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The Time Has Come

The Warcraft Blog-o-Sphere has had a lot of changes going on in the last several weeks…. and I hate to say it; here comes another.

The time has come for me to permanently close the doors here at Tales of a Priest.

I’ve had a great run over the last several years here with the blog running for 2 1/2 years. From this little project, I’ve met some great people… these people can be other bloggers, Twitter Personalities, Podcasters, Forum Goers, and some general great players. That is really what I’ll take from these last few years… meeting some great people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

If you haven’t become active in the community, I strongly suggest you do it. Join the Forum Discussions at the plethora of websites that house them. Create a blog and write about your experiences. Read a new blog!  Join Twitter and tweet, twap, chirp… whatever about random WoW things and whatever is on your mind in 140 characters. Start a podcast– listen to new one!


That is a hard question— some of it is work related. My job has started to demand more and more time from me, and frankly I do not have the time I want to put into writing posts. Could I continue writing? Probably… but they would be half-baked and half-assed attempts; and frankly that is something I do not want to litter ToaP with. I’ve prided myself on having only concrete and well thought out posts here. Thought provoking stuff— discussions and thoughts through the eyes of a Hard-Core Progression Raider. Sure there are other blogs out there that discussed stuff, but I’ve always prided myself on providing a slightly different perspective. I want to end ToaP on my terms and not just half-ass stuff, and have it slowly fade into something less than what it is, and what the readers deserve.

Am I quitting WoW?

No, not at all. I really like the game and the challenge it provides. It just is time to close the blog chapter; and I plan on continuing my WoW “career”.

There are other factors that, have pushed me towards closing the doors. One of which is Ava quitting the game and moving to Rift. Part of the fun of writing here was having a partner in crime who was the ying to my yang… and the insanity to my sanity. Losing that kind of resource did remove some of the fun. (She is my WoW “Bestie”… even though she’s an insufferable witch! <3 )

I’d be remiss not to include a small factor that has been bothering me, but there is an undeniable certain something in the WoW Community that just feels negative. I strongly urge those of you who are blogging, forum going, or even just lurking on blogs: RESPECT EACH OTHER. At the end of the day, we’re all here to play a game… and pissing on eachother, nit picking comments, and being overly pretentious is not worth the time. Enjoy the game with each other– a fleeting moment of e-fame or ‘winning’ a forum fight is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Will I Be Contributing Elsewhere?

Yes, this isn’t the last you’ll see of me. I’ll likely keep my UI updated on WoW Interface. I’ll still visit and participate at PlusHeal and the other forums I troll. Maybe I’ll even dust off my ElitistJerks username from the shelf… I usually just read, not post there. We’ll see.

I’ll still respond to the many emails I get asking for help on a boss strategy, or random priesting question. I’ll still happily participate with many Community related events. My friend and guildmate (barring me failing my trial period), Papapaint, creates videos for TankSpot so  you might be seeing my Fraps’d video footage being used by him in some strategy guides— who knows?

I’ll be around.  My email address derevka(at) will still be working. My Twitter Account will still be active with me rambling about Warcraft, Gay Gaming, and other nonsensical rubbish. You can’t get rid of me that easily!

So with that, I’ll end this post with a rather snarky RuPaul-inspired comment:

Keep your tanks and your raid team alive, kill some bosses, have fun…

…and don’t fuck it up!



Written By: on March 28, 2011
  1. I read you every time you post. You will be missed. Cheers and take care. See you on Twitter.

  2. NNNNNOOOOOOOHHHH now I have no where to send bad priest to L2Heal! But really I enjoyed your posts.

  3. Your site has been my go-to for accurate information on healing in both disc and holy. This is truly a loss for all priests.

  4. Sorry to see you go! Your site’s been a great healing resource and I’ve always enjoyed the content. <3

  5. /salute.

    It’s a shame to see this closing down, but it was definitely a great resource I’m sure many of us (myself included) will be sad to see go.

    Shameless plug for Drag Race is shameless. >.> JUST SAYIN’.

  6. Don’t forget, you can’t shut him up. Ever. He’s still playing, and he’s very active on the Plus Heal forums – those are a GREAT resource, and you’ll get one on one interaction. I just suggest staying at arm’s length – you never know what he picked up in those dirty nightclubs he frequents.

    We’re both interacting, in one way or another too. We scream at each other daily on twitter. We also have the project (which I suggest you check out).

    It’s been a great run. I’m glad I convinced him to re-open ToAP and turn it into a leading site of priest info. Writing and playing with Derevka (giggity) was the most fun I had in a long time. This chapter may be ending….but the story isn’t over. (insert foreshadowing music)


    1. I can’t decide if I’m laughing at you or with you, dear. :) And yes, I’ll be at DTG in some capacity!

      1. You could say death is only the beginning :P

  7. Goodbye Derevka.

    Even though it is no longer my game I am sad to see one of the best WoW priest blogs finally close its doors. Your posts were always worth reading and I learnt plenty from your blog.

