know him/her, what he’s/she’s capable of and what’s not. This MMORPG is an extension of our reality since what applies in our lives is adapted in WoW, that is the only person to know what are your capable is to know your personality.

    “726 Gold.

    What’s that? The total amount of Gold I have spent since hitting 85 tuning just my Holy Spec. That is eleven 66 gold respecs. Could it be me being fickle? Yes– and let’s be real here: I can be fickle and indescisive. (Just look at the total gold spent in the Barbershop and the total numbre of race changes I’ve done!) Joking aside, it is me testing out different spec options and seeing which seem to work best for me and my raid group. As a general rule, there is very little flexibility in the ‘bookends of our spec’.”
    Honestly I don’t believe this actions are works of a fool but rather it is a means to get-to-know-yourself even more activity. Experimentation is a valid way of testing whether which works and which doesn’t.”

    What I could suggest to others is that you should not be afraid in exploring the vast capability that us priest have. Experiment with your spells and try to use them at different situations. Then we can learn when is the most efficient time to use it. Play with different talent builds.Wear gears that you feel that is functional and suits your fashion sense.Try things that others generally consider not to be the norm. Be yourself! You don’t have to conform with what the public think to be what is right, but be open to things that are proven to be practical and beneficial. We learn in life through experience may it be good or bad. Such circumstance also happens when we play as our priest. Take note that we are the most versatile healer role that we can portray.Only then you could learn and truly understand what a priest is capable of. If you don’t know yourself then how would you present yourself to others?

    “Instead of going over each tier, I want to spend time going over the “Why I chose X” and “Why I skipped Y” instead of going over some of the more obvious choices that are obvious choices. Elitist Jerks’ Holy Compendium does have two specs that are viable; however I do feel that some of those talents points could be better used elsewhere in the Tree.”
    I salute you with your constructive and broadminded way of thinking!

  15. I’d just like to say that I think its amazing every time I read about using the ‘Heal’ spell everywhere… I NEVER cast it unless I hit Chakra beforehand to proc Power Word: Serendipity. This usually results in shock to whoever I’m directing the comment to, but believe me I’m equally flabbergasted that it gets used at all by anyone.
    It takes WAY to long to cast even with talent points spent to reduce cast time, and it does virtually nothing in the way of healing. If I’m single-target healing, then I’m dropping Greater Heals, Serendipity, and the target also has a renew with a PoM bouncing around somewhere. Frankly I find it amazing when I read that it has wide-spread use amongst healers… perhaps other healing classes / specs need rely on it, but as a Holy Priest I say its only function is to proc Power Word: Serendipity.

    And no, I don’t run out of mana either.

    You guys who use Heal are daredevils – I know I’d rather drop a 30k heal than a 10k one or whatever it is Heal heals for, when both take a similar cast time.

    1. Errr I mean to say ‘Power Word: Serenity’… it was late :)

  16. No talk since Jan. I looked at your armory and the spec you outlined above is no longer being used by you. Any reasons? Looks like you’re back to using Renew.

    1. Theres been some changes since then, costs changed; as well as I’m in full Heroic progression. I’ll try to make an update once 4.1 drops.

  17. So I just got grilled on my talent spec in a perspective guild, specifically, about the renew talents. I guess a good majority of people out there aren’t seeing the potential in dropping the 3 points out of renew talents. *sigh*

  18. Thank you very much for the well detailed and thought out post… I just wanted to ask what difference the crit cange from 50% to 100% is going to have on stat weights…

    Also.. I happen to enjoy being above the 12.5% haste mark {raid buffed} and in fact am about 13.3% pre buff atm… i find it incredibly useful in some of the Heroic Z’s and raid situations where intense damage is coming in.

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