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Something about Brett Favre…

A wild Derevka appears!


Written By: on October 25, 2011
  1. Welcome back!

  2. Your back. Ohhhh yeah!!

  3. what?! Sweet!

  4. No illicit cell-phone pictures. I feel ripped off.

  5. I came here again for the disc auras, and thought stuff like: “Too bad tales of a priest is dead.” and sighed.
    … and then “October 2011 (1)” made my heart skip a beat <3
    No it's not late night and I'm totaly not sleepy and am so not babbling nonsense.

  6. Oh hell yes. :D I’ve missed this place :d

  7. Thanks to you all for the warm welcome back!

    I’m excited.

    Help me out by lettin folks know I’m back up and running! :)

  8. I thought I may have put too much sugar in my coffee when I saw a (1) next to ‘Tales of a Priest’ in my feedreader…

    Welcome back – you have been missed!

  9. Oh mah gosh. I saw your tweet and now you’ve made my day!

  10. Oh crap. My antics are no longer safe.

  11. love it!!!! welcome back!

  12. Derevka = Brett Favre!

    .. wait, that can’t be the meaning of this post.

    However, in the absence of other evidence, this will be my new theory.

  13. I knew you’d be back. =P You’re far too outspoken to keep playing wow and not blog.

    1. Hey now… thats just code for ‘youre a loud mouth!’ isnt it? ;-) <3

  14. I’m with Dawn! :)

  15. Welcome back!! And don’t forget the holy priests might be back in 4.3!

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