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Leap of FaithSocial and Raid Implications

I know we all get an alarming amount of amusement out of using Leap of Faith in those “for fun” situations. Read: Engineers using Rocket Boosts and a Parachute Cloak to make it from the BWD Elevator all the way to Atramedes’ room… YOINK get back here! For purposes of this discussion, let’s put those uses aside… for now. *cackle* Today, I’d like to get into a bit more of the social theory behind Leap of Faith and what happens (beyond just moving the player) when the spell is cast. The original idea of this post was through a casual conversation between myself and Dawn of WoWInsider and LearnToRaid.

There are some great and very strategic uses for Leap of Faith:

  • Kiting during Atramedes
  • Kiting Constructs in Phase 3 Nefarian
  • Burning Cinders targets after their explosion in Heroic Nefarian’s Phase 2
  • PVP Flag Carriers

These examples are often planned and expected uses of Leap of Faith. My guild, on Heroic Atramedes, has planned and specific positions and rotations for using Leap of Faith during the air/kite phase. Since everyone understands that Leap of Faith is part of the strategy, it is known that they will be used.. it is those other uses that can be very difficult and awkward.

Using Leap of Faith on someone is a jarring experience. It can leave the target with a “WTFOMGWHATJUSTHAPPENEDAMILAGGINGOUT?!” reaction- which can either hurt DPS or disorient them during an important phase of a fight. I feel it is prudent to either use a macro, announcing AddOn, or a Ventrilo call to alert the target that they have been Gripped. This will enable them to react appropriately and understand what happened.

More importantly, Leap of Faith is not the most subtle of spells. When it is used, your raid will see a golden/white line across the screen and a player with wings flying through the air— not very surreptitious. As such, it draws attention to itself– now if Grip is part of the raid strategy, no big deal– but if it isn’t part of the strategy and you are using it to save someone from their own mistake, are there implications from doing that? Are you, in a way, saying “You screwed up; and I am saving you from your own mistake!”? In a sense, yes– but in reality you aren’t you are merely preventing damage from occurring, which is ultimately your biggest job.

  • Forgot to move out of Valiona’s breath? Grip them to safety.
  • Did they clip a Squal Line and get picked up during Al’akir? Grip them to safety.
  • Did they run clear across the room on Heroic Omnotron with Lightning Conductor when Nef has hit them with Shadow Infusion? Grip them into the group.
  • Are they about to be hit by a Phase 3 Heroic: Maloriak Orb? Grip them to safety.

The biggest thing people who happen to be Gripped need to keep in mind is that it is not about you making a mistake. It is purely the priest attempting to do their job: keeping people alive. When we use Leap of Faith on a target, does it have implications? I know I sometimes feel guilty when I use it on a player(especially if it is a fellow Priest), since I do not want them to think that they were playing poorly, or that I didn’t trust them to move out of the way– that isn’t the case at all. It all boils back down to itbeing about the overall success of the raid. I sometimes will whisper the person I gripped just letting them know why I did it: “Sorry about that Grip… only was trying to mitigate the damage, hope it didn’t screw up your rotation!” — 9 times out of 10 it usually is greeted with a “Nah, it was good.” or a “Thanks, nice Grip!”.

Don’t get me wrong— there are times when using Leap of Faith is purely a “OH MY GOD STOP SUCKING! YOINK!!!” These situations Lifegip is purely a save their ass spell; just don’t forget to use it as a learning opportunity for the person who messed up. (I do not exclude myself from this– we all screw up! It is just a matter of whether or not you learned from the mistake.)

Now, this doesn’t mean/nor give priests free license to grip every. single. time. possible. A fair amount of raiding is to trust your raidmates to do their job, and to do it correctly. Using Lifegrip at every possibly opportunity is not only a waste of mana, but also a surefire way to irritate your guildmates that might be learning a new encounter or are aware of what is going on but are saving a class ability to move them instead. (Blink, Intercept, etc…) A bosskill isn’t one by a single player, it is a team effort: trust your friends, and they’ll trust you.

Have you run into strange implications when you use Leap of Faith? How have you gotten over these?

Written By: on March 3, 2011
  1. I have to disagree with: “Now, this doesn’t mean/nor give priests free license to grip every. single.

