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Flash Heal: Concentration Potions

Just a quick note to point out what I’m seeing as a very overlooked potion: Potion of Concentration.

Like many of the tools at our disposal, these can be extremely powerful when used properly. The possible 22,000 mana return is much more than a mythical mana potion, but unlike the mana potion, the return is not an instant gain: Mana is restored over ten seconds, during which you are “channeling”. You can interrupt the effect at anytime, but not letting it tick for the full duration obviously will not net you a maximum return.

Because of this mechanic, this is not a “use it anytime” potion. Rather, understanding your encounters will let you identify when you can use this. Periods of light healing or down time are perfect, such as when Magmaw’s head is exposed or the P1->2 Transition of Twilight Council. Just like coordinating Hymns of Hope, knowing when to use this will bring the maximum gain, and the most bang for your buck. If you need to communicate with your fellow healers, it could be helpful to make a quick macro; letting other healers know you are using this. Nothing fancy is needed:

/Say Using Potion of Concentration, Napping for Ten seconds!

/Use Potion of Concentration

It’s also worth noting that these DO work with your Alchemist’s Stone (If you’re an Alchemist), netting you a 40% increase and a possible return of 30,800 mana. This concoction is ALMOST as good as Grey Goose Vodka. Almost.

Written By: on January 6, 2011
  1. I couldn’t agree more with Ava on this one. Nearly every fight has an opportunity to use one of these lovelies. Unlike previous versions of this potion where you had to have the sleep ‘dispelled’ to break the stun, you are in control of breaking it. If you need to break early: you can.

  2. I am also under the impression that being damaged will not break the effect, either. If that’s the case, that adds more value to this.

    I can’t tell you how many times I used to get dispelled, using the previous potion and I finally had to add a “Don’t wake me!” to the macro that I used.

    They’re also cheaper to make, too. I think it’s just some Azshara’s Veil and a vial. Not too shabby!

    1. Yeah you can still take damage and remain channeling the potion. (No pushback either). And yes… they are WAY cheaper than having to use Whiptail.

  3. hmm, definitely worth a testing. You have to channel it for 5 seconds at least for it to be as good as mythical right? So like you say it’s probably best for those situations when you know you can channel it without risk of having to cancel it too soon. Kind of like Hymn of Mana (Hope)

  4. How many sweet dreams haven’t been dreamt during evocation at the curator, good old days… no, wait it was dreamless sleep so can’t have been that many. Thanks for pointing out the changed mechanic. I rejected this option because of how it used to work. Now I dont have to. <3

  5. Fyi, on Halfus when he does his big shockwave, it definitely interrupts Potion of Concentration.

    I’ve also found that the final blue phase before phase 2 of Maloriak is a good time for a nap ;)

  6. Great post! I will have to look into using this. How many alchemist are using their stones? I might have to start using it again.

  7. It would take a lot to beat Grey ‘Goose Vodka’ :>

  8. Been using them on Magmaw it feels like cheating :)

  9. Potion of Concentration ftw. Too bad Alchemist Stones are terrible in a raid environment, from what I understand. :( I would like to note, though, that unlike previous iterations of these, Potion of Concentration doesn’t break on damage.

    1. Yup, people mentioned several times they don’t break on damage and you can break the effect whenever you like.

      And it depends on your definition of “terrible”. Like all trinkets/gear, the stone can be situational. Reforging it to spirit, with a spirit gem, makes it an excellent starting trinket. I’ve used it less and less as we raid (currently 10/12 on 25s)and I receive better options and am not so dependent on potions. It’s not uncommon I’ll put this on while learning a fight however. It all comes down to evaluating what you need, and when.

      1. I guess apparently other trinkets are overall more mp5 than the worth of a Concentration potion with Alchemist’s Stone, and it’s become more or less a tanking/pvp trinket with all the stam on it. Don’t get me wrong, though, I like being the healer with the most HP. :P Also, it makes Mysterious Potions pretty good, too, in situations where Concentration pots may not be as good, especially with the Alchemist buff for Mysterious pots (had one hit for 22k mana once).

  10. Send in the new Alchemist Stones! I am thinking BIS for some heroic fights…

  11. Couldn’t agree more about Concentration pots. They are awesome!
    I also like the challenge of finding good points to use them during new encounters :)

  12. Just a quick list of possible avenues of mana regen during a raid.

    Mana regen 1.

    (For the Jewelcrafters) – Figurine – Dream Owl. I have this on constant cool down. Equipping provides +245 Intellect and clicking it gives 1425 Spirit for 20 seconds with a 2 minute CD.

    A Heroic Blood of Isiset from Halls of Origination will also net you 1710 Spirit for 20 seconds, which is triggered by your healing spells. This means if you have this and the above Owl… well you get the idea :) A cheeky reforge to add some Spirit will make it go a little further still, or mitigate the Intellect loss by adding some Intellect instead.

    Mana regen 2.

    The Grand Daddy of priest regen. The old Shadowfiend + Hymn of Hope combo… guaranteed to restore 50k+ mana.

    Mana regen 3.

    Potion of Concentration. These things really are a must-have. Very easy to acquire given the mats needed to make them, and the 22k+ regen they provide will enable you to go the extra mile to cross the finish line in a pinch (the ‘taking a nap’ macro is a good idea, I think I’ll incorporate that myself).

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