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Flash Heal: An Azerothian State of Mind

Bonus points for those who like the Billy Joel reference! With 4.0.6 finally dropped, and subsequently all of the (many) hotfixes, it is time to revisit our spec descisions!

For Holy Priests, one of the biggest changes 4.0.6 brought was the change to Chakra. Chakra now lasts a full 60 seconds when activated, and has a 30 second cooldown; on top of that change we also saw a change to State of Mind. State of Mind now will reduce the cooldown on Chakra by 6 seconds (with 2 points).

This does change a couple of things for us, and let’s review those:

1. Chakra Maintenance – this means we can cast Chakra once and know we’ll be in our corresponding Chakra state for 60 seconds beforing needing to cast Chakra again. Previously, via State of Mind we were able to extend Chakra and stay in one state without having to recast it; now we will have to manage our State a bit more carefully.  I keep an eye on my Chakra cooldown with Power Auras, and have a visual notification when I am in combat and NOT in  a Chakra state— I should ALWAYS be in a Chakra state. (especially with a 4-piece bonus)

2. Added Flexibility – With State of Mind now reducing the Chakra Cooldown by a maximum of 6 seconds, you can more readily bounce in between your Chakra states.

Wait a second here… 2 points for a whole 6 second decrease in our ability to swap stances? Sounds good on paper doesn’t it? Let’s think about this…

How often are you really changing from one Chakra state to another? Most 25 man (and 10 man) Holy Priests are nearly always in Chakra: Sanctuary… the added benefit of swapping stances might seem great; but in reality we really aren’t changing often enough (if at all) to warrant 2 points for a measly 6 second reduction.

If you aren’t finding a need for that 6 second improvement in your flexibility, you might want to consider spending those 2 points elsewhere. Perhaps you skipped Desperate Prayer (also buffed this patch), or perhaps you didn’t spec into Rapid Renewal or Surge of Light… if you find that those 2 points are better used elsewhere: move them.

For my Holy Spec, I moved my talent points around, skipping State of Mind, and capped off the Renew Talents (Divine Touch, Rapid Renewal) and Desperate Prayer. (I also gave up Spirit of Redemption, due to previous discussions and not wanting to use points on “improved death” since I shouldn’t be dying).

Have you been using State of Mind? Where did you move those points if you haven’t been?

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Written By: on February 22, 2011
  1. I moved the two points from State of Mind and put them into Blessed resilience. There isn’t a whole lot of damage coming in that is below 13k, which is 10% of our health. On fights like nefarian Blessed Resil. is up about 50% of the time and it has a decent uptime on my other fights. Overall to be able to get down to the bottom of the tree I don’t see a stronger option.

  2. Would you consider 2 points in State of Mind well spent for a build used only for 5 mans? (I don’t raid)

  3. I’m sticking with State of Mind. Due to raid compositions, and primarily running 10-man raids, I do prefer the flexibility of being able to swap Chakra states. Maloriak, Omnotron come to mind, for example. But, this is a matter of preference for me. I still have no desire for Rapid Renewal or Desperate Prayer, so … yeah. And while I *shouldn’t* be dying, I sometimes do. And Improved Death is still good for that alone.

  4. Now I’m one of the holy priests that has scoffed at renew since the start of Cataclysm. Ever since 4.0.6 where I’ve had these extra points to toy around with I decided, “why not, let’s try it, dump them into renew and get rapid renewal”. With my gear setup to provide me 3000 spirit in my raid setting my mana is at a point where I can legitimately support renew spamming and I LOVE IT. I keep getting world ranked for effectiveness on World of Logs with this new renew spam method I’ve reverted to.

    Don’t get me wrong – it’s not all I do. I still prefer PoH when it can hit four or five people. I still spam CoH and PoM on cooldown. I stay in Chakra:Heal when I’m tank healing – but tossing out renews all over the raid when someone takes a bit of damage and doesn’t need to be brought up asap is very, very beneficial. What’s even better is I can use Holy Word in my Chakra:Heal state to instantly refresh said renews, plus procs from Surge of Light also refresh these renews. If they roll off – no big deal, they did their job and did very well. I’m finding renew is becoming a very large part of my healing done.

    I encourage everyone to give it a try on their next farm content night. See how it fits. You might be surprised at your throughput.

    1. I’m still having a lot of trouble seeing the merit in renew spam…again. Even if mana pools and regen can now support it, I don’t think it is the strategy to go by. If spamming was something I wanted to do I’d play disc and spam shield. That said though, I’ll probably take a look at through out a few more renews overall, but in a 25 man raid they really aren’t too effective from what I’ve experienced.