    Good luck in you next endevour and I hope we run into each other in another game (preferably on the same side). :-)

    Gobble gooble.

  8. Thank you for this wonderful resource. I have sent many priests here over time and am sad to see it go. Best wishes and good luck to you in raiding and everything else. :)

  9. Sniff.

    Thank God for twitter.

  10. Never posted before but I checked your blog everyday. Hate to see this end. Especially, since there’s no serious alternative.

    Thank you for everything and good luck

  11. Damn I really liked your out-of-the-box approach on mechanics (class, talents, CD’s and consumables). This blog inspired me. Else I’d never specced BR or used potion of concentration.

    Good luck.

  12. II’m overwhelmed by these comments and emails I’ve gotten. It really means a lot knowing I’ve helped people play better in the short time I wrote this little blog. Again, I’ll still be around… this isn’t the last you’ll see of me; I’m still Raiding! It is just perhaps the last you’ll see of me writing here.

  13. Oh, Derevka.

    When I decided to re-roll to a priest, part of the reason was because of everything you and Ava had going here at ToaP. You guys brought such a light and a personality to the community and made me want to be a part of such a wonderful thing and I’m glad that I did.

    You made it seem like anyone could be where you two were at and like anything was possible. No suggestion was too goofy, no talent point was off limits. It was all possible and for someone trying to see bigger things, that makes all the difference in the world. It meant even more knowing that you two were always yourselves and always had a blast doing what you did. You made wanting to be a priest fun and it certainly won’t be the same without this site to look to.

    I’m glad to see you and Ava are sticking around on Twitter and keeping us laughing on there. I know you mentioned going back to EJ and they could certainly use the bodies to keep the Holy Compendium going. It tends to die down and then pick up. Die down and pick up. We could use someone who could keep it up all the time. See what I did there?

    Thank you for your charisma, your uniqueness, your nerve and your talent.

    Now sashay away.

    1. I too, would love to see you over at EJ — we never have enough posters who can speak from experience about the highest levels of play.

  14. Derevka…


  15. Bah, this upsets me. You inspired me to start my own blog, and were a constant source of valuable insight and inspiration to play better and smarter, to push a priest to their limits.

    In the past two days two of my favorite blogs have now closed their doors (here and pink pigtail inn), what a rough week.

    You better stay around as you say you will, or, well or something drastic.

  16. Well I for one will miss you. I do very much appreciate you advise and thoughts on the Priestly healing. In addition I would like to say thank-you for all the assistance you have given us and for answering our questions no matter how trivial.

    The Wayward Priest

  17. Cheers Derevka for a great blog, on-point content, and helping to foster a great WoW and Priest community. Sad to see you and Ava check out, but always on to bigger and better things!

    Best of luck!

  18. While I wish you the best in your new found freedom, I am saddened to know that I won’t be able to come here on Monday mornings and learn something new.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and well-written ideas. I know I became a better priest once I found ToaP. I’m still not very good but this was a wonderful resource.

  19. Thanks for all the thoughts and insights you have provided. Your blog was my favorite priest resource and I will miss your posts.
    Also, thanks for the chuckles you and Ava have provided along the way :)

    Take care!

  20. Sad to see you go. I too used your site as a Go-To for all my Priestly needs.

    Will miss you greatly.

    Take care, and have fun raiding :)

  21. Awww, I will miss this blog and your articles, but I fully understand the need to move on. Kudos to you for keeping focus on the real things that are important. See ya around PlusHeal!

  22. Will miss your posts a lot.
    You guys were a fantastic place to go when I main swapped in Cata from my mage to my priest.
    Thank you for everything and good luck.

  23. I just found your blog a few months ago and have very much enjoyed reading though your old posts, getting inspiration from your UI and learning more about my favourite class! :)

    Sad to see you go and I hope that everything goes well in the future.

  24. Hey Derevka
    Really sad to see your blog closing his doors… Even I haven’t been as active as before I always had it open in my browser.
    Anyway, I totally get your point and all the best from an old priest.
    I hope you will still be passing by and tell us what you are up to.

  25. Over the past two years, I have come to love every thing about this blog and it’s with a tinge of regret that I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.

    Thank you so very much for providing the community with all of the information you have over these years and for being a voice of reason in an otherwise atmosphere of e-hatred amongst the general player base.

    Your blog will be sorely missed, but at least I can still learn from your wisdom and experience over at PlusHeal.

    Good luck, Derevka.

  26. Wish you the best of Luck Drv…you really helped me A LOT…you made this class more appealing to us…

    Hope to hear from you from time to time…

    All the best m8

    /Guardian Spirit on you…

  27. Crazy Applesuace!!!

  28. Farewell ToaT you will be missed.

    Sad to see another blog leave the WoW community but its great to know you will still be with us around the web.

    Keep up the great work you do.

  29. I haven’t been reading ToaP for very long, but it is a fantastic resource, I will miss it. Good luck with whatever you do next.

