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Flash Heal: Rapture Mana Restoration

As Ava alluded to in her State of Disc post, Rapture isn’t the same as it was back in ICC. Even if your shields all break at the same time you are only going to get one tick of Rapture equal to 6% of your total mana and then trigger it’s 12 second internal cooldown.  Discipline Priests need to be certain they are getting the most out of this talent, and maximizing its restore. When compared to Holy Priests, Disc gets far less mana back from Spirit, and relies more heavily on Intellect Based Mana Restores– with Rapture being our largest source.

Rapture is a game all Disc priests must play. Assuming Non-Heroic T11 Mana pools, Rapture should be restoring ~7,000 mana per Rapture. (+/- a few hundred varying by gear, gems, chants and raid make-up). You should be using Rapture every time it comes off cooldown– by doing this, it will enable you to maximize the amount of mana you get back from it. The first thing you need to do is track your Rapture cooldown. From there, you’ll be able to recast your PW:S and start the Rapture cycle over again.  One way this can be done is by using an addon that will do it for you. Ava’s post pointed to Ingela’s Rapture Tracker, while I have been using a very simple Power Aura to track Rapture for me. Both are excellent ways to manage your Rapture CD.

Version:4.9; g:0.9686; icon:Spell_Holy_Rapture; buffname:Rapture; r:0.9843; Extra:true; x:1; bufftype:13; stacks:1; texture:16; alpha:0.7; owntex:true; isResting:0; duration:12; soundend:23; size:0.18; y:-224; texmode:2; finish:3; timer.b:0; timer.g:0.8824; timer.h:1.22; timer.UpdatePing:true; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-224; timer.Transparent:true; timer.UseOwnColor:true; timer.ShowActivation:true

This aura will have the Rapture icon appear when you proc it, and the 12 second ICD timer begins, once that 12 seconds expires, I am notified with an audio cue and the icon fades away. At that point, I am free to recast Power Word: Shield on a target (ideally a Main Tank for a rapid Rapture proc) to regain another 6% mana from Rapture. With most fights having large amounts of AOE damage, even if the Tank(s) has Weakend Soul, I will nearly always have a target for PW: Sheild as they’ll quickly take enough damage to break the shield and proc Rapture.

Rapture is your best friend when it comes to mana restoration… use it!

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Written By: on January 21, 2011
  1. Tracking effect cooldowns is something that I forget Power Auras can do – so thanks for the reminder. :D

    I love these Flash Heal posts – they’re a great thing to catch up on over morning coffee.

    1. Indeed I have ditched the newspaper in favour of these Flash Heals. They go great with my morning cup of Joe.

  2. I’ve been meaning to create a power auras setting that would track the state of weakened soul on the party/raid to make a (cheap) psudo-rapture tracker. The idea being that I would really only shield the tank given how poor PW:S is currently; and yes, I am crossing my fingers that the numbers will be much more substantial after the patch.

    This idea is much more clean. Thank you for the great post.

    Also – did you have any more input about Strength of Soul? As Ava pointed out in ‘The Cataclysmic State of Disc’ it does seem like I’m fighting the rapture ICD and forcing heal into my rotation just to squeeze in the utility of that talent. Maybe if the patch note that said it would be expanded to FH/GH was implemented it would be more worthwhile? Not to get too far off-topic, of course.

    1. I love me some Power Auras. I was fiddling with PA and the duration timer a just post Cata and it hit me… A HA! Rapture tracking!

      Even after the patch, PWS (while buffed) isn’t going to be worth spamming. Casting 2-3 times during a Rapture CD… maybe. I forsee not much more than that.

      SoS – really can mess with your rapture procs, particularly if you are doing 10 mans or heroics. (since you’ll be assisting/tank healing much more regularly than on 25s). Disc on 25′s (fight dependant) can be a SPECTACULAR raid healer. (POH->DA/Mastery) But, 2 points for SoS, to then /force/ me to cast Heal, to get Rapture 3 seconds sooner isn’t worth it, IMO.

    2. He thought he was so clever with the rapture Powa. I had to burst his big head bubble and tell him I already had one…with a Freddy Krueger laugh.

      I’m still sticking to the “no heal” argument. I just felt like I was fighting to work it in simply to support SoS, and in practice, I’m pumping out more raw healing without using heal/SoS, and simply using gheal/ToT/Atonement. The few extra seconds removed from WS just isn’t worth it at this stage, especially since I’m really only using a shield for pure mana return.

  3. Thank you for this article. Taking advantage of all Rapture procs is so important. Until they hotfix Inner Focus to stop randomly locking up I feel I need all the help I can get. Ava, have you found a work-around for that freeze-up yet?
    GM got back to me in-game and told me to play without addons and macros. I am too addicted to Grid and Clique, so my solution was to ditch my Clique Inner Focus+Greater/POH macros, and now cast IF manually. Very awkward and clunky.

    1. No, I haven’t found a work around. I tried removing it from clique, and just hotkeying a If+gheal/PoH macro – same thing.I still pound the keys like a DPS at times.

      I also tried just making a power aura for IF offcooldown (on top of the Forte notifications – I have a bad attention span) and using an alt key modifier assignment for IF on those heals. It works, but seems to be not only cumbersome, but 2 key hits can end up taking longer. I’m just dealing with it, and it’s pissing me off.

  4. I love Rapture…I usually end up around 5th on recount for ‘mana gained’ in our 25man runs. I use the AA atonement spec. Havent cast heal since hitting lvl 85. Have to say though, when 4.0.6 drops I shall be dropping my 2 points in darkness and moving them to SoS especially as we will be doing heroic mode raids by then.

    SoS will be much more viable – Surge or Light – GH/FH > SoS WS reduction. /sweet

  5. I really dont know if taking SoS will mess up rapture usage.. You either way end up shielding 2 targets, since rapture cd is 12sec, and Weakend soul is 15 sec on target.. It will be situational, for fights with one tank and not much raid dmg, you will waste 3sec per cd of rapture w/o SoS. On the other hand, with shield boost, it may last on tank for those 2-3 sec more, screwing rotation even more when incl SoS :P Its maybe just me, but shields are mainly for mana recovery and “oh shit” for some dps situations.

    Besides, taking SoS would mean droping attonment, and it really brings you some nice mana numbers as well.. i currently stand at 7k from rapture and ab. 5.6k from archangel. Pretty nice.

    WTB Prayer of healin spreading grace… would love 24% healin buff on group :]

  6. is there a way to macro PW: S in a way that i change from inner fire to inner will before casting and right back again?

    atm i also can’t remember if inner will and inner fire are off the gcd and this macro would be viable at all to get a little more mana out of rapture.

    1. Inner Will would cut down cost of shield, making it weaker same time.. dunno if its worth it, most of our healing comes from shields. Besides, both IF and IW launches a GCD, so theres no option to macro those to all spells. Yeah, thought abaut that already :)

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