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Flash Heal: Healing and Sound

You hear this joke all the time: “Oh the game has sound?” or “I haven’t had game sound on in years!!”. I know a LOT of folks play the game without the sound on, and I understand that the game does have a good deal of superfluous sound effects and/or sounds that really do not contribute to your gameplay. I have to admit that there is a certain amount of satisfaction hearing your Prayer of Healing go off, or the BWONG of a Prayer of Mending bounce, or the thwump, thwump, thwump of Penance… but does it really provide added benefit to your performance? No, probably not. Does it add to the immersion aspect of the game? Yep! However, the biggest benefit that audio cues can provide healers is likely boss mods and boss emotes.

At the moment, you really have a “all or nothing” for sounds. Yes there is some minor mixing capabilities in game for Music, Ambient, and Sound Effects, however if you are in a fight where you are grouped up you’ll hear a lot of spell effects, Power Aura notifications, your iTunes/Pandora playlist, as well as Vent/Mumble calls, there is a good chance your boss mod announces will be drowned out.

I recently have been using a in-game modification, Muted Sounds, that mutes combat sounds, enabling me to easily hear vent, boss mods sounds, and boss emotes. Before you say “Emotes are so RP!” The emotes are often very valuable, and key alerts to boss abilities… in fact, I didn’t truly appreciate how helpful those boss emotes were until I installed this Mod/Pack; many of the emotes provide really good predictive notice. (Not to mention the potential impact to ‘quality of gaming life’ to gamers who might have visual or hearing impairments) 

I use these boss cues as well as spell alert sounds (off cooldown) to be another source of information that lets me respond to the game and boss mechanics— Muted Sounds simply filters out the unnecessary sounds and leaves me with the important ones.

This pack has already been updated for the 4.3 PTR, and I raided on the PTR with it installed. Give it a spin!

(Special thanks to Alas for getting me the mixer screenshot on the fly)

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Written By: on November 15, 2011
  1. I regularly play with no sound at all (and no iTunes either /sad) for this reason – too much combat noise on top of 2-4 voices raid leading in Vent. Boss emotes can be such amazing verbal cues that I hate not having them, so I’ll definitely give the combat-sound-only version of this mod a shot tonight. Thanks for posting it!

  2. I only play with my sound off when I’m questing or otherwise doing nothing important. For everything else I keep the sound on. If I need to be able to hear things called out on vent then I turn the sound down a bit, but never off.

    Growing up on a PvP server I quickly learned the sound of a nearby Rogue’s stealth, and from that day on I refuse to turn off my sound so that I don’t miss valuable information about my surroundings. Your eyes can’t always see what your ears can hear.

    1. Yep; I completely agree– especially in PVP.

      Though from a PVE standpoint I could care less (especially when grouped up) what my POH, a shamans chain heal, a imp’s firebolt, etc etc sounds like. Its superfluous and potentially drowning out more pertinent sounds.

      Boss and Mod Audio cues, to me, are far more important than immersion sounds.

  3. Hmm, this does sound interesting to play with.

    I used to play with the sound completely off, and I have recently started to slowly turn the game sounds up (because of PvP and like Psynister mentioned, the tell-tale sounds of a stealther). Sometimes hearing a sound or not can be the difference between living on my Rogue and Sap-Stun-Dead at the daggers of a quicker one.

    ~ Effy

  4. Definitely a fan of this one. Infact, it was one of the things I’ve been requesting since TBC. Thanks again!

  5. I tried it once and it didn’t quite feel right. I think it might have been the missing proc sounds for my own character. Either way, I can’t raid with music. The thought that anyone could raid with a TV on is a little disturbing. I’m going to give this another try after I add appropriate sounds to Power Auras as replacement for the default (Infusion of Light, etc).

    A random question: I’m using DXE and can barely hear the voice countdown (ph2 Molten Elementals). Does anyone know how to adjust the volume of the addon? Every other game/addon sound is much higher already.

  6. @Joe Ego

    Open DXE
    > Warnings (left panel third from top)
    >>Sound (fifth tab)
    >>> check main sound chanel (second check box)

    (names may differ, I play on french server)

  7. Is there a version of this mod that can pick out specific audio cues (specifically one ability vs another) I want to hear, and drown out the monotony of useless dps effects, rather than muting ALL combat sounds?

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