  30. Thank you all for the touching words. I really appreciate it.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  31. Only been reading for a short while, but really enjoyed the content. Really sorry to hear it’s closing :o (

    Thank you for all your hard work mate – great job /salute

    The real bummer is that this is probably the only priest resource I can access from work (all the others get blocked)- so now I might actually have to get round to doing some real work lol.

  32. Adios muchscho.

    Your posts were often something I read and felt I could trust & respect every time; a rare feat at times. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and let us know if we can ever con you into coming on the show.

  33. omg Im gonna miss coming here !

    Sorry to see u closing the doors – You have dont a lot of fab work here and helped many priests do a better job !

  34. /wave

    and /wave Ava!

  35. Sad to see you go from the blogging community hun, but the you will remain, in my eyes, an inspiration that got me started with my own (and I know it’s not just me!)

    I’ll press on with my discoballs and holidan musings but will miss your inspiration! <3

  36. I actually just found your site tonight and I was ecstatic to read the very well thought out posts. Have recently made the switch to Disc healing from SP due to guild needs and I learned more in 10 minutes of reading than I have in the past week on my own. Very sad to see you finished just as soon as I found you but que sirra. Best of luck in all your endeavors!

  37. This has been a great help to me and what little role I play in my guild. It’s a top 1000 guild which isn’t saying a lot, but it take reading ideas and experiences to pull off for me.

    I’ll look for you on Plus Heal. Please don’t stop at least adding in little tidbits and thinking outside the box from there. Even if it doesn’t have glorious pictures and whatnot, they are innovated and keep the game idea fresh and interesting.

  38. all the best out there, i will keep following you on plusheal.
    ToaP will be missed!

    may the flash heal be with you!

  39. I’ve loved your site from the moment I found it. I’ve used elements of your UI, your research and well thought out advice, and pointed many other priests this direction. I will greatly miss this valuable resource, and thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into it over the years.

    P.S. I hope you will continue to post your power aura strings somewhere, as I’m hopeless at creating my own and absolutely love yours.

  40. Hey Devreka, thanks for all the work you’ve put into your blog. I’ve only been reading it the past six months or so, but as a progression raider this is one of my very few reliable sources that don’t just generalize information for priests, but rather submit helpful and insightful tips to be a better raid healer.

    Again, thanks, and you will be missed.

  41. Hay buddy, so far you have been one of the better sources of Power Aura strings. Some that are unique and are not on the web (like Rapture ICD for example). I hope you still can get me some phat Powas still =p

    And GL again!

  42. Just wanted to briefly add to the large number of thank yous already posted here and say that you really helped me on my priest during the early days and I hope you succeed in whatever you do next. Good luck and cheers for giving us something interesting to read every week!

  43. Dam, just when I just dicovered this awesome page. Oh well, I´ll keep up with Plus Heal.

  44. Thanks for all the great posts and help I found with healing in Cata!


  45. Dear Derevka and Ava,

    Your writing and wit has been a Godsend to me when I decided to level up and switch my priest from Disc to Holy for my current raid.

    I will really miss you both, however, I’m glad to know that you are keeping your Twitter Account and will be posting in the PlusHeal Forums (and possibly EJ?)

    Thank you so much for being awesome authors and for making learning how to heal as Holy or Disc a breeze for your viewers.

    from Feathermoon US

  46. I am saddened at your departure from toap… I have so enjoyed reading,humor,knowledge, tools,etc. I also have read your webpage every tues for sure, or anytime i was having problems with my Holy Priest. Which in turn has made me a better Healer. The unselfishness at sharing everything you both have. I am wishing you the best at your futur endeavors.

    Whisperell at Dragonblight

  47. I really do get humbled at the comments made here, and looking over all these posts I have to just say that all the work was worth it. Ill miss posting here, for sure…

    Thank you all, again.

  48. Thank you for everything you have contributed, Derevka. You have been amazing and I always appreciated it when you took the time to email me back when I had specific strategy questions. I will keep up with you at PlusHeal.
    You better stay around :)
    Love from the healers in the Proudmoore server, can I get an Amen up in hea’?

      1. <Team Alexis

        1. Well, shucks.

  49. When my 25 man casual raiding guild came out of the Cata levelling and pre-raid gearing spree, we did it with 4 healers -three shammies and a druid. I was one of the spare Shadow Priests then and had almost never healed before, but was asked to go Holy and, uh, I didn’t know my ass from my elbow. I don’t think I could have done it without this website and other newbie-friendly ones, truthfully.

    Late post is late, I know, but thanks man, I wish you the best, and hope you keep posting on PlusHeal, and possibly HowtoPriest.

    Take care of yourself, please.

    (And keep those PowA strings alive somewhere!)

  50. Ugh, I miss this blog way too much. I still find myself coming to it randomly when I’m not thinking. D:

  51. Thanks for what you did to make this little corner of the healing community just that; a community. You have left each of us a little (or a lot in some cases) better off than we were before coming here, and for that you have my gratitude.

  52. I have just found this website and I am already sad to read you wont give any more tips for priest, a class I have just began playing.

    Take care and wish you lots of good raiding :)

  53. <3 Hope your still ok!

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