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Healer’s Addendum – Healing Hagara the Stormbinder (Heroic)

This is my first real foray into voice-over videos, so I am really hoping to get some solid feedback on this.  There are some great tutorial videos that focus on the overall strategy and do a great job at it. I must tip my hat to Kina and the folks at LearnToRaid and underscore the goal of this guide is to supplement those types of guides.

The purpose of this guide is to provide insight to the Healer Perspective and point out specific points of strategy that healers will want to keep in mind while battling Heroic Hagara. This guide assumes you already have at least an understanding of the basic boss mechanics and abilities– consider this the “Healer Addendum” to a standard Boss Guide.


Good luck!!

Written By: on January 2, 2012
  1. In hindsight, I should have been more specific regarding tank damage and how the tanks damage is received. Ahh well. Next time!

  2. Awesome first video, and a very welcome addition to the fight, and gave me a lot to think about with regards to how our guild is tackling that encounter. You are correct, discussion of the tank damage would have been nice, and would probably have been a very good way to fill up the more quiet parts of it. Especially towards the end, where you had already explained all the basic mechanics but there was still a bit of the fight left, I felt there was something missing.

    It would be nice if you added some more details on your healing composition, and how you guys were coordinating your raid cds on the transitions. The mention of the spirit link totem when two healers got ice-tombed was awesome.

    Looking forward to more of these videos, as long as they don’t get in the way of your other blog posts.

  3. Any hearing person feel like transcribing the main points of the healing pointers discussed for a deaf healer? Either here or on Youtube :) Derevka always has interesting posts so I am very interested.

    1. Check your email. ;)

  4. Yay, finally I don’t have to watch druid-videos for healing specific advice. Keep it up :)

    1. Hear, hear!

  5. The niece of GOOD voice-over-healing-specific videos is practically unexacting at the moment. That’s why going in that direction is always good.
    I find your video very good for a first try. Compact, informative and clear. I guess the challenge is to find a good balance between full tacts video that explain the basics and going far from the healer’s POV, and video that is just too difficult to understand. A good place is somewhere in the middle. I will admit that I had to watch it twice in order to fully understand and digest all of your points and advices. All and all, /respect for the awesome work :)

    Orr @ Anachronos EU

  6. Thanks for the video, it clearly shows how you handle this fight, and has given me some ideas.

    I must say though, I was a little surprised to see you healing this fight as discipline, when I find it so much easier as holy. In fact, we usually have 3 priests in our healing makeup for this fight, either all holy or 2 holy/1 disc. What are your thoughts about using holy for this fight?

    Our main reason for using so many holy priests is the lightning phase – people are too spread out for barriers to be useful, and holy priests will have divine hymn available for both. We take the lightning around the platform, rather than through the middle, which may account for us needing more cooldowns to survive (our healers don’t form part of the chain, and stand in the middle so as to reach everyone).

    We also find guardian spirit to be a more useful cooldown for handling focussed assaults, although that’s mainly because of the assaults that we kite for – our kiter is a dps dk, and if his kiting isn’t long enough (and we can’t in position to use leap of faith to extend it, or it’s on cooldown) then gs is the only thing that will save him.

    We handle the frost phase pretty much exactly as you do, although with holy words down in the middle and test of faith kicking in if people drop low in health, we don’t tend to need cooldowns there. If one of our priests is disc, we use a barrier, but that’s all.

    1. Why do I use disc? Because I prefer the playstyle over holy at the moment– and to be a bit braggish for a moment… I’m good at it.

      I find its toolset for this fight more beneficial. (Atonement healing and AA when I need throughput for each of the transition phases).

      I prefer PS over GS, as PS has constant use while GS is a proc unto itself. And on this fight, we do not kite as that can force people to move which can of course directly impact DPS and HPS.

      Your lightning phase, is a viable strat– and obviously you’d not use barrier during that phase and use it on Frost or as a Tank CD if you wanted. We just prefer the cross strategy. Last night for example, lightning phase lasted all of 3-5 seconds after the mob died. It was pretty sweet.

      That all said, We do run a Holy Priest on this fight and he’s solid. Holy is strong on this fight, especially given the mobility and damage models. At the end of the day, both are about equal to each other as far as ‘viability’… however, I am a firm believer that a good Disc Priest if they know their tools and time them will be VERY strong at this fight. (I, for example, regularly “top meters” on this… but thats not really relevant. )

  7. Heya, everything was very nice, but i think i missed 1 healing spell usable for the los with tombs. as it worked on sindragosa normal and hc also hagara normal at least. Prayer of healing, only the initial targets needs to be in los, the others dont have to to be affected.

    if it is in it, i missed it then i am sorry :p

    would love a vid from every hc boss from you :D

    1. I’m hoping to have Zon’ozz and YJ complete in the next week or so. Then will be Ultraxion…. what an asshole he is. 0.8% Wipe last night.

  8. At time of comment I haven’t watched the video (at work). I heal this as holy and I always have top heals sometimes overwhelmingly. My trick is simple, holy nova with coh and pin on cd during lightning (i cheat sometimes with binding and ice lance). Another thing I do is hymn for tombs, it ignores los and keeps the tombed targets at full.

  9. I should say, I do 25 we run with 1 tank and recently started to 4 heal this fight. We only get 3 tombs so my hymn is up for the first and third. I don’t know if sand helps but I use it anyway. For the lightning my raid groups up and then runs together which makes holy nova possible.

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