    There is always someone that needs chain gripped all night by various priests in raid =p

  2. Like tanks. What tank doesn’t like to be the STAR of plate ping pong?

  3. Life Grip – I’ve come to not hate it as much as I did before (though I still despise that we have the implementation), but there’s actually quite a few places I’ve used it already, which has been pretty handy to have – Omnotron and Magmaw being the forerunners (people staying behind after Pillar of Flame, Poison Protocol), but I can imagine that there are plenty of other situations where it can be used as a strategy – which is actually *why* I disliked it’s implementation to begin with, with the assumption that raid encounters might be balanced around having it.

    The other night, though, we were having some issues on Maloriak (yes, normal, so sue me), and we were coming up on the enrage timer because one of our healers died one minute in (and our soulstone was on someone else), and interrupts on Aberrations weren’t going smoothly. Our warrior tank for the Prime Subjects was almost dead, and Maloriak had *just* cast Magma Jets, so I Gripped our prot paladin who was dealing with Maloriak so we could have that extra couple of seconds.

    In some places, Leap of Faith is actually pretty awesome, but it also needs some keen awareness of timers and when abilities are going to happen – in my case, Maloriak’s Magma Jets.

  4. All this is useful, but where’s that tip that says:

    - Position yourself in the far end of the elevator, facing the instance door

    - When the elevator is at the top wait for a raid member to start running out

    - Use Leap of Faith and watch them fall into their own death


  5. I’ve used my lifegrip so many times but usually in times of need. There is the few times we are running back to a boss and someone uses thier rocket books to run faster than me… and i might pull them back. :)

    Where i’ve used it the most is in Atramedes/Al’akir.

    I find that people have basically gotten used to my lifegrip during those bosses that it doesn’t disorient them.

    I love the spell from the beginning. Being able to save people from stupid mistakes is awesome in itself.

  6. Like Tomaj I use it to lengthen fights during a burning phase or close to an enrage.
    In Grim Batol (PUG) when fighting Valoria the add chose to go for the tank, the tank moved as far away as he could… but DPS slacked. When I saw the add closing in I moved further away and gripped the tank just in time.
    In that situation I couldn’t have saved tank and melee by healing or other CD’s. I really love the use of Leap of Faith.

  7. All it takes is one grip just as a void zone appears under you that kills the grip target to make you think twice about using this thing.

    It is pretty amazing for kiting though.

    1. Oh, please don’t remind me…

      Down to five people on Atramedes, I gripped the DPS who was being air-phase chased straight into a Sonar Bomb. We subsequently wiped on 1%, and I felt thoroughly responsible for the rest of the night.

      1. Yeah same here, you’re not alone :x

  8. Thanks for this Derevka, some good points I haven’t seen other people bring up when discussing LoF. Tweeted!


  9. It is a very useful spell indeed. I life gripped our bear tank when he fell in the water in deadmines yesterday :) but in raids its awesome too.

    I still find it amusing how a tiny pink haired gnome priest like myself can ‘life grip’ a big fat draeni on a huge flying mount from mid air – crazy lol

    I have my ‘Leap of Faith’ macro’d to a ‘PingPong’ yell :)

    My guild loves it…. [not]…but they will :P

  10. OR you can do what I do. wait to one of my friends who I happen to be in a group with goes afk, drag him slowly to the other side of Stormwind. laugh as he yells What the Hell!!!!” over vent. You can even kill people with it, drag them under water.

    To me it’s the ultimate griefing tool, good job Blizzard has it on group/raid only. though I wish they would lower the cool down.

    Anyway on a serious note, cheers for the tips, gave some ideas for using it.

  11. The spell is the bane and boon of some encounters. Well, the “bane” has more to do with me sneaking around trying to kill somebody. I can’t help it….the elevator in BWD is too tempting!! FYI, don’t do it to your significant other, she/he may grab the “raid brownies” and sulk at the other end of the desk for the rest of the night :)

  12. We have a gnome rogue who goes AFK on the trash from V&T to Council, in the previous room so he doesn’t get hit by stuff.

    So last week the priests got in a line and lifegripped him one by one into the face of a drakonid.

    Gotta get your gnome sacrifices somewhere.

  13. It takes a priest with good presence of mind to use Life Grip in ‘oh crap’ type circumstances where its use wasn’t planned; to actually realise that someone is stood in something nasty, break from the normal healing pattern and use the spell. when I’ve seen it used, or used it, and the target wasn’t expecting it, the panic of “what the hell just happened” usually means they do something equally silly.