      1. I think I used the word “spam” a little too liberally.

        I don’t mean blanket your raid with renew like we used to do in ICC. Use it as your filler spell on people who are missing health.

        As my personal background – I’m coming from a 10-Man raid environment where we tend to two heal most of the farm content. It leaves more room for the renew to do well and not take healing throughput aware from my healing partner.

        1. Renew spamming is a lot more viable in 10man raids. In 25man raids you’ll lose throughput by blanketing renews, because you won’t have enough mana to maintain spamming and other raid healers will be overwriting your throughput.

          Situationally its good to renew spam in 25mans on raid healing, I think specifically Council phase 2 and 3 come to mind and I’m sure theres multiple other bosses where you can take advantage of the buffed renews.

  5. You specced out of Death 2.0?

    But I won’t be able to make fun of you for joining the Angel Brigade. :(

    1. ROFL, Mel. I shouldn’t be even /in/ the Angel Brigade!

      1. Right, exactly. That’s why I make fun of people for joining it. :P It wouldn’t exactly make a lot of sense if I made fun of you for all your successes.

  6. Another great idea. I will be re-speccing again tonight..

    I am kinda torn on Spirit of Redemption. I have used it as a last ditch mana cooldown. Boss is nearly dead, but so is the group, I am oom, step into the fire. Instant full mana bar, at least for 15 seconds. This strategy has only really saved a couple of 5-mans, never a raid. On the other hand, It does make dying to something stupid all that much more embarassing. It kinda screams “Hey, Dead Priest Here!!” Would the one point be better spent somewhere else?

    Also getting tired of being the last one back after a wipe. One of my addons wont allow me to right click off the SoR most of the time.

    1. While it rarely saves the raid, I still like to have it just to have it. I’m not overly fond of the other choices (though, Blessed Resilience is actually really tempting now that I’ve finally put a point in it for PvE). Still, buffs are protected during combat, so if you’re using an addon to display buffs, there’s a handy macro I’ve taken to using:

      /cancelaura Spirit of Redemption

  7. One other question/comment..
    This whole business of triage healing.. is it gone? If I depended on “Heal” in raids people would be dead. I have shifted from “Flash Heal” to “Binding Heal” (might as well be sure I get healed for about the same mana cost) You mentioned keeping sanctuary going for most raids. Now that Flash and Binding heal renew the Renew, is it not a good strategy to keep “free” renews ticking on tanks/melee? Instead of have a pretty glowing (and usually empty) circle of glowing goodness on the floor. At least then I know the Chakra is actually doing some healing. Almost half the time I drop a Sanctuary, anyone in the circle needs to move cause of something bad that showed up after it. Pillar of Flame, Fabulous Flames… whatever.

    Thanks again for a great site.

    1. Oh I don’t think its gone, its just different in a way. More on ‘what spell is the best choice now?’ due to mana constraints.

      As far as using Serenity to keep up renew… I think the cost benefit of a ‘free renew’ is more than outweighed by the AOE healing buff and COH CD reduction– wouldnt you agree?

    2. Completely agree. Triage isn’t gone, it’s just using a different spell.

      A word on your binding heal though:
      Be careful. It doesn’t heal for the same amount. Flash hits for ~17k, Binding for ~13k per target. Yes over two targets Binding Heal is better efficiency but if and only if both targets need health. I know about half the time I could benefit from a binding, but also about half those times I know the target needs the extra 4k more than I need it at that moment (i.e. self triage). This is evident in tank healing, specifically on Halfus 25Heroic. 4k can make the difference between a tank dying and surviving, where as me sitting at 50-60% health for an extra few seconds isn’t a priority.

      Triage not only applies to who you heal, but what spells you choose. Keep that in mind before you take your flash heal binding off. Just sayin’ :)

  8. Great discussions as usual.

    Just thought I’d chirp in about “Improved Death”. I have personally witnessed it saving a raid twice now (10-man). It’s great for those new boss attempts where 1% wipes are common. For 1 point – it’s earned it’s place in my spec already :)

  9. Not picking up spirit of redemption is quite stupid. There are plenty of fights in this tier where it simply just becomes a burn… you’re going to die regardless of how well you play. Example would be Heroic Chogall and Heroic Ascendant Council.. getting off those extra heals on the remaining dps to burn down the boss makes all the difference.

  10. Hmm…the Renew spec starts looking more appealing. I am at 4-4.3k mana regen in combat w/raid buffs. It may allow me to start using this spec more freely. I´ll check it out this week and see the outcome. Had Renew way down my list since Cata came out and hadnt looked at it again until I read this post. Maybe I will have to give up Body and Soul to get the talent points for the renew talents.

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