    I’ve only ever seen its use planned on one occasion, when Commander Springvale in SFK could be tanked in the courtyard our PUG tank asked me to pull him down the coridoor to help with the pull. I find it pretty useful in fights like Erudax in GB or Asad in Vortex Pinnacle where not being in the right position is fatal. Where people are just standing in crap I tend not to use it as it interupts my healing ‘flow’ but more importantly if they’re not an experianced player they’ll just panic and run into something else…

    best used to annoy guildies after a wipe IMO :)

  14. I love using it when our raid leader calls a wipe. We want to “wipe it up quick” so we can run back and get going again. But, of course, there is always some dps that refuses to die and keeps attempting to pad the meters. Ahhhh… so fun to yank them into the pools of ickiness!

  15. I am waiting for someone to come out with an epic lifegrip screenshot addon that will actually capture an image of your grip, for any desired use (e.g. bragging/gloating, evidence, etc).

    I can’t really keep count anymore how many times I’ve been whispered “epic grip!!” by a different raid member witnessing — usually the tank or other healers notice the save, as it’s typically an unaware DPS.

    The prime uses I’ve encountered for life grip have absolutely been the Poison Protocol on Omnitron…… we happen to have a bubbly dps that often stands still when fixated by an ooze, so I’ve even gone to the extent of macro’ing said persons name into their very own life grip button. (Sadly they still tend to run BACK into the ooze….. *facepalm*).

    Wasted life grips like the one I just mentioned make me sad, and sometimes I wish we could pop some sort of prep to get the lifegrip back one more time really quickly! Then again, that would no doubt be overpowered.

    Anyone else use lifegrip everytime on Halls of Origination first boss??? I always always always LG the tank back up after everyone’s done with the levers….and it never fails to get a pat on the back.

    Atramedes makes me drool when I think of body and soul and lifegrip usage….. sadly I have yet to convince my raid how awesome the benefit of it is—they are still totally okay not even having a priest in the fight. It makes me /cry a little inside. Nevertheless, imo this is the fight to shine on as a priest. Kiting, dmg avoidance, shield sprints, the works……

    So when is Blizzard going to change the tooltip to read “Life Grip” instead of Leap of Faith? Haha. I actually had someone ask me why I call it Life Grip, to which I really had no better answer than “that’s what it is, duh!”

    Go Priests!

    (p.s. my addon idea for screenshotting lifegrips would have provided me with an awesomely epic shot on the tolvir 1st boss, with the mines, where an inexperienced tank was standing directly in the line of fire of about 4+ mines….JUST as they went off he was flying toward me…envision a wall of yellow explosion and a big bear with wings coming my way. Sadly he proceeded to tell me he was already on his way out…..and I didn’t have a screenshot to prove otherwise.)

    1. Dude seriously how can you NOT have a priest during the Atramedes fight? I’m always bubbling / life gripping the people that are targeted and saving lives all the time.

  16. In addition to all other uses mentioned here. I found it handy for the last phase of Chimaeron. Can buy precious seconds.
    I find in 5-mans it’s just starting to get socially abused now though lol I’ll grip people for the lolz, they log a priest alt to do another run, and it’s payback time for my alt. One of our maintanks has taken a particularly keen liking to gripping my alt in 5-mans on his priest. He’s started a war! Just wait until he’s tanking a raid boss…. /cackle

    Also pulled off a great save on the trash approach to Valiona in BoT. Our warlock likes to harass the tanks by angling the fire elementals in such a way as to make them explode and catapult the tanks off into oblivion. Leap of Faith grabbed our tank in mid air and saved his ass. Ironically – it’s the same tank that’s gripping me in 5-mans now…….that’s gratitude for ya! :)

  17. My favorite usage so far of Life Grip was yanking a guildmate who’d moved a little too slowly for Rohash’s Wind Blast back up onto the platform before he went spinning off somewhere else.

    It has its moments, but I actually try NOT to plan on using it because for some reason, whenever I do it never goes properly. Specifically on Atramedes. My guild doesn’t have assignments or anything for it, and when I try to grab someone being chased who’s about to be turned into barbecue they wind up running away from me. >.< The one time it did work I ran into the issue Cactuscat did, lol. *facedesk*

  18. Soooo I should bind my leap of faith to my greater heal- play tag with the tank?
    Using raid cooldowns AND giving the tank a kudos!!! Double the pleasure, double the fun….

  19. “Read: Engineers using Rocket Boosts and a Parachute Cloak to make it from the BWD Elevator all the way to Atramedes’ room… YOINK get back here! ”


    1. … what?
      /looks innocently


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